1. Redax

    F1 2017 Balance mod.

    Hi guys! I'm new to this so I'm not pretty sure if it's okay to post my question here. Please say so if it's not ok. Since I finished a whole season, the game gets pretty predictable regarding to the drivers finishing positions. Ferrari and Mercedes on top, followed by Red Bull and then the...
  2. C

    Warm Daylight - ReShade preset 2.0

    Ever since someone mentioned R3E having a blue-ish tint in a forum comment, I couldn't unsee it. Indeed, the white balance in R3E can be a bit too cold for the weather and time of day it's trying to convey. I tried to remedy that - couldn't get SweetFX to work, but finally succeeded with...
  3. S

    Moving the grip under braking

    Having a problem with most of the default car setups in the game. I find, under braking, the rear end is too twitchy and when I attempt to turn in and trail break to the apex the back end steps out. I know I can move the brake bias and play with the diff settings to help with this but atm I am...

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