1. Jens Roos

    proTyres Ini & Lut Pack 127

    NOTE, since version 2.x of proTyres these packs are only needed in case of faulty files in the mod, place pack in cars_extra and not in cars_mod. This is the complete available Ini & Lut packs for mod cars to be used with proTyres, version 1.5.5 and lower. For more info and download of the...
  2. Trolzor

    Dallara DW12 Chevy Oval Red Bull livery 2017-10-02

    Dallara DW12 Chevy Oval Red Bull livery 1. pCARS > Vehicles > Textures > CustomLiveries 2. run game
  3. H

    I can't start my car.

    I am a noob (less than 20 hours in game), and I am trying to start my first ever car. I only have stock parts. When I try to start the car it splutters, pops and then cuts off. I have checked everything is screwed in properly. Please help
  4. Flat0ut

    Skin for Satsuma - AMIS2 Design 1.1

    ŠKODA-SVOBODA Skin for satsuma, now looks like new experimental NPC car from update
  5. ctmnl

    Nuka Cola Sponsored Skin 2017-05-14

    By request here are the Nuka Cola Girl models Not: I am interesting modding this game. Like new bumpers etc. I am using autodesk maya for modeling. If anybody interested to help me. Let me know down on the comments.
  6. BlasthGamer

    What are the textures of the outside walls of the store called?

    Hello my friends, I am doing an incredible remodeling to the store of teimon I would like to know what are the textures of the walls that is the only thing that I lack just like the uniform of teimon help me.
  7. BlasthGamer

    I have a friends proposal, information

    Hola hermanos, todo lo grande? Así bros Quiero hacer una propuesta, Soy nuevo en esto de los mods Me encanta el tema y me gustaría aprender más, me gustaría hacer un grupo de personas que quieren mejorar el juego, para hacer cosas divertidas, y ser una ayuda adicional en el proceso de este juego...
  8. MicrowaveOven♔

    (OUTDATED) Satsute (Satsuma Ute) v1.3

    Will never be updated feel free to steal the models idc
  9. BlasthGamer

    Super Pack Of Mods 1.0 17.04.2017 VERSION!!! 2017-04-24

    :)Hello Bros this is my first file that I upload is a compilation of the best mods of the page I hope you like none is mine I am from venezuela #PrayForVenezuela
  10. Charles Amyouni

    Nipoibashi 2017 feat. Otori Kohaku Supra MKIV Drift 2017-04-01

    Content Requirements: - Latest version of Assetto Corsa (PC/Steam) - Assetto Corsa Japanese Pack DLC Installation: - Copy the contents of the “Tuned Version” to your Assetto Corsa Main Directory. - (Optional) Copy the contents of the “Tuned Drift Version” to your Assetto Corsa Main Directory...
  11. Ninja Panda

    Nitrous Oxide v1.0

    Nitrous Oxide (fuel tank) Author: Bown Convert: Ninja Panda ( (
  12. F

    VAZ 2105 (TEST VERSION!!!) (OLD) 0.1

    OFFICIAL GROUP (ОФИЦИАЛЬНАЯ ГРУППА) AUTHOR (АВТОР) EN - About modification: modifications presently brought to the state of the alpha test. It will be remade by trial and error. The author knows that the model contains many bugs. Have a good game. I am not a developer of any...
  13. V

    Assetto Corsa Car Tuner 1.52

    New in update: Tunes no longer replace the stock car. Tunes will now be a selectable upgrade in-game. However this means that every time you make a new tune you will have to go to "general settings" and click "clear car preview cache" for them to appear in-game, or simply restart the game...
  14. B

    Addon car error.

    Hey mates! Could you help me? I have tryed a lot of addon cars, but when i load the track i'm not being able to go backward or forward.(everything more is working fine, like steering and braking, and the AI cars are able to start moving).
  15. Cyneo

    General Problem with "ks Tyres" material in AC editor and the cockpit mirrors reflection position

    Hi everyone, I'm Cyneo and i'm new in this forum. I have 2 problems : 1º In AC editor, when i select "ks Tyres" material for the tyres, i set the material but appear reflexes in a part of the tyre and when the car is ingame, the tyre shows this reflection in the same part of the tyre and when...
  16. Phoenix77

    California License Plates 1.0

    32 California License Plates (for 4:1 ratio) (80's Style) 15 standard plates, 17 Personalised plates As has been mentioned in a review (see below) These are not the correct US shape license plate.. There is no way round this... Unless you want to extract all Kunos cars kn5's and alter the...

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