1. Harry Stanley

    Sell Racing Sim Bundle

    Bundle contains: GT Omega Racing Pro Sim/Cockpit (red & black) £340 new - £280 open to offers Thrustmaster T300RS (PS3, PS4 &PC) wheel includes original T3PA pedals costs £345 new - £150 open to offers Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedals costs £140 new - £80 Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter...
  2. pfrugoni

    Sell Complete triple screen sim racing cockpit with Fanatec Elite SCR wheel, club sport pedals, Obutto nascar sit.

    Full -plug and play- triple screen racing cockpit (As seen in the picture below). -Obutto nascar sit and frames with full position adjustments. -Full frame for three monitors with three 27'' 3D Asus monitors included. -Pedal base and accessories for keyboard holding and shifter installation...
  3. Config cockpit Ultra-Violet

    Config cockpit Ultra-Violet

    Lien lampe UV : Lien Ruban Adhésif fluos :
  4. Piero Favretti

    Sell Simetik K2 Cockpit + Seat + one-of triple monitor stand

    Hello! SOLD I am selling a Simetik sim rig with included seat and one-of (prototype) triple monitor separate stand I bought from Simetik. I also have extra mounting brackets I never used. I am in Atlanta-Georgia (US) and prefer to sell to someone who would come pick it up, shipping the rig...
  5. arixant

    Spec Racer Ford Cockpit Texture Pack 1.1

    I wasnt too keen on the "Dirty Texture" look, this fixes that. Currently packed in are two different gauge sets if in case you prefer white gauges. AutoMeter Ultra-Lite II AutoMeter Pro-Comp Drag and drop it into any skin you'd like. Comparisons with the default textures...
  6. J_SAMa

    Combined F1/GT Rig + Custom CSL Elite Brake Load Cell

    Built an aluminum profile rig and thought I'd share some of my ideas here. Podium DD1. Two standard slotted profile brackets on top and bottom of a 40 mm profile work out at just the right distance to accomodate a Podium wheel's side mounts. The angle can still be adjusted by rotating the...
  7. Bram Hengeveld

    GRID 2 GRID 2

    CVG had the following to report about GRID 2. Seems that after many years a sequel is in the making. Source: CVG
  8. L

    Adjusting brightness in cockpit view ?

    Sorry for creating a new topic but i didn't found answer anywhere : The cockpit view of the modded commodore ZB '18 looks way darker than the others supercars and it really bothers me. Is there a way to make it brighter or is it part of the 3d model ?
  9. Sentinel196

    VIDEO: Next Level Racing GTTrack Simulator Cockpit - Unboxing and Assembly

    I'm very excited to get my hands on the newly released GTTrack from Next Level Racing! This cockpit offers a huge scope of adjustability as well as excellent rigidity to support high end direct drive sim racing equipment. In this video we will focus on what you get in the box an how to assemble...
  10. A

    Advice Please - New Rig Motion or Static w/Shaker etc

    Hi everyone i'm new to the forum and i would love some experienced advice please. I have been doing tonnes of research on rigs and builds etc and the amount of options is crazy. What i would like to know for my first rig should i get a static rig with butt kickers and shakers or get a 3dof...
  11. F

    2 DOF Sim Racing Rig

    Hi all, I am new to the world of sim racing, but have been a fan of F1 for a while now. I've finally decided it's time to design/build a sim racing rig and I am looking for some clarification regarding rigs with 2 degrees of freedom. I have seen some setups with stationary screens and some...
  12. D

    8020 Custom SimLab GT1 Replica BUILD

    Hi guys, I'm new to this website and I just wanted to share my intended 8020 Cockpit design and find out what you guys think. I designed it as close as I could based on SimLabs GT1. From their website, I compared their P1 to the GT1 and I reckon the GT1 looks to be far more versatile especially...
  13. jutsch

    Remove driver arms in cockpit (Mods)

    Hey, does anyone know how i can completely remove the drivers arms in cockpit view for mods? for official content "arms off" works perfectly in the options however, for the f1 2006 mod and f1 2009 mod i am playing the arms are still shown, in 2006 they do at least move but in 2009 (FSONE, a...
  14. MontyDPVR

    Help me out getting or changing more high end VR connection with my machine

    As I have raised the issue on different threat but doesn't received good respond. I want to know if I can replace the VR the company website provided me when they shipped me the whole set, my question is, is it possible to change the VR I am using with OculusVR? the vr should have Nvedia...
  15. simtonth

    No profile problem

    Hi, after a succesfull instalation of "Power and Glory v3.2" I have now a problem, I don't seen the weels in cockpit view I know I have to modify the .plr file in my profile but when I go to the PnG3/Userdata folder there is no folder for my profile there is only the folder called "LOG". I...
  16. Adams007

    MotoGP17 Reworked Cameras 1.2

    Reworked cameras: - Closer and lower Third person camera mod. - Add realistic lean in First person(cockpit) camera.
  17. Adams007

    MGP17 First person view(cockpit) in MotoGP17

    I really like first person view(cockpit) in MotoGP17, i like fov, position, but i want LEAN CAMERA !!! someone know where is that option in camera file, or to make a mod?
  18. Emery

    Extremely Adjustable Cockpit?

    Anyone ever seen an extremely adjustable cockpit? One that changes seating & pedal position from modern F1 to vintage formula to sportscar to sedan? Perhaps with electric seat/pedal positioning controls? I've seen a few rigs that fold up and also have adjustability that might let you go from...
  19. Hiten Bongz

    Proper Cockpit Camera Mod (BML version) v4

    Compatibility: RIDE 2, Steam patch 4 [As per request, I've now uploaded the modded BML file for those of you who are already running a modded data.mix file but would like the camera modifications. Insert the file under DATA > CAMERAS and replace the original. Original backup also provided.]...
  20. Hiten Bongz

    Proper Cockpit Camera Mod (full version) v4

    Compatibility: RIDE 2, Steam patch 4 Since Milestone somehow found it necessary to ruin the only proper onboard camera, I made my own mod to fix it. Please rate it if you like it, and maybe we can send a message to Milestone. The new camera is just like the helmet camera...without the static...

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