1. W2F

    CUPRA F1 TEAM | My team 1.0

    Livery in game ENJOY!!!
  2. Mario_Manga

    Lenovo Cupra F3 1.0

    ¡My first mod! Is for the Tatuus FA01, the mod is of Cupra and Abarth. Is a F3 mod also.
  3. FurryestXYTDJ

    ♦️Seat Cupra LMP (Epsilon Euskadi Judd) Skin + Extension files♦️ 1.0.0

    - No hay nada en esta nación de España que pueda detener al Johnathan y su seat Makinero, trazando rotondas como FUUUUM FUUUM!!!! - There is nothing in this nation of Spain that can stop Johnathan and his Makinero seat, drawing roundabouts like FUUUUM FUUUM!!!! Drivers Name is Johnathan for...
  4. K

    Nicholas Hamilto F>O>S livery 1

    Nicholas Hamilton festival of speed livery that he is running this weekend
  5. K

    Nicholas Hamilton F>O>S livery for fsr cupra 1

    quick version of the N.Hamilton festival of speed livery that is running this weekend
  6. Astrya

    GP Explorer - Cupra 1.0

    Livery of Cupra Team on GP Explorer 2023 for the F4 Brasil Pilots: #28 Baghera Jones #66 Horty Underscore Follow this link for get the F4 Brasil : Formula 4 Brasil
  7. jonniedesigns

    CUPRA Bose Formula 1 Team [SemiMoMods] 1.1

    CUPRA Bose F1 Team Livery (FOM23 Chassis) This mod contains two custom CUPRA Bose F1 Team liveries for the FOM Car for use in MyTeam Overview Liveries Showcase Livery A Showcase Livery B WHAT DOES THIS MOD INCLUDE? Custom Liveries Team Emblem (replacing "Back To Back") Driver Suits...
  8. K

    Cupra Leon Competición 2022 N.Hamilton 2023 1.0

    Cupra Leon Competición 2022 Nicholas Hamilton 2023 BTCC
  9. ElTato_81

    VRC Alpha Cupra F1 Team 1.0

    Imagine a situation where Audi, after announcing that they are going to join the F1 in 2026, they will also start for 2023 a new team under the Cupra brand, as both of them are under the VAG umbrella. This is the result, with Felipe Drugovich and Antonio Giovinazzi as drivers. Both of the...
  10. Fuzo

    Cupra Leon Competición 2022 2.1

    Trained Monkey Modding presents Leon Cupra Competición TCR 2022 This mod is standalone update of well received Cupra Leon Competición 2020, reworked and updated to 2022 specs with updates visuals, physics and some bugfixes, together with pack of 29 real and fictional skins from 2020 - 2022...
  11. L2X_DESIGN


    Had a lot of fun designig this concept livery for the amazing Cupra Leon TCR 2020 by TMM, enjoy it :) If you want to see all my works please visit my Instagram
  12. walczu

    Zengő #79 #99 WTCR 2022 2 skins 1.0

    Zengő Motorsport WTCR 2022 Drivers: #79 Robert Huff #99 Dániel Nagy for Cupra Leon Competición by TM-Modding
  13. aGift4u

    Cupra Leon Competición Turkish Torpedoes skin for AF3 Season 11 1.1

    Assetto Friends will hold a season of racing starting at 12th August with Cupra Leon Competición and this will be my skin whole season. It came out great wanted to share.
  14. jonniedesigns

    CUPRA Bose F1 Team 1.4

    CUPRA Bose F1 Team | MyTeam Mod This mod contains a custom CUPRA Bose F1 Team mod for the MyTeam mode WHAT DOES THIS MOD INCLUDE? Custom Livery Driver Suits Teamwear Teamgear and Pitgantry NOTES Please contact me before using it on YouTube,Twitch, ... Install methods: Copy-Paste...
  15. Giga10

    Cupra Seat CR13 FKR Skin 1.1

    My first attemp at making skins. Skin for the Fukre Champinhip, I Hope you like it.
  16. Santi007

    Cupra Racing My Team 1.0

    CUPRA RACING MOD FOR F1 2021 MY TEAM MODE Team inspired by Cupra Racing cars such as the WTCR and Extreme E. MOD FEATURES Standard package: Team badge Car livery Driver race suit (with helmet, cap, gloves and boots) You need to use Intergalactic (free unlockable) or Devon Butler (Deluxe...
  17. jonniedesigns

    CUPRA Bose F1 Team - MyTeam Mod (Full Package) 1.0

    CUPRA Bose F1 Team | MyTeam Mod This mod contains a custom CUPRA Bose F1 Team mod for the MyTeam mode WHAT DOES THIS MOD INCLUDE? Non-FOM car model (AMR21) Custom Livery Driver Suits Teamwear Other small additions NOTES Install methods: Copy-Paste "F1 2021" to your game files...
  18. Tomasz_987

    CUPRA Alonso F1 Team 1.1

    Hi, Today I'm proudly giving You possibility to drive in Cupra Alonso F1 Team! I hope You will like it :)! YOU CAN COPY & PASTE THIS MOD! Car Livery is mix of Renault from 2005 and my vision of Cupra colors. Same with helmet. MOD FEATURES: Team badge Car livery Helmet...
  19. RInma_675

    Cupra Leon TCR - WSS skin Cupra Leon 2020 by TMM

    Multiple skins inside ZIP file - To install; extract ZIP file and pick your colour or extract all at Assetto Corsa destination / Content / Cars / Tmm_cupra_tcr_2020 / Skins
  20. Kidzu11

    2021 Ugals Touring League Livery Pack 1.0

    New download link:

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