1. aleksib09b

    Real dash for URD Bayro 4 GT3 2.12

    Some small adjustments to make it match the real M4 GT3 dash.
  2. mzluzifer

    SAD - Simple ACC Dashboard 1.0

    My simple Dashboard mainly for ACC...it might work for other sims as well. In this YOUTUBE-Video you can see a Demo. ->look at Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe-Mainz ->look at my TWITCH Channel ->look at my YOUTUBE Channel ->look at Ko-fi to support Thanks ❤️
  3. aleksib09b

    Real dash for RSS MP-H Bayer Hybrid V8 0.24

    // THIS REQUIREs BOTH CSP AND CONTENT MANAGER TO WORK PROPERLY The RSS MP-H Bayer Hybrid V8 features a single-page, steering wheel mounted display to provide driver with useful information in an easy-to-read format but it's does not match the real one (BMW M Hybrid V8) So I decide to make an...
  4. aleksib09b

    Real dash, in-game name for URD Bayro EGT 1.21

    //FOR IMSA VARIANT, Open ZIP File, WEC/contents/fonts to get fonts! Bayro EGT comes with exactly same dash from rFactor 2, of course not the real one use on M8 irl. So i try to make a new one, most accurate as possible. But, i can't find any image about the M8's dashpanel, i have no choice to...
  5. T

    Porsche 992 GT3R Simhub dash (5" Vocore) 1.3beta

    Porsche 992 GT3R dash - adapted to a 5" Vocore screen (16:9 aspect ratio). As accurate as possible with the video material I was able to find - however it is probably a mixture of a Cup and a GT3R dashboard. Let me know if something is off (and not explained below). Based on the work of...
  6. W

    URD Simhub Dash modified 1.0

    Modified URD (Universal Racing Dashboard) to my liking, maybe someone likes it as well. It has 3 screens you can switch to. I use it in Assetto Corsa, don't know if it works in other games. I did not make the original dash, I edited an older version of this one by lilaxer...
  7. Kristian Harildstad

    Ford Puma Rally1 Dashboard | EA Sports WRC 1.0

    A Ford Puma Rally1 dashboard made for EA Sports WRC. It will work with other sims although I am not sure if the trip counter will. The game doesnt support tyre pressure so it is just static text I copied from reference video. I am guessing that the value it shows is the offset from a baseline...
  8. aantonioo

    iRacing Acura ARX-06 GTP Dash 1.0

    I've noticed the Acura is the only iRacing GTP which still doesnt have its Dash offered here on RD. Included are two versions: an enhanced and one realistic version. The realistic version mirrors the Display of the Iracing car, keeping the static values of the MPS switches on the Wheel (Team...
  9. Kristian Harildstad

    Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 Dashboard | EA Sports WRC 1.0

    A Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 dashboard made for EA Sports WRC. It will work with other sims although I am not sure if the trip counter will. The trip counter shows how many meters into the stage you have driven. Remember to install the font when opening the dashboard. TIP You can assign...
  10. Erik_27

    Cadillac V-Series LMH Dashboard V1

    SAMPLE VIDEO: VVV Some info below images VVV 2 Pages: Idle Race Just open the .rar file and double click on the file inside. Make sure to install the fonts if SimHub asks for them. NOTES: The dash does not show some data like live tyre data like pressure and temperature due to iRacing...
  11. M

    Sell [UK] Various dashes for sale

    A, Pro race 3D printed dash £45 plus postage This is now sold —————————————————- B, Leo Bodnar SLi that still works well. This dash is SOLD ————————————————— C, SRH SimRacing HardWare Dashboard £40 posted. All the above can be added into wheels etc as required too (disassembled...
  12. J

    Tritium Sim Racing Dash 3.1.1

    Tritium Sim Racing Dash ## Features ### Left and Right Modules **Lap Timing** - Predicted Lap - Last Lap - Best Lap **Sector Timing** - Sector Times - Sector Deltas **Opponents Ahead and Behind** - Position - Name - Safety Rating - Last Lap - Last Lap Time Gained/Lost - Best Lap -...
  13. Javliar

    Engineer Screen by Javliar 1.1

    Hi Guys! !!Dash for F1 23 is here!! All informations about my creations are here: https://discord.gg/RxxXHR2PS5 Engineer Screen v.1.0 for F1 23 Game is an evolution of the previous year. Screen is designed for Engineers (but for lonely drivers as well). Changes (in general): - Leaderboard...
  14. StoRMiX43


    Feel free to donate to support my projects! (Donation link embedded to the image above!) _________________________________________________________ DAY Honda NSX Type R '02 by LRAC Hanshin Expressway Kobe Route by highwaywarrior DUSK Toyota Supra TRD 3000GT by Opperslang Tsukuba Circuit by...
  15. Chri99xzo

    Mercedes W14 F1 GR63 Assetto Corsa 1.1.0

    Mercedes W14 George Russel. After months of searching for perfection, I was able to recreate the Dashboard used by George Russel using onboards. At the moment it's compatible only with Assetto Corsa but in the future if I see that it's worth it and the work will be recognized, it will also be...
  16. acidelic

    TWF Dash Universal Ecosystem - iRacing, AMS2, ACC, AC, RF2 and more V2.2.3

    LATEST FIXES For beta releases and quicker fixes, please download the latest releases from GitHub. Only the main releases will be published here. Make sure you update the JS and JSON files with the latest versions. Check the readme file for more info. To download...
  17. SteveMattar

    Simhub - Dashboard 5" for GT7 9.0

    This is a Simhub Dashboard for GT7 based on philm There are 2 Dashboards: - GT7 5" Dash - GT7 Overview Dash (for a second monitor)
  18. sts.sam.sts

    STS WonderfulDash (ACC/iRacing) for Nextion displays 4.3" 1.1

    What's up guys ? It's been a while :D NEW DASHBOARD STS WonderfulDash :cool: Game template for: iRacing & Assetto Corsa Competizione • 13 special pages (car adjustments in pop-ups) • 3 pages switchable (fuel focused) •1st page Laps remaining / Average / Fuel •2nd page: Fuel time...
  19. Nuno Leite Castro

    Multi Lap Recorder - Live - Overlay 1.0

    Hi all, I've took the Bosch DDU8 dashboard and change it in order to make a lap time history while driving. Meaning, the table will record my lap times, so when I'm in lap 7 of my stint I know now which lap time I did on lap 3. This first draft goes to lap 13 and in addition, we have the split...
  20. Erik_27

    Porsche 992 GT3 Cup V1

    SAMPLE VIDEO: VVV Some info below images VVV 4 Pages: Idle Race 1 Race 2 Quali Just open the .rar file and double click on the file inside. Make sure to install the fonts if SimHub asks for them. NOTES: The Zip contains 2 dashes, one with leds and another without them. The dash does...

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