1. Swisss_T

    Flashrock 1.0

    This is an endurance circuit very loosely based on a real track being completed in Tennessee. Andrei Albu on Fiverr made the track, edited by me, with technical assistance from killball3000 and carbontnt on the RTB discord. This is far from a finished polished track but it is a blast to race on...
  2. DavidDGA

    2005 FIA GT Championship - Mosler MT900 GT3 skinpack 1.0

    Here are the 3 Mosler that ran at 2005 FIA GT Championship Cool car, this time thanks to @DaWallace we have this fantastic model to recreate these skins. Only Shaun Balfe Mosler was a contendant in most races. The other two raced in Silverstone as guests from the British GT Championship. Link...
  3. Racer_Eevee

    Sebring 1966 Porsche 911 skin 1.00

    The Porsche 911 that raced at Sebring 12 hours in 1966 Results: 1st in GT2.0 (20th overall) I know the font isn't that accurate but i tried Link to car used https://modsfire.com/download/A94D3Uo6o5VnlF4/1aec6
  4. Nürburgring, Le Mans, Spa: Who could achieve the 24-hour Triple Crown?

    Nürburgring, Le Mans, Spa: Who could achieve the 24-hour Triple Crown?

    The Nürburgring 24 Hours will begin this weekend, but two other major round-the-clock enduros will also happen within the month. Who could feasibly win all three overall? If you are a fan of sportscar endurance racing, June is the month for you: First up are the Nürburgring 24 Hours which is...
  5. G

    Palanga 0.9.1

    This is an early version of the Palanga circuit, located near the city of Palanga, Lithuania. It's a temporary circuit, constructed on a highway intersection for the annual 1006km endurance race. Installation: * Drag & drop into Content Manager or extract into content/tracks folder. Details: *...
  6. Guide: How To Negotiate Traffic in Endurance Races

    Guide: How To Negotiate Traffic in Endurance Races

    With the Nürburgring 24 Hours iRacing Special Event taking place this weekend, traffic management is going to be a critical element for all participants. Here are a few pointers for trouble-free lapping. Everyone has been there in a multi-class endurance race, whether in a faster or slower...
  7. SRD Shredder

    Tracks Deroni Circuit

    SRD Shredder submitted a new resource: Deroni Circuit - Fast anti-clockwise circuit with lots of elevation. Read more about this resource...
  8. SRD Shredder

    Deroni Circuit 0.411

    The original Deroni Circuit was built in the 1960's, right at the same time the open wheeler divisions were starting to become popular. Endurance racing has also been here since the beginning, with annual 10 an 16 hour races being held over the course of a few weekends. Going into the late...
  9. B

    Adancata Motorpark Reimagined V1.2

    Hi guys, I wanted to remake the Adancata Motorpark Circuit in Adancata, Romania. I started with the base track, but because the real terrain is flat, I added some more verticality. Also, there are some modifications done to the track for better racing in my opinion like a back straight for...
  10. CrestedIsland

    2013 25 Hours of Thunderhill Rotek Racing Audi #24 v1.0

    Hello! This is my mod on the #24 Rotek Racing Audi TT RS VLN that competed in the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill. It was driven to an overall victory by Jeff Altenburg, Kevin Gleason, Robb Holland, Rob Huff, and Roland Pritzker. It's not an amazing-done skin, but it looks super cool for what it...
  11. DavidDGA

    2003 Ferrari 550 GT1 - Prodrive 1.0

    Here are Prodrive contendants for 2003 American Le Mans Series. These Ferrari whre strong rivals for the GTS category, being the C5-R their direct rival. Corvette Racing were dominant until round 6, where Prodrive started winning all rounds. This wasn't enough and got second overall, 4 points...
  12. How to Watch 2024 Sebring 12 Hours: A Race Preview

    How to Watch 2024 Sebring 12 Hours: A Race Preview

    The second round of the Florida 36 hours takes place this weekend as the IMSA paddock heads to Sebring for the 12 Hours following the Daytona 24. Here is all you need to know about the event, including how to watch live. Image credit: BMW Newsroom It has now been almost two months since the...
  13. AlbertGeorge

    Walkenhorst Motorsport 2023 24 Hours of Nürburgring BMW M4 GT3 liveries 1.0

    I'm back with a real-life livery adaptation! As we all know, Stephane Ratel Organization has managed to make this year's 24 Hours of Nürburgring a part of the Intercontinental GT Challenge season. This means that the Nürburgring Nordschleife layout is coming to ACC later this year. I recreated...
  14. Sportscars in Automobilista 2: Where Is Their Place?

    Sportscars in Automobilista 2: Where Is Their Place?

    The Sportscar world is immensely popular among sim racers and we have many games to choose from. But with great official offerings, what place does endurance sportscar racing hold in Automobilista 2? Image credit: Reiza Studios Sportscar racing is well and truly entering a new golden era...
  15. sersu200

    Circuito Rekalde 2.0 1.01

    This is my first mod so I hope you understand. I have created this circuit thinking about endurance racing with different categories at the same time (from R.clio to F1). It is about 10 km long and about 12-15 meters wide. A long straight line and 5 strong braking points. In this update I have...
  16. Le Mans Ultimate Track Guides

    Le Mans Ultimate Track Guides

    In our series of track guides for the newly released Le Mans Ultimate, we will be talking you through how to tackle all tracks - now featuring all seven circuits in LMU. Image credit: Studio 397 Last updated: March 4, 2024, 18:20 CET If you have found this article, chances are you might be...
  17. DavidDGA

    1996 Ferrari 333SP - Le Mans Skinpack 1.0

    Here are both Ferrari 333 SP that ran at Le Mans in 1996. After a small break, I decided to finish this skinpack. Sadly, both of them didn't end the race, but hey, these are at least cool liveries. In this skinpack you will receive (besides the suits and helmets): #17 Racing For Belgium Team...
  18. DakyRS

    WRT MP-H Bayer Hybrid (Ficcional) 1.0

    BMW M hybrid ficcional livery based of number 46 WRT Audi r9 lms EVO2 -Enjoy and rate 5 start If you want more liveries like this
  19. 24 Hours of Daytona Preview: Motorsport Kicking Off In 2024

    24 Hours of Daytona Preview: Motorsport Kicking Off In 2024

    Among other things, this weekend - 27-28 January - marks the beginning of the 2024 IMSA Sportscar calendar. The Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona takes place this week with plenty of excitement to look out for up and down the field. Image credit: Porsche Newsroom This weekend, many will be crying out...
  20. SchumiSkins

    Porsche GTE RSR Iconic Liveries Pack 1.01 (folder path fixed in zip file)

    Includes the following liveries : WEC : - #59 (instead of 93) Le Mans 2019 Brumos design - #91 Le Mans 2020 livery by Andy Werner - #92 Le Mans 2020 livery by Andy Werner - #91 Le Mans 2022 winning car IMSA : - #911 2018 Petit Le Mans Motul livery - #912 2019 Petit Le Mans Coca Cola special...

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