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  1. What if Suzuka 2014 Never Happened? | #assettocorsa

    What if Suzuka 2014 Never Happened? | #assettocorsa

    Almost ten years since "the day".What if the red flag came out in time so #JB17 could have still been with us...? In my opinion that the race should not have...
  2. kudos_kudos

    Ferrari SF15-T Sound Mod 1.0

    This sound mod is for the Ferrari SF15-T from the Red Pack official Assetto Corsa DLC. Have fun with this sound mod! Preview*: (*the previewed car is currently not Kunos' car) installation: copy the content folder to "assettocorsa" folder. For content creators: If you are uploading a video...
  3. Nuzzi

    All F1 Tyres for Ferrari SF-15t (No Wet Physics Yet) 1.0

    Tyres for the Ferrari SF15-t Car Note that the Wet Tyres are visual only.
  4. F1 2015 China FP2 | Fernando Alonso Onboard | #assettocorsa

    F1 2015 China FP2 | Fernando Alonso Onboard | #assettocorsa

    Join onboard with the 2005 and 2006 world champion Fernando Alonso's infamous McLaren-Honda MP4-30 for an early practice lap around Shanghai Int'l Circuit, h...
  5. Lęgø

    Lotus E23 | VRC Williams FW37 1

    Introducing the third skin I've ever made in AC, and the first skin I've uploaded onto RD. The livery takes bits and pieces from the Lotus cars, notably from 2012, 2014 and 2015. I didn't do a complete replica as I'm not experienced enough to attempt it. A very basic driver suit is included...
  6. Sebastian Vettel's Incredible Start Recreation | 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix | #assettocorsa

    Sebastian Vettel's Incredible Start Recreation | 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix | #assettocorsa

    This is a recreation of Sebastian Vettel's superb start during the 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix.
  7. Balkan_Guy


  8. RaceDriver_34

    F1 2015 Camera Settings

    Hi, I´ve been revisiting some of the old F1 Games. I am a big fan of driving with the offset TV-Cam and for the games that are released since 2016, there is always a pretty good Camera Mod, but not for F1 2015. So I decided to adjust them myself. I started with positioning the camera to a...
  9. H

    HELMETS FOR F1 2015 2019-06-11

    Fantasy helmets that surely nobody has more than you. Helmets for any mod of the F1 Challenge game, in this case they are ready for the 2015 mod. They can be added in any mod following the instructions.
  10. Gaara CewoFan

    F1 2019 mod for F1 2015 (Lite) 1.0

    I Made a lite mod for F1 2015. You can edit it and then give credits to the mod makers.
  11. W

    F1_2015_HIGH_FPS_FOR_LOW_END_PC 1.0

    Hello everyone, today I bring you a mod for f1 2015 to increase the frame rate for those who have a low end pc. This is my first mod, I hope you like it. How to install: 1- Extract the file. 2- Select one of the 3 files and open. 3- Copy or move the file "hardwaresettings" into your "my games/f1...
  12. Viper_Polo

    VRC Williams FW37 Susie Wolff #41 1.0

    I made this skin quick as a personal project for the excellent VRC Williams FW37, It's based on the test from 2015 and is just for a project for me that I decided to share. Install instructions are in the Readme, but I'm sure most of you know how anyway Thanks!
  13. PF126p

    F1 201x Sauber 2016-09-10

    Present painting for Sauber-Petronas F1 Team. This is my first job for F1 2015. If you have problems or comments, please write comments. Enjoy the ride!
  14. yaruguma

    Ultra Realistic V6 Turbo Engine Sound 1.0

    Enjoy it.
  15. Aarav Amin

    The Official MyDriver S2 Mod Pack 2016-08-07

    Pretty simple, finally, after many weeks, this is the actual legit MyDriver S2 Mod Pack that I used in every video for use of your own (obviously altered and neatened up for easy install) :p I can't obviously give you the race-by-race team upgrades and evolution, so I've chosen a race mid-way...
  16. J

    Force India 2016 skin for Ferrari SF15-T 2.0

    Since the SF15-T is available in Assetto Corsa, I couldn't resist bringing my favorite F1-Team in game by creating a skin of it for the Ferrari SF15-T. This mod contains the cars of Hülkenberg and Pèrez. Just drag both folders inside the archive into...
  17. digger500

    aarava's ToroRosso Skin MyDriver S3 1.0

    I made the Toro Rosso skin from aarava in his MyDriver S3. Enjoy and pls let comment and rate below :D Update will come soon !
  18. digger500

    Mercedes Skin with Monster Logo 1.1

    Here is the mercedes with a monster logo . The skin will get upgrades/updates too. Maybe today this evening or tomorrow .
  19. Saturn

    F1 2015 F1 2015 video setting can't be changed - plz help

    When I start F1 2015 (the 2014 season,) it worked fine for quite a while, but since a few days ago something has happened that seems like a bug. When I venture into the options menu selecting graphics & then later, the audio tab, I see constantly that the game has chosen to use "custom"-...

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