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The Official MyDriver S2 Mod Pack 2016-08-07

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Pretty simple, finally, after many weeks, this is the actual legit MyDriver S2 Mod Pack that I used in every video for use of your own (obviously altered and neatened up for easy install) :p

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I can't obviously give you the race-by-race team upgrades and evolution, so I've chosen a race mid-way into the season and given you the performance of all the cars at that race. (It's Belgium if you were wondering :p)

This mod will place myself "aarava" into your grid driving in the Mercedes. So if you want to change that to someone else, you can edit the language file and change the "nico rosberg helmet" from my design to the one you desire yourself.

To install, just drag and drop all the files into the F1 2015 folder, as usual, make sure you backup the Vanilla files in-case the mods mess up, but they shouldn't if you just drag and drop nothing more.

Credit to:
99tss, I used one or two of his liveries from his 2016 mod
Danger88, I've used all of his excellent correct sun mods

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The behavior of AI is pretty good, but with expert level. If anyone can get me the spanish language for this mod THANKS
Simply amazing!
grat but wehrlien wins everything
Thanks so much Aarav! :)
Hi Aarav, I had already tweaked this myself but now with your version I thought my problems will be over but the perfomances of the cars are still not changing anything for me. Can you help me with that ? Btw love your content dude ;)
Awesome . Thanks so much

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