ferrari 488 gt3

  1. Red_Player_1

    Ferrari 488 GT3 Marlboro 1.0

    This livery is for the OLD Ferrari 488 GT3 2018. Updates for the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo and Ferrari 296 GT3 are coming in the next days! ;) Enjoy! Don't forget to check out all my liveries here:
  2. Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Available for Pre-Order

    Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Available for Pre-Order

    Thrustmaster has just announced a new wheel replicating that of the Ferrari 488 GT3. Available now to pre-order, compatible with all TM bases. Image credit: Thrustmaster Thrustmaster and Ferrari is a partnership that is seemingly older than time itself. Many sim racers will have experienced...
  3. J

    2023 Olimp Racing - Ferrari 488 GT3 #5 & #777 0.9

    ferrari_488_gt3_acc_sprint Drivers: Stanislaw Jedlinski, Krystian Korzeniowski, Marcin Jedliński, Karol Basz Have fun;-)
  4. ACC | Cota | HotLap + Setup | Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO - 2:04.902

    ACC | Cota | HotLap + Setup | Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO - 2:04.902

    #ACC #assettocorsacompetizione #hotlap #cota#ferrari488gt3 #wet #rain Get access to this Setup and two other versions for you choose which fits the best to your style - or send me an email
  5. ACC | Donington | HotLap + Setup | Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO - 1:26.430

    ACC | Donington | HotLap + Setup | Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO - 1:26.430

    Get access to this Setup https://************/product/donington-ferrari-488-gt3-evo-setup/
  6. TheNuvolari

    Super GT 2022: Pacific Racing Team #9 | Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO | 4k 1.2

    After 50+ hours and countless swearing at the monitor I present you my most advanced skin to date! Pacific Car Guy Racing Team #9 driven by T. Kimura and K. Cozzolino Works both with the 488 GT3 EVO by Kunos and the 488 GT3 EVO Sprint by Masterkey. More pictures: The Masterkey version...
  7. MajkiMajk

    Ferrari 488 GT3 Iron Lynx 2022 #60 #83 1.0

    Hi, Iron Lynx 2022 #60 Drivers: Claudio Schiavoni, Matteo Cressoni and Davide Rigon #83 Drivers: Rahel Frey, Michelle Gatting and Sarah Bovy
  8. ACC @ Brands Hatch - Martini Ferrari 488 GT3 (2018)

    ACC @ Brands Hatch - Martini Ferrari 488 GT3 (2018)

    Welcome to VETERAN RACING.This channel is for anyone who loves MOTORSPORT.A collection of various Sim Racing Games and Real World Motorsports.Please subscrib...
  9. sebisanber

    FerraRi 488 Monster Energy Red / Ferrari 488 GT3 1

    Español: Monster Energy Red: Les dejo este Ferrari 488 GT3 con el patrocinador de Monster, se me ocurrió usar el logo de monster en rojo porque son los colores de Ferrari, espero que les guste :))) Cosas que contiene la skin: - 1 Livery para el Ferrari 488 GT3, 1 Livery para el Ferrari 488...
  10. Enver09

    Ferrari 296 GT3 - 488 GT3 & GT3 EVO & Challenge EVO - Charles Pozzi "Pioneer" Skins v1.2

    These skins based on 1982 Charles Pozzi Ferrari 308 GTB rally car. This is my very first skin project, i hope you like it :) Ferrari 296 GT3 Ferrari 488 GT3 Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO - with modern logos Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO
  11. DRL Vici

    Ferrari Driver Expert - Open Discussion

    Hello everyone, I have been playing ACC since its launch with Ferrari. I've always been in love with the car since the previous game (AC). I'm opening this topic to share some of my knowledge with you all. Feel free to ask questions about setup, handling or even the game. Initially, I'll share...
  12. Alto Tajo Poveda Ferrari 488 GT3 1440p Assetto Corsa VR Sim racing.

    Alto Tajo Poveda Ferrari 488 GT3 1440p Assetto Corsa VR Sim racing.

    Rig Specs: Ryzen 7 1800X/32gig ram RTX 2070 M.2 NVME Quest 2 Via Link cable Logitech G29 + Shifter Next Level GT lite frame
  13. DannyDotCom

    Red River Sport #62 | Ferrari 488 GTE/GT3 1.1

    UPDATE : Skin for the 488 GT3 Evo version is out now! This is my most difficult livery to replicate, too many lines crossing too many panels across the entire body of the car. Could've been easier if it's just sponsors or something like that, but I'm still proud with the end result. The ZIP...
  14. Raffe

    "Studio Pioli" Livery for Ferrari 488 1.0

    A little livery I made for a friend whose father owns a financial consulting studio. Studio Pioli is a consulting studio founded in 1953 offering services like: Job & Tax consulting, Accounting, Staff administration and Social Security representation; operating in the area of Parma, Italy. Dag...
  15. GTR3Legend

    #55 Kaspersky Racing Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 1.0

    Conversion and update of @alex21212121 Kaspersky Racing skin for the 488 Evo.
  16. GTR3Legend

    2021 #93 Dark Mode Sky Tempesta Racing 1.0

    Includes bonus version with 2020 more colourful wing.
  17. Itzdatmancam

    Kunos 488 GT3 Evo lumirank 0.13

    Just an update for people who don't have
  18. Erik_27

    Ferrari 488 GT3/GTE Dashboard V1

    Just download , double click and install to SimHub. Please be sure to check the box to install the fonts. Enjoy it! For any doubts please contact me via Discord: Erik_27#5855
  19. Luca Badin

    #54 AF Corse AM WEC 2021 1.0

    This is the AF Corse #54 Ferrari 488 driven by Giancarlo Fisichella, Thomas Flöhr and Francesco Castellacci in the GTE Am class of the 2021 World Endurance Championship. The skin is for the Kunos Ferrari 488 GT3, and any GTE mods that are derived from it, such as Zerobandwidth's 488 GTLM. It...
  20. TurnOne

    2021 GT World Challenge Australia Maranello Motorsport Ferrari 488 GT3 0.4

    "Cherry Ash"

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