1. Mathonner

    Ecurie Francorchamps fictional adaptation for Ferrari 499P by VRC 1.0

    Hello all, I'm presenting you another skinpack of mine, a custom tribute for the belgian sportscar racing team Ecurie Francorchamps, a team that ran Ferrari in F1 in the 50s and Ferrari sportscars in the 60s and early 70s before disappearing. With this livery, I'm raising this team from the...
  2. Shibaru

    Heart Lake Complex F1 2024 Track Skin - French GP 1.0

    Hello! I have created this track skin for doublezero's Heart Lake Complex. This mod adds 2024 F1-themed sponsors and billboards, while also adjusting some aspects of the circuit: New up-to-date 2024 F1 Sponspors and billboards (Lenovo becomes event title sponsor, Heinekken removed) New kerbs...
  3. Morghulis

    #51 Team ORECA Mazda Roadster GTS-R 1.0

    Somewhere, in another universe far, far away... was not a Viper that won at the 2000 24h of Le Mans, but rather, this dinky little Mazda. These liveries are for the 2000 Mazda Roadster TC by Iku and Verde, as seen in the Gran Turismo series. I tried my best to imitate the look of the...
  4. Shibaru

    Anadara Circuit 2024 DTM Track Skin 1.0

    Hello! I have made track skin for doublezero's Anadara Circuit. It mainly focuses on adding DTM-themed sponsors and billboards, while also adjusting some aspects of the circuit: New 2024 DTM Sponspors and billboards Adjusted kerbs color and brightness Adjusted tarmac color and brightness...
  5. Fujihiro4416

    PLANET SUSHi RSS GT-M Akuro V6 Evo2 livery[fictional] 1.0

    Please visit my Youtube channel.
  6. Raymond Racing

    Daniel Jimenez Spec Racer Ford - Ford Racing Performance Parts 1.0

    This is my Custom Livery for @Daniel Jimenez's Spec Racer Ford mod - inspired by the various Ford Racing Performance Parts liveries created by @Madhat! To install, open your "Cars" subfolder in your Assetto Corsa install directory, and drag-and-drop the "dj_ford_spec_racer_gen2" folder into it...
  7. AnotherFoxBoy23

    Leahkitties Itasha #44 1.0

    Hey guys, I'll share my second skin and this time is for the 2023 Nissan 400Z Formula Drift car by Forsberg Racing (you can find the mod in their store). This one is a itasha of a indie vtuber called Leahkitties. That's all. Please leave any reviews for feedback :)
  8. Mathonner

    Fictional BMW M4 GT3 Skinpack by Mathias 1.0

    This fictional skin is the last part of my medium sized project made in collab with @Rapier22.CM, it's about a fictional GT championship called Pacific Ring Endurance Tour, a GT3 championship in which every rounds will be disputed on a track inside the Pacific Ring, from the Westerns Americas to...
  9. Phishl

    Zawotec Racing #91 Fictional Livery Audi R8 Evo II 1.0

    I thought that a topographic livery would look good, so I made one! I thnik it's the best livery I have made yet, if you like it please leave a like or a review. If you would like another color or other sponsors and I have time to do so I am going to, but naturally you have to request...
  10. B

    Forsaken Monument Raceway 0.1 BETA 0.11 Beta

    WARNING TO HIGH FFB USERS! THIS MAP IS NOT FINISHED YET YOU MIGHT CLIP INTO WALLS OR FALL OF THE MAP. DRIVE AT OWN RISK! You propably have to place the map folder manually into the content folder in Assetto Corsa as Content Manager does not allow to install automatically. So I've been working...
  11. chilenaoexiste

    Domqera International Circuit 1.0.2

    If you liked this track, consider buying me a beer! ;) Welcome to the Domqera International Circuit for AC! A 5.402KM Grade 1 desert circuit with 3 car layouts and one kart track, built for top level racing. The track is a fictional circuit designed and built from scratch by me over the...
  12. Rapier22.CM

    [CUSTOM ADAPTATION] LP ISO LMH - Vector Sport - WEC 2024 1.0

    ON THIS EDITION OF ASSETTO CORSA ISEKAI When Isotta Fraschini began their Le Mans Hypercar program they partnered with LMP2 team, Vector Sport, for their debut season. Sadly their relationships went south and ended prematurely before the Italian brand partnered with Duquine Engineering instead...
  13. SRD Shredder

    Tracks Deroni Circuit

    SRD Shredder submitted a new resource: Deroni Circuit - Fast anti-clockwise circuit with lots of elevation. Read more about this resource...
  14. SRD Shredder

    Deroni Circuit 0.411

    The original Deroni Circuit was built in the 1960's, right at the same time the open wheeler divisions were starting to become popular. Endurance racing has also been here since the beginning, with annual 10 an 16 hour races being held over the course of a few weekends. Going into the late...
  15. Tenah72

    Porsche 911 (997) RGT by tenah 1.2

    EDITED MOD Hello to all the simracers in auest of the best rallye car in assetto corsa. here is a fabulous mod created by Rally World : I IMPROVED THIS CAR : added a new sound, new pictures a new FRENCH livrery more exhaust fire...
  16. J

    VRC Mp4/4 - 1980s F1 Inspired Skinpack 1.0

    Three pack of Skins for the VRC Mp4/4 Mod. These skins are inspired by F1 designs from the late 80s. Included are fictional skins that resemble the Minardi, HAAS and Ligier Teams. Feel free to use this 3 pack to fill out a larger grid of cars for better immersion. Included in this pack are...
  17. shin956

    Pandoor 1.0

    Fictional circuit. Conversion from GTL. -CSP recommended -36 pit/start -AI, cam Credits & Thanks; GTL Original Track by @carTOON (barcika) -Thank you for giving me permission AC Converted by @shin956 logo.png by @Fanapryde Bliiboard textures by @Mascot Crowds texture by @Kniker97 marshall...
  18. Alfred Wayne

    VRC TA2 Mustang (Mare) Le Mans Art Car #10 1

    Quick Le Mans inspired paint job. The crew barely had time to tape on number plates before qualifying. Car: VRC TA2 Mustang (Mare) - Folder includes skin for standard & csp versions Base livery sourced from and reworked
  19. shin956

    Morsel 1.0

    Fictional circuit. Conversion from GTL. -CSP recommended -24 pit/start -AI, cam NOTE; If you are using Sol and the track screen is dark, rename ext_config_for_sol.ini to ext_config.ini in the extension folder. Credits & Thanks; GTL Original Track by @carTOON (barcika) -Thank you for giving...
  20. GreenMachine13

    Pascani MotorPark Alternate Billboards 1.0

    This is a track skin for Pascani MotorPark by doublezero. I've made a new logo for the track, tweaked curb colors, and changed the billboards to have a Midwestern feel. With a dragstrip and plenty of hills and trees, this track really feels like it would fit in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or the...

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