formula 3

  1. 0n3

    Ferrari SF1000 | Formula RSS 3 V6 1.0

    Donate : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pack includes: -n. 5 Sebastian Vettel -n. 16 Charles Leclerc --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if...
  2. Lady Oscar

    Sophia Floersch Dallara F317 Skin+ Campos crew suit 0.8

    Be sure to extract the content of the archive in the root of the AC folder or you are going to miss the mechanics and engineers suit! I've tried to recreate the Campos skin, but I've failed miserably :'(((( I've made a big mistake: I didn't save the Photoshop project file and now I can't fix it...
  3. L

    RSS 3 Formula 3 Season 2020 2020-05-18

    All the 30 F3 2020 cars: They are not perfect, i did my best, but the pics of winter tests are few and as all you know, the season didn't start.. Some sponsors are missing, but I hope they are close enough, waiting for better ones by skin masters! click on the images below to preview all cars:
  4. J

    Looking for help testing my race server- Assetto Corsa

    ---solved-------My server is currently running on Assetto Corsa it is called "join if you want but this is a test2" and is only holding a practice session in the dallara f317 by RSR. I would be very grateful if some people could join and let me know if it is working correctly, it will be up and...
  5. F1Anime

    F1 2019 F1 2019 1.16 Patch wishes

    Things that I wished to Codemasters for the 1.16 patch: F3 2019 season Formula E 2018-19 season Snow weather mode Liqui Moly boards Real drivers in classic cars F2/F3/FE career mode New multiplayer liveries (example: Race 1000) New tracks for Career mode (example: 2'nd season we have Zandvoort)...
  6. Rob Fitness

    Formula RSS 3 V6 - HWA Racelab #10, 11, 12 1.0

    Release date: 12-06-2019 Version: v 1.0: - initial release at 4096x4096 Description: 3 replica liveries from the HWA Racelab Racing Team 2019 - Added heated titanium look to exhaust tips - Added Brembo logo to brake calliper - Added OZ rim decals - Probably...
  7. Rob Fitness

    Formula RSS 3 V6 - Carlin Buzz Racing Team #29, 30, 31 2019-06-04

    Release date: 04-06-2019 Version: v 1.0: - initial release at 4096x4096 Description: 3 replica liveries from the Carlin Buzz Racing Team 2019 Over 24 hours of work - All patterns redrawn at 4096x4096 - Buzz logo made from scratch - Infinity sports management logo...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    Monger Secures First Victory Since Losing Lower Legs in F4 Accident

    Just two years on from his near fatal F4 accident at Donington Park, British youngster Billy Monger secures his first victory since returning to racing. Having lost both of his lower legs in a terrible accident at Donington Park back in April 2017, Billy Monger has managed the previously...
  9. formulaHEINE

    Pirelli F3 tirepack for RSS 3 V6 1.0

    This tirepack recreates Pirelli FIA Formula 3 2019 tires for the Formula RSS 3 V6 from Race Sim Studio for Assetto Corsa. They are based on the default RSS tires textures and the given template. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO PUBLISH OWN SKINS AND MODS WITH THESE TEXTURES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. PLEASE PUT...
  10. Aratbone

    RSR Formula 3 Graphics Improvements 2019-04-29

    Graphics Improvements for both Dallara f317 and f312 by RSR Updated shaders on almost every material, new exterior maps Updated Wheels, Tyres, and Brakes Removed compression noise and color artifacts from tyre contact patch area Reworked Interior New glass To install: Just extract into...
  11. Syndrami

    Dallarah F317 Formula 3 BWT SportPesa Racing Point 2019-02-13

    BWT / Racing Point / Sport Pesa Skin for Dallara F317 Formula 3 car. Added everything I love about the BWT 2018 liveries, with added impression of the new 2019 livery from Racing Point. Install: Copy/extract folder "F3_BWTSportPreza_Syndrami" to...
  12. Rikkies

    Formula 3 Brawn GP 1.0

  13. xFitcho

    European F3 Mod 1.0

    This mod replaces the 2018 F1 grid with the 2018 European Formula 3 grid. Unfortunately due to grid sizes and odd number of cars for some teams it isn't a perfect copy of the real life grid but it was the best I could manage. All cars are using the fom_car chassis to give it the spec car feel...
  14. Jim1986

    Discovery skin for Mazda mx5_cup 1.0

    Its my very first skin ever so please be gentle. Fantasy skin inspired on the 2013 van Amersfoort racing F3 car of Dennis van de Laar. Really loved that one. Hope you like it.
  15. Carlitox

    RSR Dallara F317 - #16 Nikita Troitskiy (Carlin) 0.9

    After a hiatus, here's my second skin for the awesome RSR Dallara F317: Nikita Troitskiy's Carlin entry. Though I think it looks good enough, this is most definitely a BETA. The reason is simple, I'm missing some nametags in the headrest and in the roll hoop, and despite having won in...
  16. destinationriver

    Van Amersfoort Racing F3 2018 1.9.1

    Hey guys! I just wanted to share my latest creation with you. It's the Van Amersfoort Racing team, competing in F3 Euro series with their drivers #12 Artem Petrov, #15 Keyvan Andres, #25 Sophia Flörsch and #30 Frederik Vesti, who joins them for the final round in Hockenheim. IMPORTANT: If you...
  17. nickart42

    Car Template Requests

    I know there is the folder for templates, but I would like to ask if anyone can share links for templates for mods, such as RSR Formula 3, Formula 2, F formula Renault 3.5, and any of the non-kudos cars. Thanks for the Help!
  18. Carlitox

    RSR Dallara F317 - #11 Sacha Fenestraz (Carlin) 1.0

    This is it, my first real life skin that I deem worthy of uploading to RD. The #11 entry of Team Carlin for the 2018 F3 European Championship, driven by French-Argentine driver Sacha Fenestraz. I'm quite happy with how it turned out, though it still may have rough edges. I'm more than happy to...
  19. HK2014

    F3 European 2018 season 1.32

    Hello, for my first skinpack, i am bringing you the F3 EU Series. As you may know, the 2018 season started only few days ago, only few car photos are available and there are not even always every view (sides/top/back/etc). this is why some cars lack sponsors or even good colors. I tried to...
  20. Celtic Pharaoh

    AC Formula 3 @ Zandvoort - Wed 23May18

    We're back again for another evening of the wonderful Formula 3 car. This time we're going to the home of RaceDepartment, the Netherlands, to Circuit Park Zandvoort. Its going to be a bumpy ride! Fun fact, Zandvoort is a mod track included by the Kunos Simulazioni development team and developed...

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