1. LeMans Ultimate | Pole Position Achievement in First Online Race | Porsche GTE Fuji

    LeMans Ultimate | Pole Position Achievement in First Online Race | Porsche GTE Fuji

    #lmu #fuji #porsche #gte In the first qualifying session I did at Oyama, Fuji Race track with the Posche GTE car, managed to get a pole after realizing there...
  2. F1 2007 Fuji Speedway | David Coulthard Onboard | #assettocorsa

    F1 2007 Fuji Speedway | David Coulthard Onboard | #assettocorsa

    Join onboard with DC's Red Bull RB3 for a practice lap around Fuji Speedway during FP1.If you enjoyed the video and this is the first time visiting my channe...
  3. Langheck_917

    Nissan Cherry E10 (lm_satsuma), 3 skin livery pack 1.0

    Included are three liveries representing the 1970 Nissan Factory works team, which campaigned the then new front wheel drive E10 Nissan Cherry "X-1". In charge of developing the race version was the "Special Vehicle Test Section No. 2" based at the Nissan Factory in Murayama. The motors...
  4. JawnKwan

    5 Sixties Japan GP Skins 1

    Five skins for the following models: Lola T70 Mk3b - by Legion Porsche 910 - by NPanic & converted by Neil Bainbridge Shelby Daytona - by AC Legends lola t70 mk3b: #15, #25, #26 porsche 910: #28 shelby daytona: #21 Also includes new track ui for the GP version of Fuji Speedway 1968. Enjoy!
  5. Isack Hadjar drives the RB18 at Fuji! | Japanese Grand Prix | #assettocorsa

    Isack Hadjar drives the RB18 at Fuji! | Japanese Grand Prix | #assettocorsa

    Join onboard with ART Grand Prix F2 driver Isack Hadjar for two laps at Fuji Speedway inside the 17-time race and 2022 championship winner Red Bull-RBPT Hond...
  6. parrilla

    Fuji Speedway 1982-85 Faster AI 1.0

    Faster AI for the Shin956 1980s Fuji Speedway, for the 1982 and 1985 layouts. You can find the full track here. Fast line + boundaries + hints. Optimized for that era sport and touring cars. Most other cars work fine too. There's also a 1990s version on Fuji AI fix by me. Know issues: On...
  7. parrilla

    Fuji Speedway 1993 Faster AI 1.0

    Faster AI for the Breiz One 1993 Fuji Speedway, for the 1990 and 1993 layouts. You can find the full track here. Fast line + boundaries + hints. Optimized for that era sport and touring cars. Most other cars work fine too. There's also a 1980's version of the track on RD, if there's interest...
  8. AntonSimGT24

    FIA WEC 2022 Season Full Gridpack 1.1

    This is my final release of the WEC 2022 Grid Preset series. This pack includes EVERY, yes EVERY Team and Livery that is available to Assetto Corsa at the moment and every starting grid op the 2022 calendar. It took a lot of time and effort of my days to make, search and make the starting grid...
  9. AntonSimGT24

    6 Hours Of Fuji 2022 Grid Preset 1.0

    6 Hours Of Fuji 2022 Full Grid Preset. This is the full Grid Preset for the 6 Hours Of Fuji! It includes every 2022 livery from every team participating. Includes accurate team nationalities. !Default vehicle set to Abarth 500! Vehicles Included ---- Hypercars ---- - Toyota GR010 - Hybrid...
  10. shin956

    Fuji Speedway 1982-1985 1.01

    Fuji Speedway with 80s layout. Fuji Speedway is a motorsport race track standing in the foothills of Mount Fuji, in Oyama, Suntō District, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It was built in the early 1960s. In the 1980s, Fuji Speedway was used for the FIA World Sportscar Championship and national...
  11. WEC Fuji | Toyota GR #8 Onboard | Assetto Corsa

    WEC Fuji | Toyota GR #8 Onboard | Assetto Corsa

    Legendary Fuji Speedway is coming back to WEC after three-year absence in the calendar so there's a lap of a home team Toyota Gazoo Racing.Car: https://unite...
  12. TheNuvolari

    Rich Summer skin for Fuji Speedway by Reboot Team 1.0

    Have you tried recreating the Round 4 of this year's Super GT season yet? You can't without using this! :D Based on footages of the Round 4 of the 2022 Super GT season held on 5-6 August. For rt_fuji_speedway by Reboot Team Pictures taken in different TOD and conditions: Before After Before...
  13. Pasta2000

    Nissan 240ZG - Fuji 1000km 1972 #27 (4k) 1.0

    Hello This one took me quite long, everything is made from scratch in one long sitting. Custom decals from start to finish as per usual. I also made #28 from the same race, to be uploaded tomorrow. >4k livery >red >custom decals >huh Images and information all gathered by my main project...
  14. iRacing Teases Fuji & Port Royal

    iRacing Teases Fuji & Port Royal

    iRacing continues to work on new content: Two new tracks are on the way for the sim - iRacing teased this on its Twitter account. sim racers can look forward to the Fuji Speedway in Japan and the Port Royal Speedway dirt oval. With Fuji, an internationally known track comes to the sim: In 1976...
  15. U

    Tracks Fuji mountain foggy blurred on Fuji circuit

    Hello, I am trying to improve my own PP filter and I would like to see Fuji mountain on Fuji track ...I tried many filters but only filter I can see it is named C13bliss.... I dont know what changes are done in that filter it must be something hidden for me because I tried to copy setup from...
  16. Pasta2000

    Nissan 240ZG - Fuji Touring Car Championship r1 1974 - #6 (4k) 1.0

    Hola This is another livery for the GD Nissan 240ZG. Seen at the 1974 opening race of the Touring Car Championship where this APO 240 would drop out of the b/c class race after 6 laps. The skin is 4k with custom number and APO lettering. >4k skin >custom json >custom decal >cool? Images...
  17. Pasta2000

    Nissan 240ZG - Fuji Masters 250km 1971 #14 (4k) 1.0

    Ayos Since I uploaded a Fuji 250km 1971 skin earlier, I wanted to do a 240 that raced there as well. Might do the others too, these skins are fun to make. Toshiyuki Watanabe has been racing Fairlady's since the mid 60s, and by 1971 ran the 240Z with great successes. In this race he would...
  18. Pasta2000

    Porsche 917K - Fuji Masters 250km 1971 #05 (4k) 1.1

    Konichiwa homies, After a few hours of work, I present you the David Piper Porsche 917K as it went to Japan in 1971 for just one single event. Tetsu Ikuzawa was appointed to drive this car, but would not see himself win overall - those honors go to Hiroshi Kazato and his red Porsche 908/2. I...
  19. Pasta2000

    Porsche 908/2 - 1971 Fuji 500km #88 (4K) 1.2

    After 4 hours of working on one single car, here it is. Velo made the car for those interested in looking for it, and now it has one of the most cool liveries ever on it: Hiroshi Kazato (1949-1974) purchased a 908 Flunder in 1970, and raced it that year in its normal, white body paint. In 1971...
  20. Pasta2000

    Nissan Fairlady 240ZG - Fuji Inter 200 Miles 1974 (4K) 1.0

    Dang, photoshop wiped all the dds software tools I had in an update, 2h of painfully resetting everything later and we got this out of it woooo This 240ZG raced at the 1974 Fuji 200 Miles race, part of the Grand Champion series. I like this skin. Please like it too. Or I will be deeply...

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