1. S

    Kirkmoar - VAO, GrassFX, RainFX, etc. 0.82

    FEATURES: VAO, GrassFX, RainFX, Light Bounce, *very* basic lights and material tweaks and some other stuff. INSTALLATION: I don't like installing thru CM, so I recommend manual installation. Drop the Extension folder to the following directory: ...\assettocorsa\content\tracks\kirkmoar KNOWN...
  2. uberbok

    Basic Rain / Grass configs for random tracks horse

    Here we have a selection of pretty basic RainFX / GrassFX configs. DO NOT DRAG WHOLE ZIP TO CONTENT MANAGER To install: Open either MiscTracks, or RennTom folder from download. Drag the ones you want to add into your assettocorsa/content/tracks/ folder, please note the track itself must...
  3. JBolho

    FX Configs and Cameras for Trial Mountain 1.2

    Recently i came back to this version of Trial Mountain and decided to do an implementation of GrassFX, RainFX and other lighting parameters to bring some updated look to it. The track is the Alpha 0.3 located here on RD...
  4. JBolho

    FX Configs for Circuit Gilles Villeneuve 1.3

    My first experimentation on resources for AC. This track is not the one available as an Alpha here on RD, the link to the track is in the README file inside the zip. Unzip the extension and skins folder inside the track folder, the extension file enables multiple FX settings, including GrassFX...
  5. zuno toto

    Extension track lighting : Paul armagnac Nogaro 4.0

    add layout GrassFX, Light, Season, track lighting on Paul armagnac Nogaro Track Season Installation Content manager example with monza track Click on the button circled in red in the menu Select "install from file" and select the downloaded file Click on install Button or 1 -...
  6. zuno toto

    Pau-Arnos 2020 (French race track) GrassFX, Light, Season, Extension track lighting 4.0

    Add Grass FX, Light, Season on Pau Arnos 2020 Track Install unzip in track folder If you already have an ext_config.ini file copy the content of my file into the already existing one Consider making a backup of your old file Tracks Track Pau-Arnos (French race track) 2020...
  7. Tomo Pattison

    Carrickatuke Raceway, Ireland 0.5

    ~ We would love it if you could check out and Subscribe to our YouTube channel, 427 Motorsports! ~ - Up to 2 AI. A fantasy "What if?" situation, Carrickatuke Raceway is a race track imagined in the eyes of 427 Motorsports, in their hometown of Armagh, Ireland. Just over the road...
  8. Lavalamp641

    GrassFX for Algarve International Circuit 1.0

    Custom Shaders Patch is required, otherwise this will not work. This is for Algarve International Circuit by Tiago Lima: To install, drag the 'extension' folder into the root of your 'assettocorsa' folder. What does...
  9. IHaveNoBones

    (GrassFX) Trial Mountain Alpha 0.1

    Installation: Place ini file in assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks\loaded First time making a GrassFX config, it probably has some values in the config I don't actually use but atleast it works, I am planning to make the grass on the raised grass sections slighty taller, I did want to make...
  10. Lavalamp641

    Animated Wind Turbines, RainFX, GrassFX & More for Zolder 1.2

    Custom Shaders Patch is required, otherwise this will not work. This is for Zolder by PascalWB: To install, drag the 'content' folder into the root of your 'assettocorsa' folder. What does this do? New Wind Turbine Model. RainFX...

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