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Pau-Arnos 2020 (French race track) GrassFX, Light, Season, Extension track lighting 4.0

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Add Grass FX, Light, Season on Pau Arnos 2020 Track

unzip in track folder

If you already have an ext_config.ini file
copy the content of my file into the already existing one
Consider making a backup of your old file

Track Pau-Arnos (French race track) 2020

Track lighting

The lights make it possible to have a complete lighting of the track, Which makes it possible to make night races with cars without lights.

This addition of lights is completely fictitious and does not represent the reality of the circuit.
If you want to remove the lights from the circuit but keep the pit lights.

In the ext_config.ini file
Go to the end of the file in the light track section

Put the parts [Model Replacement], Put Active = 0 instead of 1
If you want to put the lights back on, simply reset Active = 1






Need CSP
Need Sol Link Sol
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Latest reviews

Génial, Merci.
Dommage que je sois nul sinon j'aurais MAJ le circuit de PAU de 2017 qui a changé ;)
Brilliant. As always. Thanks. Regards

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