1. mk-sg

    CMPreset Generator 1.0.2

    Standalone Desktop App built in Flet / Python for Windows. For use with Content Manager session results. Ever wanted to extract a Content Manager Grid Preset from past single player results? Now you can do it! Reminder: Only download this software from or my Patreon. If you get...
  2. Mr.Matrix

    Rota Grid Classic - Rims 1.0

    Optimised game ready 3D model with PBR textures in both dds and png formats available for your virtual tuning! !!! Keep in mind that this is the base 3D model as well as textures, that require you to rescale and adapt/fit to your chosen/desired rim dimensions and porportions as well as adjust...
  3. TheRace_Project

    F1 2006 season IA Grid Preset based on real Season Results 1.0

    IA Grid Preset based on real results - Release All teams and drivers implemented on all cars to simulate real-life strengths. (copy and paste the link into your browser and follow the steps to unlock) Drop the files in content manager otherwise, just drop the...
  4. AfersonPex

    Vento Aria GTE Grid-Filler Pack (12 skins) 1.0

    This car rules. Hipole made something special. Here are some basic skins to fill out the grid. Drive it like you stole it, have fun!
  5. literallyaria

    [Fictional] URD Loire 7 - Euro Rand 2 4k 0.2

    Because I am in need for some grid fillers, i decided to create a sister car for my previous skin
  6. literallyaria

    [Fictional] URD Loire 7 - Euro Rand 4k 0.5

    A little bit inspired by @Mathonner 's liveries
  7. mk-sg

    Real AI Driver names (RAD): A Helper Tool to Generate Random Grids v1.2

    Real AI Driver names (RAD) This is a python script to help you generate random grids with real driver names based on existing .cmpresets grids that you have created. Pre-requisites: CM and python 3 are required NOTE: python regex module required - run the "pip install regex" command if...
  8. shadow118

    Tatuus FA01 Ravenwest Livery 1.0

    Ravenwest livery for Tatuus FA01
  9. shadow118

    Mazda 787B Ravenwest Livery 1.0

    Ravenwest livery for Mazda 787B
  10. nottodaysatan

    1981 Le Mans Grid Preset 2.0

    I have been working on this one for a while to curate an as accurate as possible grid preset for Le Mans races. The first one to be released is the 1981 grid. The goal is to not only have the cars be as close, but as well have the liveries be as accurate as possible. The grid is as close as...
  11. Richard Lofthouse

    Grid Presets V8 Supercars 2022 season (each round) 1.1

    V8 Supercars 2022 season Qualifying Grids for 2022 season Adelaide 500 Auckland Supersprint Pukekohe Park Raceway Bathurst 1000 Darwin Tripple Crown Hidden Valley Gold Coast 500 Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit Newcastle 500 NT Townsville OTR Supersprint The bend Motorsport Park Perth Supernight...
  12. Richard Lofthouse

    V8 Supercars Grid preset season 2022 1.0

    V8 Supercars Grid preset season 2022 -James Golding is 31 / Premiair racing -Removed Garry Jacobson
  13. Mathonner

    Formula 3 Euroseries GRID Skinpack by Mathias 1.0

    Hello guys, today I bring you a GRID recreation skinpack ( been a while since the last one ) for the RSR Formula 3 mod that can be found here : This skinpack bring 14 cars in total including infamous Ravenwest team, or the real life...
  14. lokazo241

    GRID Autosport Save progress with modded game?

    Hi I modded grid autosport cos the handling is very weird when I use a steering wheel, so I changed some cars parameters but now my progress is not saving, anyone made it work with a modded game or it's impossible?
  15. Kolarr

    F1 2024 Fantasy Mod | Modular 1.1

    Important This mod requires Modular Mods and will not work without it. You can install the base files Here Need Mod Support? You can reach me here You can download each team individually here Installation Make sure you have the base modular mods installed BEFORE installing this mod To...
  16. NoobSoldier26

    Noob's Grid Graphics mod 1.0

    Noob's GRID Graphics Mod Firstly I posted here, Because there was no category for the First grid. If you like Grid but hate this yellow filter, This is the mod for you. Features -No reshade needed -Bathurst dlc support -It does not remove any post proccesing -Reduced Bloom -Better colors...
  17. mezanga


    Hello friends, I love that old game GRID. I hadn't played it for a long time and one day me and two other friends decided to play. But now I have terrible problems with the game. The computer is more than enough for this old game, but it still has the problems that you will see in this video...
  18. S

    Santander Maserati Helmet (theo pourchaire) for Scotties FF 1

    WILL ADD PROPER PICTURES SOON This is my first attempt at a mod There are some lines which may look abit weird however they are un noticeable in game Theo pourchaire style helmet for Scotties formula fantasy mod Install Scotties mod here ...
  19. SIMFEST Hobby Edition - Discounts and more on STEAM

    SIMFEST Hobby Edition - Discounts and more on STEAM

    SIMFEST - Hobby Edition is now live on STEAM and features many driving games and simulators. SIMFEST features discounts, demos and live streams - showcasing games that simulate hobbies and jobs. It started on the 28th March and will run until 04th April 10am Pacific time. Check out the full...
  20. Grid Legends Story #04: Jetzt zählt's! - ENDE | GHTV PC Gameplay (Gefahren mit nur einer Hand)

    Grid Legends Story #04: Jetzt zählt's! - ENDE | GHTV PC Gameplay (Gefahren mit nur einer Hand)

    Vielen Dank für dein Abo: Grid Legends:

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