1. perorocino

    IRON DAMES 24H Le Mans Livery (ACC Adptation) 1.0 members im looking at you... Don't steal my work im on to you guys! Asseto Corsa Version HERE
  2. MarcusPilk

    Sell [UK] Cube Controls OMP GT Pro V1 - Wireless Simucube

    Hi all, As you've probably seen me about, I've recently upgraded to a SC2 Sport. Bought this wheel on FB Marketplace and then also bought an Ascher as well which I get on with much better. Due to the flat bottom it's not quite what I'm after and due to the flick switches in the middle of the...
  3. gtrNL

    Reiter Engineering FIA GT1 Monza 2003 - RSS Lanzo V12 1.0

    One of my favourite skins for one my favourite cars, the Reiter Engineering bare carbon livery that was used on the Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT in the 10th round of the 2003 FIA GT1 championship. The car was entered as a test in the final round of the GT1 championship of 2003 before it would...
  4. R

    #32 J&S Racing | British GT Championship 2024 | RSS Aero V10 1.1

    Massive thanks to @MEDIIZA Designs for the Tyre textures! Hello all, J&S racing Audi R8 Evo II that will be racing in British GT this weekend. Wanted to get the skin out before the first race of the season, so it's not perfect but should be plenty close enough for now! Please let me know of...
  5. Z

    Sell (UK) Cube Controls GT OMP

    ***Sold*** Hi, I am looking to sell my cube controls GT wheel. Due to not having the time to use my rig, I felt it would be better to give it a new home where it will be used. It is in brand new condition and never been used. I live in surrey, happy to organise delivery, meet half way, etc……...
  6. I

    Sell Simcore Omp Gt

    Hi, Very good condition. No scratches. Rarely used. Comes with usb cable. Simracing bay Spacer included. Gsi clutches work perfectly. Bite point can be adjusted with the aluminum knob on the back Comes without the hrs qr Adapter. Asking price 900 euro. Ships from Germany
  7. Juim1j

    Marcos Mantara LM600 by @Verde_msk - Complete Skinpack 1.1

    You can get the car here: Skins included: 1995 BPR Global GT Series - Marcos Racing International #82 1995 BPR Global GT Series - Team Marcos #53 1995 Prequalifying Le Mans - Team Marcos #70 1995 Prequalifying Le Mans - Team Marcos #71...
  8. Juim1j

    Marcos Mantara LM600 - Complete Skinpack 1

    Skins included: 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours - Team Marcos #71 1997 FIA GT Championship - Marcos Racing International #59 1997 FIA GT Championship - Marcos Racing International #60 1997 Le Mans 24 Hours - Team Marcos #70 1997 Le Mans 24 Hours - Team Marcos #71 1998 FIA GT Championship - Marcos Racing...
  9. Juim1j

    Marcos Mantara LM600 EVO [Eurotech] - Complete Skinpack 1.1

    Skins included: 2000 FIA GT Championship - Marcos Racing International #19 2000 British GT Championship - Memec Marcos Racing International #30 2001 Euro GT Series - Marcos Racing International #45 2002 Euro GT Series - Team Eurotech Racing #12 2004 Spanish GT Championship - Meycom Sport #5 2004...
  10. Kevin Troschinski

    nivekBSs RSS-GT plus BOP Project 0.75

    I have driven several FIA GT 2003-05 championship seasons and achieved very good mixed up results with the following cars: rss_gt_vortex_v10 rss_gt_ferruccio_55 rss_gt_ferruccio_57 rss_gt_lanzo_v12 rss_gt_tornado_v12 rss_gt_shadow_v8 +...
  11. BigYetimane

    Samantha Tan ST Racing BMW M4 GT3 1

    Samantha Tan's SRO BMW with some liberties to make it fit with the in game GT3's. Contains AI file that is compatible with the IMSA Skin Pack and Reiza style preview. Still to come, different number plates, updated minor sponsors and logos.
  12. BigYetimane

    Porsche 992 GT3R 420 fantasy skin (now with IMSA flare) 2.5

    Redid the skin, much happier with it's current state. Updated my skin for the Porsche 911 RSR GTE for the Porsche 992 GT3-R which is part of the Endurance Pack pt 1. Drag and drop into AMS2 root folder and it overrides the skin in the first slot.
  13. Geraint Thomas

    Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe 2023 1.0

    Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe 2023 This is a custom championship created around a collection of cars, skins and tracks, created by the extremely talented people here. This mod includes the purchasing of a paid car from designers United Racing Design. Please support them. If there are any...
  14. SunBro

    (Fictional) Capitoline Corse #69 for RSS GT-M Lanzo V10 Evo2 1.0

    Eat responsibly Tyres: @Marco17_ok Numberplate: @zerobandwidth Here's how to thank the people who made it possible:
  15. carmar

    WSC Legends, Chevron GT, 14 cars skinpack, 2k+3k+4k v1.4

    All my skins for the WSC Legends, Chevron GT in one package. If there are new skins and updates in the future, I will update this package. You need the WSC Legends 60´s mod from Bazza. - Thompson Racing, No. 6, HSCC Guards Trophy at Silverstone 2009, v1.0 - Peter Taggart, No. 38, ADAC...
  16. TheNameIsMoza

    Gran Turismo Movie - Frederick Schulin Audi LMS Evo II GT3 1

    As it says. This is My take on making livery inspired from a movie "Gran Turismo (2023)". Audi car driven by Frederick Schulin in the movie. Some unknown sponsor was not in it because I couldn't identify what it is, it's the one on the front bumper so I skipped it. Here's a screenshot from the...
  17. D

    RSS Darche 96 Ebimotors Skin 1

    While browsing youtube for Porsche Onboards, I found this car and loved the way it looked, so I made a skin for it for the RSS GT-N Darche 96. Thought id upload it here for anyone else that wanted it (You can never have too many skins!). Also includes modern Michelin tyres by @SamtheStupid as...
  18. Max_59

    2023 Super GT - K2 R&D LEON Racing #65 1.0

    Hello, it's me again! This time around, I bring you the livery of the #65 LEON Racing car from the 2023 Super GT Season. The car competes in the GT300 class in the 2023 Super GT championship in Japan. The drivers of the car are Naoya Gamou and Takuro Shinohara. The skin is made for the RSS...
  19. perorocino

    WRT Sixt BMW M4 GT3 2.0

    Not a perfect Replica, but decided to share Update v2, changed hood logo, crowstrike and wrt logo in front grile, crowstrike logo back updated, some logos in the side just for design value. WRT SIXT #30 a few changes to accomodate number plates for ACC.
  20. morizottom

    Ford Performance GTWC Skins 1.0

    2 fictional 4K skins for the Ford Mustang 650s GT3 (#66 and #67) Hope you'll like It

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