1. DannyDotCom

    All Japan GT Championship Retro Throwback Concept | Nissan Z GT500/URD JT5 Shiro Z GT500 1.0

    I cannot believe I have to use a VPN to upload something on this site now. This was meant to be at most 15 seconds upload yesterday yet here I am one day later finally getting this one through. Real cool, RaceDepartment. You're getting worse since the name change. Inspired by @thejqka's...
  2. thejqka

    Pennzoil Nissan Nismo Z400 - Super GT500 - Concept - URD JT5 Shiro 2022 1.1

    Hello There! The bright yellow Pennzoil Nissan from the leate 90s is one of my favorite race cars of all time. So I had to bring it back into 2024. This concept is meant to fit in with the rest of the Super GT grid. The download includes the yellow race version of the livery, aswell as a all...
  3. Soul_EvolutionLG

    Nissan Z GT500 Sound Mod V1.0

    NISSAN Z GT500 SOUND After quite some time I am back with a new Sound Mod! This time for the Nissan Z GT500! This sound is made as an alternative Sound for the Shiro Z 2022 from UnitedRacingDesign! BUY ME A DRINK AND SUPPORT MY WORK! Enjoy! Installation: Drag and drop the Folder...
  4. enkay74

    2024 Nissan Super GT Marelli Impul Z (URD Shiro Z) 0.92

    Team Impul's car for the 2024 Super GT Season, RIP Calsonic sponsors and Calsonic blue! No suits and helmets yet as this is based from Nissan renders and pre-season testing photos... Get the car here:
  5. enkay74

    2023 Nissan Z Super GT GT500 Pack (URD Shiro Z) 1.2

    This is a 2023 skin pack for the newly released URD Shiro Z GT500 The pack includes the 4 teams that raced in the 2023 season. Skins are 4k and all come with drivers, helmets, suits, gloves and pit crews. Get the car here:
  6. enkay74

    Super GT 2023 Nismo Nissan Z 1.0

    Here is the third of my 2023 Super GT 2023 GT500 Nissan skins, the Motul Autech Z..... It comes with full crew and driver (Tsugio Matsuda) and is for the superb new mod by @TheNuvolari This livery is almost identical to the 2022 version with a couple of minor sponsor changes and the 2023...
  7. enkay74

    Super GT 2023 Team Impul Nissan Z 1.0

    Here is the second of my 2023 Super GT 2023 GT500 Nissan skins, the Marelli Impul Z..... It comes with full crew and driver (Kazuki Hiramine) and is for the superb new mod by @TheNuvolari For the Enkei RA044 rims you need to follow the instructions in the description of the youtube video...
  8. enkay74

    Super GT 2023 Kondo Racing Nissan Z 1.0

    Long time since I've shared any skins but here we go! This is the 2023 Super GT GT500 #24 Kondo Racing Nissan Z. It comes with full crew and driver (Kohei Hirate) and is for the superb new mod by @TheNuvolari Hope you like it as I think there could be a few more skins for this car to follow!
  9. lure_lovefishing

    MARELLI IMPUL Z skin for Nissan Z GT500 2022 1.0 Mod by TheNuvolari 1.0

    MARELLI IMPUL Z skin for Nissan Z GT500 2022 1.0 Mod by TheNuvolari 2023 season MARELLI IMPUL Z skin. The quality is not high so please use it to enjoy the atmosphere. Please manually install the unzipped file in the "steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\z_gt500_2022\skins\" folder...
  10. cyxapik

    XANAVI HIROTO GT-R '01 | Nissan Skyline GT-R GT500 '99 1.0

    I've been wanting to make this livery for a long time and finally got around to it. Now this livery is on a more authentic body. - - -
  11. TheNuvolari

    Cars Need help making physics/driver animation for my Z GT500 mod

    I'm about to finish my scratch-made Z GT500 except for the physics and driver animation + sound, I know it's possible to make driver animations in Blender but no matter what I do the end result is always like the driver has a broken arm with alien hand syndrome, so if anybody is up for the work...
  12. Neko Taisen

    Super GT & Asian LMS Hitotsuyama Racing Team Nova 2.0

    New livery for the RSS GT Adonis D9 V12 The Hitotsuyama Racing Team Nova DBR9 that ran during the 2009 season of Super GT (Only at Okayama and twice Fuji). The Asian Le Mans Series version is now available.
  13. Neko Taisen

    Taisen Performance's Honda NSX GT500 2008 Sound Mod 1.1

    *WARNING* I may accept sound comission with pleasure only if the sound asked for has enough good quality references, and due to the amount of work and energy needed for it, a little donation at the height of your capacity will be claimed. BUT, I'm not a magician. New sound mod for the Honda NSX...
  14. bruhh420

    Fictional 2021 Castrol Mugen NSX 1.0

    Fictional skin for URD's SNX JT5 based on the 2000 Honda Castrol Mugen NSX JGTC
  15. CaptainLykaios

    Peugeot 406 ST500 0.1

    A very early build of my Peugeot 406 ST500 Evo, a fictional series in which Regulations of JGTC, 500 bhp, rwd with decent aero machines meet with the BTCC Super Tourers to give a unique blend of racing, This is a rwd variant, with fwd needing way more testing in physics department to make the...
  16. Assetto Corsa GT500 mod by URD !

    Assetto Corsa GT500 mod by URD !

    I check out the awesome Super GT500 mod for Assetto Corsa by United Racing Design in this sim racing video.The mod for Assetto Corsa includes three cars base...
  17. Xavierthehobbit

    URD Shiro JT5 2021 - Pennzoil 1999 #1 1.0

    Well... after a long time and thanks to the help of friends. Finally! it's finished. The Nissan GTR pennzoil that raced in 1999 this skin is for the United racing design JT5 2021 car pack you can found it here .That many of us remember not only for the category in which he raced, but from the...
  18. AfersonPex

    Shelby GT500KR Skin Pack 1.0

    Package of 7 Shelby skins, including the Holy Roller and Yellow Universe skins. Fill the grid, send it. Thanks to PedroBLR for the car.
  19. AfersonPex

    Shelby GT500KR Skin Holy Roller 1.0

    "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And...
  20. bruhh420

    Fictional 2021 Castrol Tom's Supra 1.0

    Fictional skin for URD's Moyoda JT5 based on the classic 1999 JGTC Castrol Tom's Supra with a few modern details (mostly of the sponsorships decals to match their 2021 logos)

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