1. thomaswp2706

    [Blue Archive] Prefect Team Racing - Hinomiya Chinatsu (BMW M4 GT3) 1.0

    After being left out for a while, Chinatsu has accquired a new vehicle to bring her up to speed (figuratively and literally) with the rest of the Prefect Team Members. A BMW M4 GT3 Unlike the Average BMW driver, I am sure a good girl such as her will remember to use her indicators. Art Used...
  2. thomaswp2706

    [Blue Archive] Prefect Team Racing - Shiromi Iori (Audi R8 LMS Evo II) 1.0

    Looks like our favourite Chocolate Demon has acquired herself a new pursuit vehicle, An Audi R8 LMS Evo II. Though knowing her tendency to tunnel vision on rule-breakers, i wonder how many corners it will take until she inevitably stacks it into a wall Art Used: Door Art - Official Ingame Art...
  3. thomaswp2706

    [Blue Archive] Prefect Team Racing - Amau Ako (Porsche 992 GT3R) 2024-03-15

    After Seeing Hina Enjoy her Mercedes AMG GT3 she got for her Birthday. Ako decided she wanted in on the fun too. And Thus Somehow Acquired a Porsche 992 GT3R by ....Certain Means........ At Least Now the Beautiful Symphony of a Flat 6 and Copious Amounts of Transmission Whine will now drown out...
  4. thomaswp2706

    [Blue Archive] Prefect Team Racing - Sorasaki Hina (Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo) 2024-02-18

    Its Hina's Birthday Today so what do you give the Head Prefect as a Birthday Present? Why a Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo of Course Art Used: Door Art - Official Ingame Art Smol Hina - By ZEnoME Leon Livery Made in Photoshop
  5. adveeseii777

    kafka S15 skins assetto corsa by @adveeseii_ 2023-10-30

    This skin is based on the S15 GP-Sports Kyusai mod (free), including extra variations A, B, C. You can tag me on ig @adveeseii_ if you like.
  6. Kutarinkushi

    Rikuhachima Aru Pagani Huayra BC 2023-09-14

    Skin for Rikuhachima Aru
  7. W

    HK416 BMW M5 E34 1994 1.0.0

  8. Kutarinkushi

    Sunaookami Shiroko Toyota GR Supra A90 RZ-R | No Hesi Tuned 1

    Sunaookami Shiroko skin for the Toyota GR Supra A90 RZ-R | No Hesi Tuned Get the car in : No Hesi Discord Server Art source 1: Yostar Art source 2: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/28458531
  9. A

    Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Freyja Wion 1.0

    Remake of this livery by TurboAnime for Kunos Skyline GT-R. Includes rear plate replacement via CSP for correct sizes.
  10. kukuppp

    abarth500 assetto corse with Gertrud Barkhorn 2023-03-05

    hello.:D I created the skins for my personal taste. It is boring to look at it by myself, so I made it public.
  11. JeysonVillalobos

    Ford Escort RS Cosworth | Barbara Livery V1

    [ENG] Livery of Barbara from Genshin Impact Artists and Sources: -Hoyoverse (i get the drawings from the FanWiki's) -RallyWorld (Creator of the car) -Gr.Team (Editor/s of the car) - The car is from AssettoRallyDB website It contains 3 versions: -Barbara V1 (Without license plate) -Barbara V2...
  12. W

    Evangelion misato Fairlady Z432 1.0.0

    The car is from Aussie drift Co
  13. lumeris17

    Cytus Itasha Pack For Lamborghini Sesto Elemento 0.1

    Another Cytus Itasha is here! This time, I made five Itashas! So hard..AO map is all reversed..Very tired right now. Hope you enjoy my Itashas! Comments are always welcome!(Includes: Alice, Amiya, Hatsune Miku, Kaf, Kizuna AI.)
  14. lumeris17

    Cytus Neko Itasha for Honda CRX allmotor 0.1.79

    Famous Rhythm game Cytus is here! I like Neko most, so I made a Itasha using Neko! Neko is a game streamer from Node 03. Hope you enjoy my itashas! :) (Sorry for the empty hood. The hood is not body.dds files, so I can't put livery on it.) Spolier?: Neko's full name is shown in the...
  15. lumeris17

    Blue Archive Misono Mika Itasha For Nissan GT-R GT3 0.1.79

    Yup! Another Blue Archive Itashas! It's Misono Mika! Mika is a Trinity Tea party's member and has strong combat powers! (One of the most strongest student in Kivotos.) Hope you like my Itashas! :) You should have the Kunos Dream Pack 1 to apply this skin. .
  16. lumeris17

    Blue Archive Sorasaki Hina Itasha For Alfa Romeo SZ s1 0.1.79

    Blue Archive's Sorasaki Hina is here! Hina is a leader of Gehenna's Prefect Team. Blue Archive is a perfect game for anime-style game lovers! (I love it too!) You should skin the car Alfa Romeo SZ S1 Hope you enjoy my Itashas! :) (The windshield looks red from the inside, but it looks normal...
  17. Y

    FICTIONAL - Mixue Motorsport Itasha for Mercedes-Benz 190E EVO II 1.0

    The Mixue franchise is invading like a plague. It got everywhere, even to the most unlikely place like a racetrack! (lol) Joking aside, this is my first skin-making attempt in AC, hope you like it & pls be kind with me~ Prerequisite: This skin requires the Mercedes-Benz 190E EVO II from the...
  18. lumeris17

    Honkai 3rd Yae Sakura Itasha For Alpine A310 V6(3.5L) 0.1.79

    You should skin the Alpine A310 V6 Groupe V 3.5L Hoyoverse's Game HonKai 3rd's Yae Sakura is here! I tried hard to demonstrate the Sakura Livery and this is it! I hope you like this Itasha! Comments are always welcome! Thanks to @rnoir, who made this awesome beast! If you want to get this...
  19. lumeris17

    Sanrio Kuromi&My Melody Itasha For Mini Miglia 0.1.79

    It's been a while, and I came back! This time I made Cute Itashas using Kuromi and MyMelody from Sanrio! Huge thanks for car modder. Thanks to easy AO maps, I could make the itasha easily! A Bonus Skin will posted soon! Be ready to get it! You can get the car HERE. I hope you enjoy these...
  20. OmarRaffly

    WDTS Nissan Silvia S14 Mahiru Shiina 1.1

    I think i like doing this lot recently so i decided to make another skin based on S14 from WDTS carpacks: https://worlddrifttour.com/ This time the chara i use is Mahiru Shiina from The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten. Preview:

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