1. DrZepto

    Tsubakikawa Touge 1.0

    Thank you all for your continued support, I'm excited to announce the release of Tsubakikawa Touge! As well as, a short cinematic video to showcase the track! Tsubakikawa Touge is a semi-fictional 1.2km thin stretch of rural Japanese road, inspired by the real location in the Ogachi District...
  2. mk-sg

    Tokyo R246 AI + Sidelines + AI Hints + DRS Zone 1.0

    Hey everyone! Description Needless to say I miss the days of playing GT3 after school. Thanks, AC modders. :thumbsup: The original AI line was already pretty good, but I thought of dipping my hands into a fictive track this time around and there's nothing better than the Tokyo R246. So...
  3. Zeekoo

    Tanemachi Dam Touge (-種街 峠-) 1.0

    Tanemachi Dam is an iconic old touge spot for drift located in the Ishikawa prefecture. It was widely used until the 2000s. Here is a video reference where the place appears : Real locations ...
  4. DrZepto

    Motosu-michi Touge 1.0

    Thank you all for your continued support, I'm excited to announce the release of Motosu-michi Touge! As well as, a short cinematic video to showcase the track! Motosu-michi Touge is my longest track yet, measuring 5.0km! Inspired by the real location in Japan situated along Route 300...
  5. Akinastyle

    Sakurutoga line 1.0

    12 kilometers of pure toge somewhere in japan. Enjoy! Of course, this is an "April fool's joke".
  6. skyflightmusic

    90's Golden Drift Spot Project - Kanayama Tourist Road (金山観光道路) 1.0

    ※※REQUIRE LATE WORKING CSP AND PURE TO WORK PERFECTLY※※ ★This is comissioned by Ex GAYA FACTORY. Usually we don't make free version for commissions however GAYA FACTORY is kind enough to let us release for free for a brand new location in our map list. Thank you.★ KANAYAMA TOURIST ROAD...
  7. Langheck_917

    Team Samurai Hino Kitsuné (De Tomaso P70 WSC spec) 1.0

    The twin Kitsuné, a pair of Hino powered P70 prepared by Brock Racing Enterprises for the year's Japan Grand Prix. Hastily prepared while the Samurai project was delayed, the Kitsuné bridged Brock's contribution to Hino's Motorsports efforts from the rudimentary 1300 Contessa to the space-age...
  8. Langheck_917

    KPGC10 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R "Hakosuka" 1.1

    Forty liveries for the KPGC10 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R, spanning from 1971 through to 1973. These include factory prepared GT-Rs, as well as privateer entries. One of the notable achievements in this pack is the entire grid lineup of Skylines present at the 1972 Japan Grand Prix, which I believe...
  9. Pasta2000

    ACL Trans-Am Mercury Cougar - Citrus 250 1969 #16 (4K) 1.0

    The year is 1969. The first season of the revived Japan Stock Car series ended, and the one driver to have dominated the series, Seiichi Suzuki, is looking for a new challenge. He wanted to try out the original stock cars, out across the pacific. So, his respected racing driver friend Tiny Lund...
  10. lure_lovefishing

    MARELLI IMPUL Z skin for Nissan Z GT500 2022 1.0 Mod by TheNuvolari 1.0

    MARELLI IMPUL Z skin for Nissan Z GT500 2022 1.0 Mod by TheNuvolari 2023 season MARELLI IMPUL Z skin. The quality is not high so please use it to enjoy the atmosphere. Please manually install the unzipped file in the "steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\z_gt500_2022\skins\" folder...
  11. ShuntingStar

    BMW E30 JGTC GT300 1995 Team Wakos #71 1.0

    Legendary touring car from European challenges came to Japan for races as well. Here in we go with #71 Makiguchi Engineering ref: Skin: Path: Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries\Overrides\bmw_m3_e30_a Install: Copy paste image files is not enough. You should also work with text file...
  12. W

    McLaren Japanese GP Livery 1.0

    I decided to make a Japanese GP livery for my career mode. Hope you enjoy the variety!
  13. Med_Kzk_5686

    SUPER GT SUBARU BRZ R&D SPORT 2022 GT300 ver.1.3.1

    This is a vehicle that SUBARU participated in Super GT. The vehicle that participated in 2022 was used as a reference. This MOD is a personal production. Therefore, it is less complete than GT7.(Model reproducibility, behavior reproducibility) The skin is only the one in the image. Create your...


    After years of updating the mod for construction simulation usage, we finally launch the mod for everyone to get a taste of our unique track. The indoor pitlane could be the most iconic feature of our creation... It's also rare to see a traditional Japanese style garden right next to the...
  15. VN Design

    2023 Super GT R'Qs Motor Sports #22 | RSS GT-M Mercer V8 | Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 Evo | 4K 1.0

    Presenting the R'Qs Motor Sports #22 Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 EVO from the 2023 Super GT Series. It was driven by Hisashi Wada and Masaki Jyonai and is based on the latest round of the series. This skin features entirely scratch-made logos and stickers to replicate the variety of logos used by...
  16. Cosmo Marsh

    EA Sports WRC EA Sports™ WRC - stage maps

    Being the curious sort, I like to know exactly where it is I'm driving in rally games. Rallymaps is great for that, of course - if said roads have been used in actual rallies! Three of the five fictional rallies in EA Sports™ WRC (Mediterraneo, Pacifico, Scandia) as well as two of the licenced...
  17. The Incredible World Of The Japanese Arcade Racing Scene

    The Incredible World Of The Japanese Arcade Racing Scene

    Arcades have become a rare sight in Europe over the last few decades. Meanwhile, Japan is home to a thriving arcade racing scene – including enormous tournaments and a steady stream of new SEGA games. Join us for a dive into the Japanese arcade racing scene for SEGA week! Image credit: SEGA...
  18. Langheck_917

    Nissan Cherry E10 (lm_satsuma), 3 skin livery pack 1.0

    Included are three liveries representing the 1970 Nissan Factory works team, which campaigned the then new front wheel drive E10 Nissan Cherry "X-1". In charge of developing the race version was the "Special Vehicle Test Section No. 2" based at the Nissan Factory in Murayama. The motors...
  19. Geraint Thomas

    Super Formula 2022 1.00

    Super Formula 2022 Championship Drive as Naoki Yamamoto for TCS Nakajima Racing in the 2022 Super Formula Championship This is a custom championship built around a collection of skins and tracks, created by the extremely talented people in the Assetto Corsa modding community. This mod includes...
  20. nolpe132

    Red Bull Japan Livery (Fictional) 1.01

    White Red Bull has returned! I've always liked the 2021 Turkish GP Red Bull Livery a lot. I wanted to re-create it with the 2023 car. For now I've kept the sponsors the same. I'm planning on making a Honda focused version as well. Sadly I've had to do some workarounds with some sponsors to make...

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