1. simracingking

    Karting Las Americas 1.0

    This is an assetto corsa mod of the karting circuit of las americas located in Adeje, Tenerife. It was built by simracingking hope you like it and to support this and other content you can donate to paypal. Here are some pictures of the track
  2. MrNek

    KartCenter Sopot beta 1.0.2

    Hey, I've made this track in blender as my first track mod in AC. The laptimes in the sodi sr4/5 mod from piereligio are roughly the same as the ones irl. The track's surroundings are not recreated. Big thanks to piereligio for helping me. For the future I will work on the overall graphics of...
  3. ohyeah2389

    G&J Kartway 2024 v0.2

    G&J Kartway 2024 If the version number is less than v1.0, that means it's a WIP! This is the AC version, the KRP version is available here: https://www.overtake.gg/downloads/g-j-kartway-2024.70775/ Originally opened in 1958 as a dirt track, G&J Kartway is one of the US's oldest operational...
  4. alpadev

    Eurokart Valence 1.0

    Eurokart Valence, Châteauneuf-sur-Isère, France A fun to drive 700m long go-kart track. Drive it on your own, with your friends or against AI You can also drive it at night ! Recommended car mods for this track: Sodi RT10 (check out my profile) Sodi SR4/5 (paid mod, from Piereligio)...
  5. lebug64

    Tracks Pau-arnos Kart

    Is there modders who did or can do the track Pau-arnos karting on AC, and if yes can it upload it or send it ? Merci, Thank you Lebug
  6. dks444

    Racehall Aarhus 1.0

    Racehall Aarhus go-kart track, a replica of the popular track in Denmark. This track features realistic turns and straights, offering an authentic racing experience. Thanks to Søren for testdrive the track
  7. Rofeh Tattoo

    Karting Cardedeu Best AI 0.2

    I spent all afternoon trying to make a good AI line for this circuit, I hope you like it, I would still like to update certain things, but I think it works well. Drag the content folder to your local assetto corsa folder and that's it, enjoy Catalan karting! This circuit belongs to Jota Racer.
  8. Luis Barata

    Dubai Kartdrome 2021 1.1

    @ Luis Barata all copyrights reserved. https://www.reddit.com/r/Karting/comments/jnfhzd/dubai_kartdrome_5749_sec_lap_still_a_lotta_room/ features: -1 layout ; - 24 pit/grid credits: - original 3d model and edition by LuisB - revision shaders and ext_config by LuisB - AI, Maps by LuisB -...
  9. rmi_wood

    Arena 1.01

    features: 3 layouts Oval, Road-oval (20 pit/grid) and Kart (15 pit/grid) AI and cameras LightsFX, RainFX Working Digi-lights™ race flags credits: Original model by @Luis Barata , converted with permission by @rmi_wood 3d fixes/rework by @Luis Barata cameras by @shin956 beta testing by the...
  10. Bangio95

    REG Kart A0TK Formula K 2024-03-04

    Skin kz Formula k for you!
  11. I

    KF1 Kranji Kart Track Stripped (Asseto Corsa) 0.01

    super low budget kf1 kranji recreation for asseto corsa. the track is like super stripped. no pitlane. no walls. no scenery, no trees. its literally just track and curbs. this is a very early version which is why im making it free. the preview picture and track is not correct. when u load it its...
  12. C

    I Create the Track (Go Karts Mar Menor) San Javier, Murcia.

    I present to you the circuit I am currently working on, I hope to be able to share it soon so we can all race together
  13. RustyRussell84

    Pitstop Karting Narvskaya 0.91

    I've never been a proper kart racer or even a half decent one but I do love this place in my hometown very much. Also, looks like its gonna be a great fit for those low BHP Hachiroku drifts! Kei cars feel here at home too, but as if they grew up in to full sized vehicles There are two...
  14. mikeblueberry

    ACFL Go-Kart Skins v1.1

    I did some skins a while back for the wonderful ACFL kart and only now realised I hadn’t shared them. I modified the skin for Alain Prost as ACFL had Prost in the number 5 car, but as memory serves me (correct me if I’m wrong, and I’m sure you will) Nigel Mansell drove under the number 5 and...
  15. mikeblueberry

    Moscow Forza MIKS indoor track FIX v1.0

    Re-upload fix for indoor kart track "Forza MIKS" as my original post was removed for my incorrect listing. Here for you is the missing files for AC indoor kart track Forza MIKS. I have included a preview and track overlay for the menu selection screen with some info. Added search tags to help...
  16. mikeblueberry

    Sodi RT10 Rental Kart Skins v1.1

    Now we have some great indoor/outdoor kart tracks for AC I decided to do some colourful skins for the wonderful Sodi Kart from Alpadev. I merely recoloured the originals plus added a few more so all the karts are no longer the same generic look. Now when out on track you can visually see who is...
  17. Tincho_47

    Kartodromo Luis Pedro Serra (San Jose, Uruguay) 1.5

    Kartodromo Luis Pedro Serra from Uruguay. Some things to improve: Cameras IA Outline
  18. S

    TeamSport Karting Preston 0.53

    This is a virtual version of the real life Teamsport Preston Kart Track, an indoor multilevel kart track in Preston, United Kingdom. Adjusting time of day can affect the look and the performance of the track. Adjust to your liking. Cameras and AI can be temperamental due the the multilevel...
  19. lccst

    TeamSport Karting Liverpool 2.0

    The latest update (2.0) brings some MAJOR changes, i urge you please take a look at the Updates page! Join my patreon community for more info, insights and exclusive content! patreon.com/LCCSTMods With the sad news that TeamSport Liverpool is being re-designed at the start of 2024, I have...
  20. A

    Pit Stop Narvskaya (Kartodrome) 1.4

    Pit Stop - chain of kartodromes in Saint-Petersburg (Pit Stop Drive, Pit Stop Premium, Pit Stop Narvskaya). Pit Stop Narvskaya - open kartodrome close to metro station Narvskaya. Using for rental go-karting, championships and endurance kart racing Автор/Author: Alexander Конвертировал...

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