1. Miiiiiiiku

    Assetto Corsa Lexus LFA Sound MOD Sample 2 1.6

    Sample 1 version The interior of Sample 1 and Sample 2 is the same, only the exterior is different This is the Sample 2 version (softer) ext sound: int sound:
  2. enkay74

    2024 Vasser Sullivan IMSA skin pack 1.0

    Hi all, Here are 3x skins from the 2024 IMSA series of the Vasser Sullivan Lexus This pack includes pit crews, driver suits etc. and helmets for Ben Barnicoat, Frankie Montecalvo and Jack Hawksworth The skins are for the URD Rekus RC-F GT3 which you can get here...
  3. Sylana

    2021 GT300 Double pack | ARTA NSX GT3 & arto Ping An Lexus RC F GT3 | RSS GT-M 1.0

    This pack contains two GT300 liveries from season 2021: arto Ping An Team Thailand (Round 1-2) - Lexus RC F GT3 - driven by Sean Walkinshaw, Giuliano Alesi and Nattapong Horthongkum ARTA - Honda NSX GT3 - driven by Shinichi Takagi and Ren Sato Includes driver and crew skins For RSS GT-M Akuro...
  4. TheBlackF40

    Scuderia Artaria | ORC Liveries Release

    A little pack of the liveries used by the team I race for in our time in the (now defunct) ORC racing leagues. This pack contains Scuderia Artaria's North American F4 and North American Sportscar Championship liveries. In order to use this pack, you will need the RSS Akuro, Lux, and Formula 4 car.
  5. arche37

    Lexus ACC Skin Akkodis 2024-01-18

    Follow us on Instagram @livery37.digitaldesign
  6. T

    AKKODIS ASP with Lexus LMGT3 2024 Livery 2.0

    Hi, This is the Livery of AKKODIS ASP Team for the WEC season 2024 with the Lexus RC F LMGT3. Original livery design by GaazMaster. I will update the livery at season start (with WEC logo added I imagine) If you downloaded my Test Livery, this final one will come next to it in ACC. Enjoy ...
  7. W2F

    Lexus ROCKSTAR 1.0

    Livery in game: ENJOY!
  8. perorocino

    Lexus VLN Farnbacher Racing '16 #552 SPX Rss lux_v8 2024-01-13

    RC-F GT3, VLN action in the hands of Farnbacher Racing, and driven by the Farnbacher boys Dominik and Mario. The car would run in the SPX-class. Car: rss_gtm_lux_v8
  9. T

    AKKODIS ASP with Lexus LMGT3 Test "Livery" 1.0

    Hi, This is the "Livery" of AKKODIS ASP Team during theire tests with the Lexus RC F LMGT3. Livery is more than basic :) I plan to update it during test season. (livery evolutions will be keept in the achive)
  10. RichardPRi

    (FICTIONAL) Inging Motorsport - URD Rekus RC-F GT3 1.0

    My very first skin I've made in AC as a whole and a late comer to this amazing game. Anyway this has decals that came from GT Sport and was based on a design I made during my time playing it. Hope you like and being that this is my first skin, I am open to feedback, positive or constructive...
  11. BrianParker758

    Lexus LFA - Sound Mod 1.2

    Here it is !! My first Sound Mod ! I've wanted to make the best sounding mod for the legendary 2011 Lexus LFA, so I went ahead and made it !!! Took longer than expected, but the end result was AMAZING. FEATURES : 1. Symphonic Exterior and Interior Sound. 2. Real-life Idle sound Sound Source...
  12. Marco17_ok

    GT-M Lux V8 | Vasser Sullivan Racing Livery 1.2

    GT-M Lux V8 | Vasser Sullivan Racing Livery #14 livery based on the 2023 Daytona 24 Hours. Updated to match the new V2 version of the RSS GT-M Lux V8 It's been a while since I posted a skins here, so that's a little gift I wanted to give to you all :)
  13. obeyhung

    Lexus LFA Sound Mod 2.1

    This is my second sound mod. I hope you like it! IF you Like This Sound Don't Forget Rating For Me. - If you have any specific questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with regarding the sound mod, please let me know! Your feedback will improve my sound mod. After first sound...
  14. GeForce06

    Lexus ISF Racing Concept Gazoo Racing 1.0

    Today I share my Lexus ISF Racing Concept Gazoo Racing Really hope you like it :) Mod is done by F302 and can be found at GTPlanet.
  15. maranello78

    Lexus Raw Energy Drink 1.0

  16. WeateM5

    Lexus RCF GT3 | West livery 1.0

    A concept west skin inspired by the Mclaren F1 livery from back in the day, for the Lexus RCF GT3. Sorry it might not be perfect!
  17. thejqka

    TOYOTA F1 Pack - RSS Formula 2000 V10 1.0

    Hey guys! What if Toyota had competed in Formula 1 in the year 2000? I give you four different answers to that question with this livery-pack! :D Classic Red Brush Livery: The Iconic red on white livery Toyota ran in F1 for years. GT1 white on red: Inspired by the iconic GT1, basically a...
  18. MEDIIZA Designs

    2022 Vasser Sullivan Nr. 12 GTD skin V1.1

    Hello This one is an addition to the already uploaded nr 14 GTD Pro car. Vasser Sullivan is now complete for 2022! On Track And of course i have to thank @Svh again for doing the position lights config! I also added a driver... As always not 100% accurate but i have to say the helmet...
  19. MEDIIZA Designs

    2022 12h Sebring Special Vasser Sullivan Nr. 14 GTD Pro skin V1.2

    Hey Short one here... This is the 2022 Sebring version of my already uploaded Vasser Sullivan skin! Have fun :) On Track This skin is for the ELEMENT1999 ACC convertion!!! Again i have to thank @Svh for the position number config! Driver is btw also included! As always not 100%...
  20. hobie199

    Lexus RC F GT3 Gulf 1.0

    This is my first ever design i made from scratch. so there can be failes. but newer less I think it is doable. and its the only Gulf design to the lexus at the moment :-) the darker light blue i have been taken from the 1980s lemans cars . I have removed name tags for your info. Enjoy.

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