1. JawnKwan

    5 Lotus 40 Skins 1

    The original model was shared by Legion. Enjoy!
  2. JawnKwan

    21 Lotus Type 23C Skins 1

    The original model was shared by Legion. Enjoy! Note: some liberties taken
  3. Pasta2000

    Lotus 23 Le Mans - Le Mans 1962 #47/#48 1.0

    The Lotus 23 saw great success at it's debut race at the Nürburgring, and so, still riding high from all the publicity, team Lotus entered a modified Lotus 23 for the 24h of Le Mans that year. A sister car ran by privateers, with the same modifications, was also entered. Here's the story of how...
  4. Racer_Eevee

    Lotus Elite Skin Pack 1960 Le Mans (6 skins) 1.00

    All of the Lotus elites at Le Mans in 1960 Results of the cars in the race 31 - DNS (not ready) 41 - 2nd in class (14th overall) 42 - DNF (Clutch) 43 - DNF (Gearbox) 44 - 1st in class (13th overall) 62 - DNS (accident in practice) Car can be found here -...
  5. BlackFox510

    10# RainWater Harvesting Team Evora GTC 2024-04-04

    Apparently the Evora GTC it's an actual improvement of the Evora GT4 developed by the own Lotus, and I realize just yesterday. N°10 RainWater Imrpovement Team form the 2014 GT Cup Challenge GTA Class
  6. Aiden237

    2011 Kimi R30 Lotus Shakedown Test | Formula RSS 2010 1.0

    Picture this, It's 2011. Kimi has taken the last 2 seasons off and done about everything but F1. Now Lotus come calling and wants Kimi for 2012, however, he run everything but an F1 car. You find a loophole allowing him to have a shakedown day to get ready. Well here's the livery from that run...
  7. Haddock67

    Renault RE60 1985 Skins 01

    New Skins for the Lotus 98T Renault to transform it into a Renault RE60. New helmet and suit skins
  8. Haddock67

    Renault RE60 1985 Skins 01

    New Skins for the Lotus 98T Renault to transform it into a Renault RE60. New helmet and suit skins for Lotus and Renault drivers
  9. Santi007

    Lotus Racing (2010) My Team 1.0

    MOD FEATURES Standard package: Emblem Car (default and customizable) Driversuit and helmet You need to use Genesis skins or Division for the customizable car. Compatible with Semi Modular Mods except MyTeam Package Templates (words.erp) because my mod already fulfills that function. The...
  10. TotallyNotSkY

    Lotus Elan/ASA RB613 1966 Le Mans 2.0

    For filling up the 1966 Le Mans grid, a couple of cars were missing and i decided to use substitute cars in place of them. A good example would be of the ASA RB613, a lot of people don't know about this car. Due to that a model of it in Assetto Corsa doesn't exist, yet. In the meanwhile for...
  11. carmar

    WSC Legends Lotus 47, 12 cars skinpack, 2k+3k+4k v1.4

    All my skins for the WSC Legends, Lotus 47 in one package. If there are new skins and updates in the future, I will update this package. You need the WSC Legends 60´s mod from Bazza. - Britec Motorsports, No. 6, Spa Classic 2018, v1.0 - Team Palma, No. 35, Vila Real 1969, v1.0 - K&Z Racing...
  12. G

    [ABANDONWARE] RAF Charterhall alpha version bacon

    Charterhall Airfield is a historic racing circuit in the Scottish Borders and is one of the venues where Jim Clark started his racing career. Originally built as an airbase during World War One, racing ran here from the early 50s to 1964 when Ingliston outside Edinburgh Airport became the main...
  13. SennaHonda_1988

    Lotus Honda 99T - Season Liveries 1.0

    Lotus 99T - Liveries (only skins for the car) Contains : Brazilian GP Livery (Round 01) // #11 Nakajima, #12 Senna British GP Livery (Round 08) // #11 Nakajima, #12 Senna British GP Practise Livery (Round 08) // #11 Nakajima, #12 Senna Australian GP Livery (Round 16) // #11 Nakajima, #12 Senna...
  14. Mario_Manga

    Ford Racing-ING DIRECT 2.0

    A new skin for the Lotus Exos 125 Stage 1. ING and Ford created a new car for the F2, with Pepe Martí in the car's experience.
  15. D

    Cars Mod request Lotus Elan plus 2

    I haven't seen anything online about the lotus elan plus 2 apart from one 3d model selling for close to £100, I don't know how to make something of the sorts and so was wondering if anyone would be able to make a mod of this car? I also wanted to say I would love to see a europa race spec mod...
  16. Y

    Ypsilon Lotus Exige Scura s3 1.0

    My fictional colured skins for Lotus Exige Scura S3 car, author of car unknown. It is a nice gt4 car to drive
  17. K

    Lotus 109 2023-08-07

    Hi guys, Here again with another 1994 car made by @fongu this time it's the Lotus 109. https://fongugp4.blogspot.com/2022/05/gp4-1994-lotus-109-mugen-honda.html?m=0 The Lotus 109 was powered by a Honda 2A-5C from Mugen-Honda. The car was competitive in Belgium and Monza. At the end of the...
  18. Tecno_165

    RSS Formula 1986 - Camel Team Lotus Honda 1.1

    This is based on the Lotus 100T from 1988 and includes both the car of Piquet and Nakajima.
  19. Lotus 99T Senna (1987 F1) || ACC Custom Livery

    Lotus 99T Senna (1987 F1) || ACC Custom Livery

    Lotus has had many iconic liveries in the decades they competed in Formula 1. While the JPS might be the most recognizable, the yellow Camel livery (used fro...
  20. FelixR1991

    1987 Lotus 99T Huracan GT3 EVO2 1.0

    READ MORE IN THE FULL ARTICLE Follow me on Instagram | Youtube | Twitter You can find all my custom liveries here! Read more about ordering a commission here.

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