1. A

    Hey everyone! Does anybody have the GT cars for the SCC Prototype mod?

    Most links I find are for nogripracing wich is dead :/ Thanks in advance!
  2. Welche Website hat die Besten Assetto Corsa Mods?

    Welche Website hat die Besten Assetto Corsa Mods?

    Mods machen Assetto Corsa auch 2021 noch zu einer der besten Sims auf dem Markt. Doch in der Flut des Internets ist es manchmal schwierig genau die richtige Website zu finden...
  3. Sim Vansevenant

    Ford Focus RS WRC '01 - Season 2002 1.0

    This is a Ford Focus RS WRC '01 mod so that liveries can be added. The mod uses the Mitsubishi Spacestar R5 as a placeholder. What's does the mod consist of? Correct Ford Focus RS WRC textures Correct Ford Focus RS WRC engine sound Correct Ford Focus RS WRC physics >>>>> !!! IMPORTANT...
  4. S

    SOL time not the same as real time?

    Hello, I have the weather FX SOL mod running on my AC server however, I encountered some issues. I'm trying to create a 1 on 1 cycle for my practice server starting at 12am GMT+1. (irl time) When I set the time in CM to 12AM and load the config in the server it says its 5AM. so I started...
  5. AgentHeX 0007

    WRC 9 Mods 1.0 update 8

    Comes with a custom installer so you can select which mods you want to use. Different Mods can be selected at any time from a desktop shortcut. :thumbsup: I have been making mods here since 2013 with over 10,000 downloads. You can safely ignore any anti-virus warnings, its false, its the...
  6. G

    RBR 2020 Base Mod Download Link ?

    Hi guys :) ! I've become a real HUGE fan of RBR and its mods. Disadvantage: this gorgeous rally sim has spoiled me for its competitors like WRC and DiRT Rally; which both of them are in sleep mode most of the time on my hard drive. My (urgent) question is: Does someone of you - PLEASE ...
  7. Atrupelador

    Ferrari - A love story

    It's a video showcasing how powerful are the Assetto Corsa Community of modders and how beatiful a game from 2014 can still be:
  8. Project Cars 2 * Lamborghini Sian FKP37 [mod download]

    Project Cars 2 * Lamborghini Sian FKP37 [mod download]

    vor more info visit the yt video description
  9. Wacker2611

    (Rephrased) Entry Level Touring Cars?

    I know I've asked a similiar question before, but does anyone know if there's any more really back to basics, simple race cars on assetto corsa modding platforms? What I'm after is really similiar to the turismo nacional argentenian touring cars I already know are on RD. These are a ford focus...
  10. sonoftrollguy

    Do any of you know a lexus ls400 mod?

    I see some youtubers with lexus ls400 in assetto corsa.. but they don't provide a download link... its like they're trying to hide it from us.. I have a lexus ls400 steering wheel mounted onto my racing wheel so I want to try using the ls400 in assetto corsa.
  11. Wacker2611

    Cars Entry level race cars?

    Does anyone know if there are any more really simple, high quality race cars? What I mean by this is like basic commuters, saloons or hatchbacks with a little weight reduction, a roll cage and a racing dash. That means no aero, no higher horsepower and no different body panels. I'd prefer decent...

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