modular mod

  1. jonniedesigns

    Ferrari 2023 Livery Concept [MODULAR MODS] 1.0

    Ferrari 2023 Livery concept This mod contains a 2023 livery concept for Scuderia Ferrari NOTES Please contact me before using it on YouTube,Twitch, ... Install methods: Copy-Paste "F1 22" to your game files Modular Mods required
  2. G

    Alpine A521 (2021 Car) Modular Mods 1.0

    Alpine F1 Team 2021 Modular Mods - Modular Mods (Base Files) Mod Includes: Car Numbers
  3. S

    2024 Scuderia Maserati F1 Fantasy Livery [Modular Mod] PATCH 1.15 COMPATIBILITY 1.0

    In 2018, there was almost a partnership between Haas and Maserati. Similar to the partnership between Sauber and Alfa Romeo. So more of a marketing/branding partnership. With Audi joining Sauber, Ferrari loses one of their B teams. To compensate, Ferrari buys the Haas team. And make this team...
  4. S

    2023 Scuderia Ferrari Santander [Modular Mod] PATCH 1.15 COMPATIBILITY 1.1

    2022 Santander became the main sponsor of Ferrari. Similar to Oracle at RedBull. Does Santander have a long term sponsorship deal with Ferrari. That's why Santander will be more represented in the 2023 Ferrari livery. The livery is based on the 2016 to 2018 Ferrari livery. For the...
  5. S

    McLaren Porsche [Modular Mod] PATCH 1.15 COMPATIBILITY 1.6

    Description: Porsche will join Formula 1 in 2026. Actually, Porsche wanted to enter into a partnership with RedBull. But RedBull didn't want a third party partner holding 50% team shares. The partnership did not materialize. So Porsche looked for a new partner in Formula 1. And turned to an old...
  6. mkramer0820

    [Modular Mod] - Full Team Package Addon - Part 1 1.4

    important: you must have modular mod base files *****FIRST****) ****Install this first or the mod will not work***** As of 1.4 these use the base file assetgroup. Please do not use the old version with this...

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