2024 Scuderia Maserati F1 Fantasy Livery [Modular Mod] PATCH 1.15 COMPATIBILITY

2024 Scuderia Maserati F1 Fantasy Livery [Modular Mod] PATCH 1.15 COMPATIBILITY 1.0

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In 2018, there was almost a partnership between Haas and Maserati. Similar to the partnership between Sauber and Alfa Romeo. So more of a marketing/branding partnership.

With Audi joining Sauber, Ferrari loses one of their B teams. To compensate, Ferrari buys the Haas team. And make this team their junior team. A similar relationship as the Alpha Tauri Team to the RedBull Team. To allow their academy drivers a place in F1.

To strengthen the brand, Ferrari decided to rename the team to Scuderia Maserati F1.
Alfa Romeo has been out of F1 since Audi got involved.

This is a fantasy livery of what a Scuderia Maserati F1 Team, based on the Haas team, could look like.





For the installation with Modular Mod you need the Modular - Base File.

You can use this mod with your own mod. Only with credits please.

It's just the car livery.
It was actually only intended for personal use.

Just don't reuse it and upload it as ur own.


Modular Mod/Maian
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Nice livery but the Eni logo in the right side is backwards

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