1. AnotherFoxBoy23

    Leahkitties Itasha #44 1.0

    Hey guys, I'll share my second skin and this time is for the 2023 Nissan 400Z Formula Drift car by Forsberg Racing (you can find the mod in their store). This one is a itasha of a indie vtuber called Leahkitties. That's all. Please leave any reviews for feedback :)
  2. Raido R3E • Right-hand drive #22 NISSAN GT-R GT3 @ Red Bull Ring GP • Multiplayer

    Raido R3E • Right-hand drive #22 NISSAN GT-R GT3 @ Red Bull Ring GP • Multiplayer

    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600KF CPU @ 3.70GHzArbeitsspeicher: 16 GB RAM (15.94 GB RAM verwendbar)Aktuelle Auflösung: 1920 x 1080...
  3. Santi007

    Nissan Motorsports My Team 1.0

    MOD FEATURES Standard package: Emblem Car (default and customizable) Driversuit and helmet You need to use Genesis skins or Division for the customizable car. Compatible with Semi Modular Mods except MyTeam Package Templates (words.erp) because my mod already fulfills that function. The...
  4. perorocino

    Nissan Marelli Impul Z LMH (urd_scg007_lmh) #23 1.1

    Private Entry for the urd_scg007_lmh Nissan Project. The Shiro_2022 skin can be found here by @enkay74 Tyres by @MaxStdtDesigns Gloves by @Hoksu
  5. perorocino

    Nissan GT-R 392 LMH (urd_scg007_lmh) WEC 2024 #21-#22 1.0

    Little Project i made to add Nissan to the Wec Grid ussing the urd_scg007_lmh as a template making it the Nissan Gt-R 392 Lmh Thanks to @Grace Dylan for the name idea. Some things were removed and changed including the badge on the front - Removed. The VRC lithium skin can be found here by...
  6. Stalker22

    OIL Skin Pack For The Nissan R32 JTCC 1

    The OIL Skin Pack for the Nissan R32 JTCC. This pack features three unique liveries that bring a touch of nostalgia to your gaming experience. Here's what you'll get: 1. Number 3: Castrol RB A classic design that pays homage to the iconic Castrol RB branding. 2. Number 6: Repsol Inspired by...
  7. DannyDotCom

    All Japan GT Championship Retro Throwback Concept | Nissan Z GT500/URD JT5 Shiro Z GT500 1.0

    I cannot believe I have to use a VPN to upload something on this site now. This was meant to be at most 15 seconds upload yesterday yet here I am one day later finally getting this one through. Real cool, RaceDepartment. You're getting worse since the name change. Inspired by @thejqka's...
  8. thejqka

    Pennzoil Nissan Nismo Z400 - Super GT500 - Concept - URD JT5 Shiro 2022 1.1

    Hello There! The bright yellow Pennzoil Nissan from the leate 90s is one of my favorite race cars of all time. So I had to bring it back into 2024. This concept is meant to fit in with the rest of the Super GT grid. The download includes the yellow race version of the livery, aswell as a all...
  9. eurobeatoutlaw

    Two Tone (HR31 House Spec) 1

    Two Tone livery for Nissan Skyline HR31 House Spec. Includes TEAM LIDL dice. Special thanks to C1XTZ for TEAM LIDL dice & general support. ( compatible with ddm_nissan_skyline_hr31_house ///\\\ free to use on any hosted server that features this car. ) Screenshots
  10. Stalker22

    Aim Motorsports Skin Pack For The Nissan R32 JTCC 1

    The Nissan R32 JTCC Livery Skin Pack. This pack includes two rare liveries inspired by Aim Motorsports from Thailand, featuring the numbers 83 and 37. Aim Motorsports Collection: Two rare liveries that pay homage to Aim Motorsports from Thailand. Rare Finds: Limited edition liveries that add...
  11. Richard Lofthouse

    Cody Burcher Dunlop Series 2024 1.0

    I couldn't get the metallic look on the blue no matter how hard i tried. So best i could do with it... Might keep having a go at it later on.. Nissan V8 Supercars V8 Corsa mod needed
  12. Soul_EvolutionLG

    Nissan Z GT500 Sound Mod V1.0

    NISSAN Z GT500 SOUND After quite some time I am back with a new Sound Mod! This time for the Nissan Z GT500! This sound is made as an alternative Sound for the Shiro Z 2022 from UnitedRacingDesign! BUY ME A DRINK AND SUPPORT MY WORK! Enjoy! Installation: Drag and drop the Folder...
  13. enkay74

    2024 Nissan Super GT Marelli Impul Z (URD Shiro Z) 0.92

    Team Impul's car for the 2024 Super GT Season, RIP Calsonic sponsors and Calsonic blue! No suits and helmets yet as this is based from Nissan renders and pre-season testing photos... Get the car here:
  14. DD SimDesign

    BTCC 1997 | Team Dynamics | PM3DM Nissan Primera 1.0

    Presenting Matt Neal's Nissan Primera which was ran for rounds 6-12 of the 1997 BTCC season. The Mondeo that Neal ran for the first half of the 1997 season can be found here (click me!). Driver and crew suits, and driver helmet included. And with that, the 1997 BTCC season grid is...
  15. enkay74

    2023 Nissan Z Super GT GT500 Pack (URD Shiro Z) 1.2

    This is a 2023 skin pack for the newly released URD Shiro Z GT500 The pack includes the 4 teams that raced in the 2023 season. Skins are 4k and all come with drivers, helmets, suits, gloves and pit crews. Get the car here:
  16. 0n3

    Mona Lisa S15 1.0

    Donate : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instagram: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For other...
  17. Blue99.

    Nissan Fantasy Mod 1.0

    Alternative universe: Nissan annouce buyout of Sauber F1 Team. *This mod does not include driver & staff photo uniform changes.* This mod has replaced the livery, driver suits, staff shirts, HQ branding, team name and logo. Please do not re-upload this mod as your own, but do enjoy. Let me...
  18. Richard Lofthouse

    Thomas Maxwell & Cody Burcher Dunlop Series 2024 1.0

    Thomas Maxwell & Cody Burcher Dunlop Series 2024 Will try and have another go at these later
  19. Stalker22

    Calsonic Livery Skin Pack for the Nissan 300ZX JGTC 1

    Discover three sleek and stylish skins inspired by the iconic Calsonic racing team: Calsonic Black/Orange: A modern design with a touch of flair, featuring the number 8. Calsonic Kansei: Classic blue livery reminiscent of motorsport history, with the number 12 Calsonic Xanavi: Timeless colors...
  20. kopuustas

    Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 2018 1.0

    The LFM BoP favours this car on Paul Ricard, so I took it as an excuse to put together a Top Secret inspired livery for it. Inspired by the golden GT-300 Supra used by Smokey Nagata to reach 197 mph on a UK Highway.

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