1. Amatertu

    #86 Up Garage - RSS GT-M Akuro V6 Evo2 Livery 1.0

    Livery based on the Up Garage Honda NSX GT3, made for the RSS GT-M Akuro V6 Evo2. I wasn't really trying to recreate the paint job 100% so there are some inconsistencies, differences and added bits from the original. I think it still looks rather nice though. I also wasn't planning on...
  2. TheBlackF40

    Scuderia Artaria | ORC Liveries Release

    A little pack of the liveries used by the team I race for in our time in the (now defunct) ORC racing leagues. This pack contains Scuderia Artaria's North American F4 and North American Sportscar Championship liveries. In order to use this pack, you will need the RSS Akuro, Lux, and Formula 4 car.
  3. micchang_010

    Rice Shower NSXGT3 evo 2024-01-14

    This Honda NSX depicts Rice Shower from the Japanese video game and multimedia series "Uma Musume Pretty Derby".
  4. F

    RSS GTM Akuro V6 evo2 - 2023 IMSA #66 Gradient Racing v1.1 2024-01-13

    I think a few people was hoping someone would make this, well I was hoping too. Anyway here she is. Took a lot of time. Looks nice enough I think. Be aware - This livery is not 100% accurate upon saying that I am happy with how it looks. I've made this based off several images that I could...
  5. perorocino

    IMSA SRT Castrol (Custom Skin) RSS GT-M Akuro V6 Evo2 1.0

    Another Custom/Personal Skin this time for RSS GT-M Akuro V6 Evo2 using RSS template. Thanks to @MEDIIZA Designs for the tyre Pack.

    2023 Red Bull Nürburgring Tsunoda #22 I 8k Ver 1.5

    If you have any suggestions, please comment. I removed the LEDs and changed the material to create a more matte texture. Thanks for the great tire textures! MEDIIZA Designs Only compatible with RSS GT-M Akuro V6 Evo2...
  7. perorocino

    JT5 SNX 2021 Mobil 1 Nakajima Racing Tribute 1.01

    Skin for the JT5 SNX 2021 A tribute to the NSX Mobil 1
  8. bruhh420

    Fictional 2021 Castrol Mugen NSX 1.0

    Fictional skin for URD's SNX JT5 based on the 2000 Honda Castrol Mugen NSX JGTC
  9. kev95_official

    2003 24h Nürburgring Altschach Motorsport #70 1.0

    HONDA NSX 2003 24h Nürburgring Altschach Motorsport #70
  10. A

    Space shuttle inspired livery for Honda NSX 2023-07-22

    This livery is sort of minimalist one inspired on the Space shuttle. Hope you like it I'll put the link down here because I've made a mistake and i can't edit it now :cry: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18QD3aEiy5M1efyTXDIc25zoGLxWadF3P?usp=sharing
  11. Akrapovic

    MOTUL MUGEN NSX-GT - SuperGT 2017 #16 1.0

    I Always love SuperGT. And this is one of my favourite skins ever made. NSX Motul HONDA 2017 #16 I try to replicate skin 1:1 but from moddeling i need to change some specific position, but at the end, super happy with results! Always Love Endurance Racing!
  12. Noobiix007

    URD JT5 2021 SNX (NSX Real Racing Astemo #17) 1.1

    Here's my 2021 Astemo sponsored Real Racing Honda NSX SuperGT GT500 skin: Drivers are Belgian Bertrand Baguette and Japanese Kodai Yamagoshi.
  13. Frizbe

    URD JT5 2021 UI files 1

    Updated UI files for all 3 URD JT5 cars, using original manufacturer names. Just a quick one, unzip, drag folder into your main assettocorsa folder and overwrite.
  14. L

    [NSX GT3 Evo] Estemo Racing Team 0.2

    Fictional skin inspired by NSX GT3 Raybrig and other SuperGT Hondas
  15. AlbertGeorge

    Honda NSX GT3 Evo Spoon Sports skin 1.0

    Spoon Inc. is a company based in Tokyo, Japan, which primarily focuses on producing tuning parts for Hondas. They also used to operate a racing team in various series, like Super Taikyu. Their custom-built cars are most recognizable from the iconic blue and yellow livery. One of their most...
  16. F

    ACC "Cel Shade" Honda NSX 1.0

    A ACC skin inspired by Borderlands
  17. TheCameraGuy

    2009 Super GT #17 Keihin Honda NSX GT500 1.0

    Hey folks, here is one of my favourite skins for the previous-gen NSX GT500, the #17 Keihin driven by Toshihiro Kaneishi and Koudai Tsukakoshi in the 2009 season. Some elements are faithfully recreated including the reflective chrome effect on the lower half of the car. This skin is only for...
  18. FelixR1991

    Garage 90 Honda NSX GT3 Evo 1.0

    READ MORE IN THE FULL ARTICLE You can find all my custom liveries here!
  19. Dave Grant

    Honda NSX GT3 EVO - MOBIL ONE 1.0

    Honda NSX GT3 EVO - MOBIL ONE A fictional livery, inspired by Team Brawn & Jenson Button. "Brawn GP F1 Team" is a former British Formula 1 racing team. It emerged from the "Honda Racing F1 Team" on 3rd March 2009 and took part in the 2009 Formula 1 World Championship. Surprisingly, the team...
  20. Tarquin

    Michael Shank Racing NSX GT3 - 2017 IMSA WTSC 1.0

    Michael Shank Racing Acura two-car effort in the 2017 IMSA WeatherTech sportsCar Championship. The #86 car with black front fading through grey cross hatch to white, commemorating Acura’s 30th anniversary since its establishment in 1986. The #93 team car, representing 1993, the year Honda...

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