1. Sloterr

    Problem with a controller?

    Hello everyone this is my first post. I encountered strange controller issues when updating the custom shaders pack to the latest version. My controller functions perfectly on version 0.1.75, but when I update to any other version, it behaves strangely. It feels like I lose control of the car at...
  2. Rerorert

    How to reduce water splashes from wheels in Assetto Corsa?

    Is it possible to somehow reduce splashes from wheels during rain? I know that you can turn them off completely in particles fx, but I just want to reduce them so that the splashes don't block the view.
  3. M

    Tracks Custom Surfaces: The Car Falls From The Track When I Drive On Them

    Hello everyone, I need for help agian......I tried to make a racetrack in Blender for Assetto Corsa with custom surfaces (colored run off areas, gravel run off areas) and I converted for an in game test and this happened Here something wrong but I dont know what....... And this is an other...
  4. D

    Next Level Racing Platform V3 not parking?

    Hello, first of all sorry for my bad english, not my main language couples of days ago i noticed that my NLR Platform v3 is not parking, i can still move the seat in the left rear corner even tho the base has no power. never noticed this before. so far i can say, everything works as normal...
  5. Rerorert

    Problem with new CSP 0.2.3 preview 1

    On the Shutoko map, the Shibaura PA Traffic layout with the new CSP 0.2.3 preview 1 does not load. There are no errors, loading just freezes. Regular Shutoko layouts load fine. Also on other tracks with AI traffic everything is fine.
  6. Gigiboss

    Wheel FFB Gain problems - G29

    Am i the only one with this type of problems ? I wanted to see how it would feel with more FFB Gain, i usually play with 20% Gain. In the video the Gain is set at 128% but i have the same problems even at 50%. I use LUT and i did all the process. And in GHub the spring strenght its Off. Some...
  7. Rerorert

    Problem with sky horizon in Assetto Corsa

    The problem with the sky horizon is only on one of the tracks - Omega Hometown after updating CSP, Content Manager, Pure in Assetto Corsa. How to fix this error on the track.
  8. R

    F1 22 How to remove MyTeam Logo Polo & Pit Crew without using Blank Logo?

    How to remove the Polo & Pit Crew Logo without using Blank Logo?. I create my own team livery. But the problem is in Crew Polo and Pit Crew Suit. I can do this for the driver suit (with replacing Las Vegas Livery) But, did anyone know how to solve this ? I assume to use ERP and change some...
  9. B

    route visible on road

    FIXED can someone tell me how i can turn off this arrows/route on road? PHOTO:
  10. D

    No track lighting at all.

    When racing at night, I have no lights on track at all. Car lights work fine. tried multiple versions of CSP. Tried without SOL/PURE, tried with multiple versions of SOL/PURE. Tried completely fresh install of AC, and CSM, both without mods, and with mods. Result is always the same...
  11. M

    Any suggestions for the parts in my wheel wearing out?

    Video to better hear what the problem is: After setting up my Thrustmaster T150 yesterday after quite some time of not using it I heard a sound I never have. When I take sharp turns or there's some resistance going on in the wheel from force feedback, you can hear...
  12. Artemixs

    Need help for customisation

    Hello guys, how can i make steering wheel in my car like this?
  13. totolab

    Missing car parts when modding

    Hey guys ! I tried some modding, and now some car parts are invisible, like here with the steering wheel. All the textures of the cars are there so i don't understand. Do you know what is the problem ?
  14. totolab

    F1 22 Missing Car parts when modding

    Hey guys ! I tried some modding, and now some car parts are invisible, like here with the steering wheel. All the textures of the cars are there so i don't understand. Do you know what is the problem ?
  15. Rerorert

    User Championship error, not working in Content Manager

    When I try to create a user championship, I get an error - files with an error are attached. Anyone can help with this?
  16. T

    G27 Works on half degree of adjusted degree

    Hello, I have a Logitech G27 wheel and it have a strange problem. No matter what degree i set it works only half of it. For example setting it 900 degree in Logitech gaming software 5.1 and also setting it 900 degree on Assetto Corsa but it reaches limit after +/- 225 degree. I can continue to...
  17. L

    0xc00007b error

    Hello fellow sim racers! im having a problem where i can't run assetto corsa at 64 bits. and to make it work i have to force it to run at 32 bits, i've been wanting to use CSP and SOL for a long time but because of this i can't do it. Can someone help me fix it?
  18. L

    Please help - Time delta not shown anymore (in Sidekick/Deltabar)

    Hi guys :) I'm suddenly having a problem: Apps like Sidekick and also Deltabar do not show my delta to my best driven lap anymore. And this is only the case for the Nordschleife (so far, i tried 2-3 other tracks and there it works), on which I did many best times with many differnet cars in...

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