1. F_B

    Joe Crevier BMW M1 PROCAR 1981 IMSA skin 1.0

    So....this is my first published skin here. Please be gracious. :D The Joe Crevier BMW M1 PROCAR 1981 IMSA skin, raced by Al Unser Jr. and Jo Crevier in 1981. Probably not super exact everywhere but I'll hope it will work for you. HOW TO USE Please copy the bottom section into your...
  2. oschu

    BMW M1 Procar 1979 Dieter Quester 1.0

    BMW M1 Procar Series 1979 Skin Dieter Quester, Gösser Bier!
  3. oschu

    Bmw M1 Procar, Cassini, Stuck, Zolder 1979 1.0

    So i still create the liverys for 1979 BMW M1 Procar Series. 3rd one is the Cassini BMW, Driver Hans Joachim Stuck, Zolder. I dont know why but this skin is special. Stuck has another livery in the other races of the 79 Procar Series. Enjoy
  4. Madish

    Team Fina Bastos BMW - 1997 Spa 24H Winners for PM3DM BMW 320i (3K) 1.0 + 2K

    For the awesome PM3DM BMW 320i E36 I have created two additional Fina Bastos BMW skins. These represent the winning and its sister car from 1997 Spa 24 Hours race. #1 was driven by Didier de Radigues, Marc Duez and Eric Hélary who drove the car also in Belgian Pro Car Championship. They...
  5. wjmoosting

    BMW M1 Procar Sound Mod 2017-01-14

    I've gotten a few request from people on youtube to release my sound for the BMW M1 Procar, so I'm uploading it here. As the car mod isn't officially released, I can't link to it. Feel free to modify the GUIDs.txt file to get the sound working on the car you'd like to use. Be sure to link any...

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