1. fade_03

    RainFX for Malagoli's Interlagos Track 0.3

    Video Example #2 Requeriments: -SOL -Custom Shaders Patch Installation: -Copy The extension folder inside the track main folder[assettocorsa\content\tracks\interlagos] -Done :D Track Link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/q0z4qzsjls741zo/Interlagos_BETA_14-03-15.rar All credits to...
  2. Angus Martin

    News Column: Is Rain Making iRacing Safer?

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Article Column: Is Rain Making iRacing Safer?. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Column: Is Rain Making iRacing Safer?

    Column: Is Rain Making iRacing Safer?

    In this latest column, join me on my first foray into iRacing's new wet weather as I discover something rather strange. Based on my relatively limited experience, is iRacing now safer with rain? Share your experiences in the comments. Image credit: iRacing.com Around a month ago, iRacing...
  4. iRacing | WET TIRES ON DRY effect | IT's a NO!

    iRacing | WET TIRES ON DRY effect | IT's a NO!

    #iracinggameplay #iracingclips #simracingRecently had small debate on one of the social platforms and one guy came saying that the iRacing rain simulation wa...
  5. iRacing In The Rain Beginner Tips: How To Adapt

    iRacing In The Rain Beginner Tips: How To Adapt

    Wet weather is here and many are seemingly struggling to adapt. So here are some beginner’s top tips on how to improve in the rain on iRacing. Image credit: iRacing.com Earlier this week, iRacing finally released the much-anticipated new weather system, Tempest. Bringing wet weather driving to...
  6. Nuzzi

    All F1 Tyres for the Formula RSS 3 V6 (Wet Physics Included) 1.1

    This mod allows you to apply the F1 Pirelli Tyre compounds (S, M, H, I, W) to the Formula RSS 3 by Race Sim Studio. Install Instructions: 1) Add the Extension folder to the car's folder. 2) Unpack the data folder for the car using CM. 3) In the car's data folder, insert all the files from in...
  7. Nuzzi

    All F1 Tyres for VRC F1 2009 (Wet Physics Included) 1.2

    Tyres for the VRC Williams 2009 Car Note - I have taken a little bit of creative liberty with both the Super Soft & Hard tyres. This is so they can be distinguished from the other compounds when stationary. To Install: 1) Drag & Drop into content manager 2) Pack both standard and s1 version of...
  8. Rain In iRacing Delayed Until At Least March 2024

    Rain In iRacing Delayed Until At Least March 2024

    Recent speculations unexpectedly got thwarted, as rain in iRacing is delayed. This is according to Executive Producer Greg Hill, who took to the official forums for an update. Image credit: iRacing.com The November Dev Update claimed that the implementation of wet weather racing in iRacing was...
  9. VR: Automobilista 2 (Türkçe) - Mini Cooper Cup Yarışı - Interlagos (Brezilya)

    VR: Automobilista 2 (Türkçe) - Mini Cooper Cup Yarışı - Interlagos (Brezilya)

    Herkese selamlar! Yağmurlu hava ve türlü şanssızlıkların peşimizi bırakmadığı ama bir o kadar da heyecanlı ve yoğun bir Brezilya JCW Cup yarışına hoşgeldiniz...
  10. E

    Rain physics

    The latest updates of CSP and Pure makes it impossible for me to drive in the rain, or any kind of track wetness. (driving Formula cars, with full wet tires) This was entirely possible -- and highly enjoyable -- on v1.80p218 and Pure .180. I've already tried un-checking 'Use extended physics'...
  11. iRacing to Complete GTP Grid, First Rain Video Shown

    iRacing to Complete GTP Grid, First Rain Video Shown

    The top-level prototype roster in iRacing is set to expand again: While the racing sim already has the BMW M V8 Hybrid and the Cadillac V-Series.R on its virtual grids, two more vehicles will join them in competition. Meanwhile, Executive Producer Greg Hill has shown the first video insight into...
  12. Recreating Max Verstappen's Shootout Pole Lap | 2023 Belgian Grand Prix

    Recreating Max Verstappen's Shootout Pole Lap | 2023 Belgian Grand Prix

    Car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx4jfRdNf90&t=34strack extension: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/spa-formula-1-2022-grand-prix-add-ons-extensi...
  13. Racing in the Rain - Essential or Annoying?

    Racing in the Rain - Essential or Annoying?

    The Nürburgring 24 Hours are here, and one of the most exciting endurance events of the year also means potentially tricky conditions. The Eifel is notorious for its changing weather, so it is likely that there is going to be rain at some point. Inclement weather is usually a topic of debate...
  14. aliex85

    ONE ppfilter for SOL 1.0

    Hello this is my first PPfilter for Assetto Corsa! The idea behind this mod is to have ONE ppfilter for all. No fancy effects, no exagerate contrast or brightness. It's not a filter that claims to be realistic, it's a filter to play the game! I have tested this configuration for more than 100...
  15. Rain around the corner for iRacing?

    Rain around the corner for iRacing?

    While iRacing announced early in 2022 rain was being worked on, no ETA was given at the time, with the developer stating they wanted to "make sure it's right". But an accidental leak on their side during a maintenance period seems to indicate the feature's release is getting closer. While the...
  16. S

    PC2 Rain, Drying, Wet Weather Physics / Driving Implementation (PC1 & PC2)

    Can anyone tell me how the rain works in Project Cars 1 and 2 (and Automobilista 2 if you'd like as they all use an iteration of the Project Cars engine)? Is it physics based? In what ways? In what ways is it not physics based? Is every part of the track equally wet? Are there puddles? Are...
  17. Godzilla in the rain!

    Godzilla in the rain!

    A fun heavy rain run at Tsukuba Circuit ending on a high note :)
  18. L

    General How to get rain in assetto corsa?

    IM very new to assetto corsa modding. I have version 1.78 of CSP and from what I know I should have an option for rain in weather, yet I don't. can someone help a person relatively new with this?
  19. S

    Rain FX patch for Daikoku PA 1.0

    Extract the file here, not directly in extention otherwise you will have an extension fonder inside of an extention folder. Don't hesitate to tell me in the comments if a surface isn't added or if there's anything wrong, it's my first mod.
  20. Kerem Yurtseven

    Rain FX for Alto Tajo 2022-06-05

    Rain FX for Alto Tajo, copy-paste this folder to :\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\tajo Any problem? Feel free to write me on instagram.com/kyurtseven7 You can check my YouTube channel by clicking here.

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