red pack

  1. kudos_kudos

    Ferrari SF15-T Sound Mod 1.0

    This sound mod is for the Ferrari SF15-T from the Red Pack official Assetto Corsa DLC. Have fun with this sound mod! Preview*: (*the previewed car is currently not Kunos' car) installation: copy the content folder to "assettocorsa" folder. For content creators: If you are uploading a video...
  2. alekabul

    Physics reworked for the two Maserati 250F 2019-09-13

    When I saw this I thought "Waaait, what?!" Yes, you see it too. The physics on both Kunos cars runs ahead of the visuals. But that isn`t the reason for the horrendous yaw wobble. That is simply the consequence of miscommunication between the two teams - physics and graphics. The later worked...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Red Pack & Porsche Volume 2 DLC Released

    Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games have deployed the latest build of Assetto Corsa plus the Porsche Volume 2 and Red Pack DLC for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today, adding a number of new cars, a new circuit and an array of updates to the sim. With both Porsche Volume 2 and the 'Red Pack' DLC...
  4. BlackGoku

    Ferrari F138 Troll Sounds (Laugh Mod) 1.0

    Hello guys, my friend tried to make new epic F138 sounds to the Kunos Simulazioni car (Red Pack DLC) but we could see that it turned into epic troll sounds, and we had epic laugh with them xD. You have to install them here: C:\Program Files...
  5. mxxwxll

    2016 Arrows SF-15T [8K] 1.01

    Based off of the 1998 Arrows F1 car. Includes: -Skin -Helmet -Suit -Gloves Special thanks to formulaHEINE for the suit and gloves. Hope you like it!
  6. Phoenix77

    Red Bull Ring - Helicopter Cams 1.0

    Helicopter cameras for ks_red_bull_ring (GP Layout) 2 different cameras sets. Both the same apart from camera movement speed (As at the moment the spline camera movement speed is not linked to car speed) For now this is the best way I can think of doing this. If you can mix it up with the AI...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Ferrari 488 GT3 'Red Pack' preview

    Assetto Corsa developers Kunos Simulazioni have finally revealed the penultimate piece of content due to be released for the game as part of Thursday's upcoming 'Red Pack' DLC update. With the GT2/3's already proving to be one of the more popular, and densely populated, classes within the game...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Ferrari F138 'Red Pack' preview

    Kunos Simulazioni have today revealed the latest addition of the upcoming 'Red Pack' DLC, due to hit the digital shelves on Thursday 14th July. The legendary Ferrari F138 Grand Prix car that contested the 2013 Formula One World Championship season will make its virtual debut in the sim...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Maserati 250F 'Red Pack' DLC Preview

    Kunos Simulazioni have released teaser images of the venerable Maserati 250F Grand Prix due to be included in the upcoming 'Red Pack' DLC for Assetto Corsa. Hot on the heals of the recent Porsche licencing announcement, Kunos have revealed the latest DLC offering for Assetto Corsa will carry...

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