1. MildtDesign

    SAUBER PACKAGE TEMPLATES - Simplified ERPs [SERPs] | Use to release your own Sauber mods v1.0

    MAKE SURE TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE SERPs BASE FILES FIRST !!! Without the Base Files, these templates will NOT work This is not a stand alone mod. These are ERP file templates, which you can use to import your own custom Sauber mods. All without having to deal with multiple ERPs and...
  2. Feike007

    Alfa Romeo Sauber 1.1

    Alfa Romeo Sauber What if Alfa Romeo stayed with Sauber as a title partners but at a little lesser scale than before? This is my concept of how their 2024 livery could've looked, with the interpretation of some of their older sponsors from their early days as partners. What does this mod...
  3. nolpe132

    Audi Sauber F1 Team - Full Team Package (Sauber Replacement) 1.01

    What if Audi decided to join F1 early? This is my take on that fictional scenario. This is the full team package, so it includes everything possible that will turn Sauber from a green KICK to a nice red Audi Sauber! Perfect mod for those who don't like the current Sauber or just want to get...
  4. ManifoldWasHere

    2026 Audi Sport - Sauber replace 1.0

    Want an F1 mod made for you? Check out my Ko-Fi! 2026 Audi Sport - Sauber replace Mod Includes: Sauber replace livery (2024 FOM Chassis) Driversuits and Hat Driver Numbers 1, 5, 24, 27, 55, 64, 77 Follow me on Instagram...
  5. thejqka

    Sean Bull - BMW Sauber Petronas - Concept - RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 1.0

    Hey guys! Here I bring you Sean Bulls incredible 2023 BMW Sauber Concept! Officially converted from his own render files to race with in Assetto Corsa. The original concept: The driver numbers are Bottas and Zhous, meant as a team-replacement. The skins come with a fitting, fully...
  6. BrianParker758

    Mercedes-Benz C9 1989 LM - Sound Mod 1.3

    Hello guys ! I'm back with another sound mod, this time for a Kunos car. The legendary "Sauber C9" by Mercedes-Benz. The sound samples used for this are a mix of Real-Life and Project Cars 3 samples. I tried a lot to finesse both Exterior and Interior sounds properly. INSTALLATION : Download...
  7. K

    Sauber C13 1.0

    Hi guys, here again with another 1994 car this time created by Mckey415 and updated by Öggo for Grand Prix 4. Credits: Mckey415 for the original GP4 car Öggo for the update @jagec92882 for the 4k texture and testing the car @Petar Tasev for Ego pssg editor @fongu This mod is an enhancement to...
  8. JPereira Design

    Sauber 2024 Concept Livery 1.0

    Fourth livery of my series of concept liveries for 2024 and this time it's Sauber! Keeping the bare carbon fire with the neon green from Kick, I've decided to keep the pixelated theme of Kick's logo and create something that can be called the Minecraft car tbh xD Mod Features: Custom...
  9. L

    Stake F1 team Kick Sauber 2024 For VRC 2023 car 6

    Stake F1 Team Kick sauber 2024 livery for Formula Alpha VRC 2023 car. Enjoy!
  10. Eoin37

    Lindt Sauber (2017 Inspired) 1.01

    Sauber have decided to return to a blue, white and gold livery, reminiscent of their 2017 livery due to a new sponsorship with Lindt Chocolate. What does this mod include? - Livery - Race Suit, Gloves, Boots and Cap Installation: 1. Navigate to your F1 23 Folder (either in EA or...
  11. thejqka

    Sauber C44 - Stake/Kick F1 - Redesign - RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 1.2

    ADDED A VERSION WITH CORRECT STAKE LOGOS! Hey There! To me the new C44 livery is a big letdown from what coul have been. So I decided to give it a go myself. So I present to you my Redesign of the new Stake/Kick F1 Team, leaning more heavily into the attitude the team wanted to give of at...
  12. Feike007

    Porsche Sauber 1.0

    Porsche Sauber What if Volkswagen group decided to join F1 with Porsche? This is a concept livery of Porsche Sauber. This replaces Alfa Romeo. Porsche Sauber livery and suits: What does this mod include? - Porsche Sauber livery - Porsche Sauber suit, gloves and hat. Credits Please don't...
  13. adrian pozuelo ruiz

    Kick Sauber F1 Team | 2024 Concept 1.1

    This is my version of 2024 Kick Stake Sauber Romeo (or whatever they've call this team:roflmao:) rebranding and possible colour scheme. Just extract .rar content where "F1 23" folder is placed and replace all files named. Driver suits and maybe team package will be included in future updates.
  14. Feike007

    Stake F1 Team Concept 1.1

    | Stake F1 Team| With the news of Sauber becoming Stake F1 Team I made a quick concept of what it may look like. This mod replaces Alfa Romeo. | Credits| Please don't copy, reupload, modify or reproduce my mods without my permission. | How to Install? | Just drag the "F1 23" Folder into your...
  15. pizzagalli

    Mercedes-Benz C292 (Sauber) 1992. group c 3500cc. 2p

    Mercedes-Benz (Sauber) C292. year 1992. group c 3500cc. Car that has never raced, because Sauber is preparing the 1993 Formula 1. As I find that this C292 has a fantastic design, I decided to make it. This C292 car is unique. This is the first and only model on a simulator. I built the model...
  16. pizzagalli

    Sauber-Mercedes C9 1989 2p

    The magnificent C9 was missing in rfactor2, we had to react. Dominating car championship endurance 1989. Transformation from rf1 to rf2 of the mod -Groupc legends- by SvartDag, with permission. The mod is in the public domain according to him. It was necessary to do a lot of transformation to...
  17. ThySharkRider

    F1 Team Rename Mods 1.4

    Because of how F1 Manager handles changing the names of teams there can only be one file at a time making the changes. This means that there is an file for every possible combination. YOU MUST ONLY USE ONE AT A TIME! Includes renames to allow for every possible combination of the following team...
  18. ThySharkRider

    Sauber F1 Team Rename Mod 1.16 1.2

    Will not work in conjunction with any of my other Renames. Working on a fix now. If you want a specific combo rename, such as Sauber + Hugo Boss please let me know and will do ASAP. Simply renames Alfa Romeo to Sauber. Changes the english subtitles aswell as the emails. Doesn't change the...
  19. Kasap_F1

    Sauber C24 1.0

    Hello everyone, I decided to give community other mods that I've been working on in the past so this is one of them Sauber Petronas C24 This car was part of my collaboration with my brother @KrizalidBR working together on 2005 mods This car was Sauber's F1 car for 2005 season driven by...
  20. Elodeon


    Concept of the Sauber C44 after the depart of Alfa Romeo.

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