1. shadow118

    Honda CB750 Monster Crosskart 2019-12-28

    Monster livery for the Honda CB750 Crosskart. Besides the Monster color scheme I also added K&N suspension, Sparco belts, a red steering wheel and an 8-ball shiftknob
  2. shadow118

    Honda Acty Castrol 1.1

    Honda Acty Castrol Racing. Thanks to @Raymond Racing for telling me how to fix the tires. In the Showroom they're still gonna be mirrored on one side, but ingame it should be correct (You will need CSP for the tires to show correctly) If you're updating from 1.0, I suggest deleting the old...
  3. shadow118

    Ford Transit Rally Martini 2019-11-13

    Ford Transit Martini Rally livery Based on the Ford Transit WRT. To achieve a more authentic look, along with the white mirrors and headligts, I also added real-fake rims :D It's still just a 135 hp diesel Transit, but now it has the looks to take on Monte Carlo For the 2005 Ford Transit mod by...
  4. shadow118

    Bikernieki Winter Skin 1.01

    Winter skin for Bikernieki race track by martinsh
  5. shadow118

    Voisin C6 Laboratoire Hankook 1.0

    1923 Voisin C6 Laboratoire with a Hankook livery, because why not?
  6. shadow118

    Audi R8 LMS Ultra Darius 1.0

    Darius' livery from Need for Speed Carbon for the Audi R8 LMS Ultra. I made this livery for the R8 street version quite some time ago (it was one of my first AC liveries posted here), around the same time I also made this R8 LMS livery, but for some reason I never got to posting it, so it has...
  7. shadow118

    WTCR Golf Black Rose Racing 1.0

    Black Rose Racing livery for the WTCR Golf GTI. Driven by Tuomas Halonen in the BaTCC and BEC6H
  8. shadow118

    More Crew brands 1.1

    I made extra crew brands of popular car brands not included in the game, to add some more details when making skins for car mods. I tried keeping the vanilla look. There's both light and dark versions of these brands: Acura Alpha Tauri Alpine Aston Martin Bentley Bugatti Cadillac Caterham...
  9. shadow118

    BMW E36 Touring Vicha 1.0

    Someone finally has released a BMW E36 Touring mod for AC. A friend, who has an E36 Touring drift car, asked to make a livery of his car. I added a video below of the actual car
  10. shadow118

    Lada 2105 A2 Most Wanted 1.0

    I'm not really sure, what possessed me to make this, but I might as well share it :D
  11. shadow118

    McLaren 650S GT3 West 1.0

    McLaren 650S GT3 West, inspired from McLaren F1 GTR West livery.
  12. shadow118

    McLaren F1 GTR West 1.0

    McLaren F1 GTR West. I had a request to make this livery for the 650S GT3 and after I completed it I figured I might as well make it for the F1 GTR too. I didn't check if anyone's done this one before, this is my version of it
  13. shadow118

    Nyanborghini Purracan 1.0

    Deadmau5's "Nyanborghini Purracan", for the Lamborghini Huracan Performante. I started making this livery a while ago, but left it unfinished, because those pixealted stars were quite tedious. Today I finally powered through and got it done. The stars were the hardest part, as they are not...
  14. shadow118

    Mercedes-Benz 190E Hoonigan 1.0

    Hoonigan livery for the Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo2, in the style of Ken Block's Group A Ford Escort
  15. shadow118

    Lamborghini Miura SV Coca-Cola 1.0

    Fictional Coca-Cola liveries for the Lamborghini Miura SV.
  16. shadow118

    Lamborghini Miura Gulf 1.1

    Fictional Gulf liveries for the Lamborghini Miura SV.
  17. shadow118

    Alfa Romeo GTA Coca-Cola 1.0

    Fictional Coca-Cola livery for the Alfa Romeo GTA.
  18. shadow118

    Honest Assembly Team's E30 S55 1.0

    Honest Assembly Team's S55 swapped E30 M3 (or at least the livery of it). Both the Donut and The Smoking Tire had videos about this car recently, I thought it looked simple, but cool so I made it. I guess it would've been more accurate to make this livery for the street version of the E30, but I...
  19. shadow118

    Corvette VDC Evil Empire 1.0

    Sergei Kabargin's Evil Empire #49 Corvette, for the VDC Chevrolet Corvette C6 Mast V8 mod Some of the details are slightly diffrent from the original, since the mod is based on the ZR1, while the actual car is a C6, most noteably the Evil Empire logo in the rear, on the real car it's below...
  20. shadow118

    James Deane's Falken BMW E92 Eurofighter 1.0

    James Deane's Falken Eurofighter livery. Some of the logos are missing or misplaced because of how this mod is mapped. The fender flares and side skirts are mirrored so I didn't put any logos on them. The roof is also not skinnable, the real car has the falken stripes and a number 130 on the...

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