Windshield Wiper Volume Adjustment 1.0

    SFX Wiper volume adjustment. Custom Shaders Patch required - CSP
  2. TheRazorJDM

    VW VR5 Turbo Sound Mod V1.0

    New Sound Mod, mad isn't it? Today, I'm sharing my VW VR5 Mod with y'all! I had this sound done for ages now, but never actually thought about sharing it, until today. It sounds good both with and without turbo. Turbo uses a nice T51 Turbo style sound. Mod is made thanks to engine simulator by...
  3. cyxapik

    Volvo S40 BTCC '99 | Sound Mod 1.1

    My very first attempt in FMOD sound modding. Feedback will be appreciated!
  4. Soul_EvolutionLG

    Nissan Z GT500 Sound Mod V1.0

    NISSAN Z GT500 SOUND After quite some time I am back with a new Sound Mod! This time for the Nissan Z GT500! This sound is made as an alternative Sound for the Shiro Z 2022 from UnitedRacingDesign! BUY ME A DRINK AND SUPPORT MY WORK! Enjoy! Installation: Drag and drop the Folder...

    Honda Civic B16B Type R EK9 Sound Mod 1.0

    This my first Public Mod Release on Assetto Corsa Community Preview: The mod contains new Realistic Sound Effects as - New Skids - New Wind - ignition and cut off - New method of sampling loops using Video Game Audio Desing Know How ( the base samples came from NFS HEAT / FORZA HORIZON 5 /...
  6. manfer304

    Alpine A310 V6 Sound improvement 1.2

    Since the sound of the great Alpine A310 V6 from rnoir is far too loud for me, I made a few improvements to the sound. Instructions: The installation does not work via CM, it must be done out manually. Please simply copy the two unpacked files into the folder...
  7. S

    V10 Screaming Engine Sound Mod 2023-11-10

    NOT MY MOD altered version off f1 22 mod made by Balkan_Guy ALL CREDIT BELONGS TO Balkan_Guy Place it in: E:\EA Games\F1 23\audio\2023\bundles
  8. ruslan.corsa2

    Looking for sound modder!

    Friends! We are looking for those who can make high-quality car sounds. We need a pack of sounds for our project. Write to mail
  9. obeyhung

    Lexus LFA Sound Mod 2.1

    This is my second sound mod. I hope you like it! IF you Like This Sound Don't Forget Rating For Me. - If you have any specific questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with regarding the sound mod, please let me know! Your feedback will improve my sound mod. After first sound...
  10. Keselowski2

    Blown V8 Sound Mod 1.0

    Install Instructions: Extract "Sounds" folder into "GameData" folder Extract "Vehicles" folder content into your desired mod's main folder Using a text editor like Windows Notepad or Notepad++, open your desired VEH file and change "Sounds" line to Sounds=BlownV8.sfx LEGAL CREDITS: This image...
  11. RaceHork731

    KS Toyota Supra realistic sound mod 0.5

    This is my sound mod for the regular Kunos Supra, using a recording that sounds more close to a stock/stock-ish Supra irl compared to the stock Kunos sound that was used for it. Still WIP and refining it but here it is as it works for now :) To install just go to...

    AC_SFX 1.0

    How it works/Instructions in the .rtf file Hope you guys enjoy!
  13. M

    Any suggestions for the parts in my wheel wearing out?

    Video to better hear what the problem is: After setting up my Thrustmaster T150 yesterday after quite some time of not using it I heard a sound I never have. When I take sharp turns or there's some resistance going on in the wheel from force feedback, you can hear...
  14. Richard Lofthouse

    Ford V8 Supercar onboard sound sfx 1.2 1.2

    V8 Supercars Ford sound Focused on the onboard sound, hope its an improvement from first version 1.0 Install Unzip file and place files inside SFX folder assettocorsa\content\cars\supercars_ford_mustang Thanks
  15. G

    1jz-TD0625G-westgate sound v1.0

    buy me cup of coffee
  16. Richard Lofthouse

    V8 Supercars Ford Mustang new sound season 2022 1.0

    New sound recorded for the V8 Supercars Ford Mustang 2022 season car
  17. RV Sound


    Hi ! Here is the E36 M3 turbocharged that has been requested . I made a progressive BOV sound to make it as realistic as possible . (The BOV may change in future version if you don't like the BOV sound ) Since i don't have the time for now to make a video presentation of this version , there...
  18. PassiveObsessive

    Ford Mustang Mach 1 Sounds 1.0

    Some sounds intended ideally for a Ford Mustang Mach 1 V8. This can be used for any car you wish if you edit the files. This could also be used in GTL or RFactor if you know how to convert it. Sounds made from recordings:
  19. Soul_EvolutionLG

    Ford GTE Sound Mod V1.0

    Here is my Version of the sound for the URD detroit EGT/Ford GTE! Ingame: Real life: Onboard:
  20. Richard Lofthouse

    New Ford Mustang sound V8 Supercars

    Hi guys, just wanted to get some feedback on the new sound for the Ford Mustang V8 Supercars. What do you think? Below is the video i uploaded. Thanks Richard

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