1. Francisco Rua

    Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 - MATTE ed. ORANGE | HOTLAP CHALLENGE 2.0

    After 392 downloads in 7 days, I'm happy and proud so I created a challenge for you guys! From Sim Racing Series, this Paint is made exclusively for this event but hey, once you have it, its yours ;) Description of the event: "Hello SimDriver! Let's see if you really are serious and...
  2. Baron3105

    Mclaren 650s GT3 Garage 59 24hrs TOTAL SPA 2017 #188 1.0

    Hello, today i have for you skin from 24h of SPA 2017 My biggest thanks to: - Isaac Chavira for Blancpain GT series flag - mrleman for Blancpain GT Series Class Stickers Skin done in 2K and 4K If you want, add me on steam ;) Enjoy!
  3. M

    Max Verstappen Helmet 2017 SPA 1.4

    This is the new helmet from Max, the 2017 version for his home race in spa francorchamps, I've included some psd files so you can edit the hemet if you don't like it. Cheers
  4. nsss

    KS R8 LMS - I.S.R. Spa 24h '17 v1.0

    Liveries for Kunos Audi R8 LMS 2016 Last of the Spa 24h Audi's :) Sainteloc Racing #25, #26 - Spa 24h 2017 2k and 4k :) If you find some mistakes let me know.:)
  5. OzAndy

    Spa-Francorchamps 2017 Billboards 2017-08-25

    Extract into main Kunos spa folder, overwrite skins folder if asked OR make a new "Default" folder in Skins folder and extract individual .dds files into there. Very limited to what Kunos allows ... 2 editable ad files ... See if it is useful for your f1 experience ...
  6. DaBomb330

    Porsche 919 Hybrid (2016) @ Spa

  7. Baron3105

    Ombra Racing 24hrs TOTAL SPA 2017 #12 Final

    Heyy today i have for you skin Ombra Racing for Huracan GT3 from Total SPA 2017 I Hope you enjoy :) Big Thanks to: Blackbox1709 for find a lot sponsors Henky SA for front endrance lights and blancpain banner Skin in 4K Ombra Racing SPA 2017 If you want, add me on steam ;)...
  8. DaBomb330

    Ferrari SF15-T @ Spa

  9. ROBY F1

    Nissan GT-R GT3 @ Spa-Francorchamps

    Roby F1 Ita - qualifying lap online mode 2.16.490 - video hotlap on youtube/robyf1ita No Assists - Fuel rate 1x - Tyre wear 1x - damage on
  10. DaBomb330

    SCG 003 @ Spa-Francorchamps

  11. Matyeah

    Spa endurance 2

    This little mod adds a new layout for Kunos' Spa circuit. Start/finish line and the grid are moved to the gantry after La Source, and the pitlane is extended up to Eau Rouge to accomodate 120 cars. To use the pitlane fairly against AI, you should first go through F1 pits and then proceed to the...

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