1. killball3000

    kb3k__Lowpoly_Paradise 1.0

    Assetto Corsa is a game where the look of the environment doesn't REALLY matter but we all WANT it to look good. Being able to give the environment a realistic vibe can be challenging so I did the opposite. Today we dive into the world of Low-Poly in an attempt to figure out what a good track...
  2. DrZepto

    Motosu-michi Touge 1.0

    Thank you all for your continued support, I'm excited to announce the release of Motosu-michi Touge! As well as, a short cinematic video to showcase the track! Motosu-michi Touge is my longest track yet, measuring 5.0km! Inspired by the real location in Japan situated along Route 300...
  3. Tzenamo

    Mount Olympus v1.0

    Mount Olympus by: BV Tzenamo =================================================================== Introducing Mt Olympus for Assetto Corsa. It supports csp - grass fx and has rain config as well. Mount Olympus in northeast Greece, has been known as the home of Zeus and the major Greek gods since...
  4. beta_racing

    Assetto Corsa Pacenotes MEGAPACK (over 600 pacenotes files!) 1.0

    Hi guys, I'm presenting you my Assetto Corsa Pacenotes MEGAPACK which consists of over 600 pacenotes files of more than 500 rally stages, hillclimbs and/or touges in all of their possible variants (uphill, downhill, normal and reverse directions, different variations [like differences in...
  5. j05ty

    Mynydd Y Llew 0.153

    MYNYDD Y LLEW My second track made on blender, its a downhill track, with a narrow-ish road, inspired by touge and rally courses. Set somewhere in the valleys of South Wales. It is currently 11.8 KM/7.3 Miles long. As of right now I have not added the bumpy physical mesh so the road feels a...
  6. killball3000

    kb3k__Yoi_Jikan 1.11

    Yoi jikan is a fictional track that resembles a japanese mountain/valley road, featuring sharp winding turns throughout and a tunnel (testing the waters with making tunnels). This map has been in development for some time simply because I was having trouble learning to add reverb to the track...
  7. skyflightmusic

    90's Golden Drift Spot Project - Kanayama Tourist Road (金山観光道路) 1.0

    ※※REQUIRE LATE WORKING CSP AND PURE TO WORK PERFECTLY※※ ★This is comissioned by Ex GAYA FACTORY. Usually we don't make free version for commissions however GAYA FACTORY is kind enough to let us release for free for a brand new location in our map list. Thank you.★ KANAYAMA TOURIST ROAD...
  8. killball3000

    kb3k Yokomuki Mt 2.23

    Yokomuki Mt exists inside of a much larger megamap that I have been working on for the better part of 2 months. At the moment, There are some tracks that have seen alot of love and some there that are simply designed to fill space and it shows. Before I do a full release of the megamap, I want...
  9. killball3000

    kb3k__Kanako_Tower 1

    This was a one day/24 hour track build that I made to try to test myself. I am trying to pump out new maps and force myself to learn new things in the process and I urge you all to do the same. This map has lighting and grass extensions that work with the LightingFX and GrassFX settings in...
  10. Dangerously

    Reserve Creek Road 1

    Youtube showcase: This is my recreation of Reserve Creek Road, I used Blender and a lot of time to recreate it as accurately as I could with a few compromises. I have added track replay cameras for main and reverse layouts and supports grass.fx extension. Its a very fun road to push cars to...
  11. linez95

    TCL - TougeCircuit 1.0

    TCL Touge Circuit 1.0 RELEASE 1.0 Version update CSP required for certain features of the track! if the track crashes on loading, try updating your CSP version. features: 30 PITS CSP: Lights, Grass, Water, Trees Fixed some of the weird lighting issues TCL GAS STATION at the pits TRACK...
  12. M

    MidwestSteeze's Bear Creek 1.0

    Flows like a river, because it is one! This track was modeled after Bear Creek, located in SW Wisconsin. Enjoy its twists and turns as it makes its way to the Kickapoo River. Obligatory "this is my first attempt at making a track". I'll learn more as I make more, but PLEASE let me know if...
  13. Jimmy Arnold

    Arno 1

    This is my fantasy made drift circuit. It has the main layout and 2 little tight touge lines you can take for an alternative route. Join our Discord - Smashbox Sliderz -
  14. Sp00kz

    Street Drift livery for the MKS Nissan Silvia S15 Uras Type-5 1.0

    How to install: Extract the zip file and copy/cut the content folder to your assetto corsa root folder. If you like my work consider following me on IG: Link for the car:
  15. K2Q2

    CamTool for EK Nagao Real Downhill 1.0

    Nagao doesn't have any TV cameras built in for replays so I decided to make some using CamTool 2. To install, extract the contents of the .7z into the assettocorsa root folder and you should be all set. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa) Note: You need the CamTool 2...
  16. skyflightmusic

    90's Golden Drift Spot Project #11 - KOUMORI TOUGE (蝙蝠峠) 1.1

    ※※REQUIRE LATE CSP (1.79 OR ABOVE) AND PURE TO WORK PERFECTLY※※ ----------------------------------------------------------- ★This is comissioned by Nekobito. Usually we don't make free version for commissions however Nekobito is kind enough to let us make a free version for a brand new location...
  17. Exodus1491

    GT Highland Patreon Teaser Edition v1

    To all my lovely sim racers, touge-ers, drifters and friends. Here you go, public released GT Highland Patreon Teaser Edition which edited from the previous NDSD Round 5 Competition with updated more Y shape tree models are carefully placed by giving priority to 1st person POV and rainfx to add...
  18. PodcastPrimate

    Pod's : The Back 9 [ AiO Track ] 1.0

    [9 Maps] - Klutch Kickers - ADC - Brooklyn Park - CTorretto - Drift Playground - PJ Edulian - Limerock - OTM Ted Bundy - Driftland Aussie - ADC - Kalahari - Ctorretto - Touge Circuit - TCL + 2 Comp Tracks - Ctorretto/TCL - 50 Pits - CSP Teleport File Included w/ Map - ExtraFX, Lighting, Extended...
  19. racesim8730

    Honda Takasu PG Winding Road  本田 鷹栖プルーピンググラウンド ワインディングコース 1.1

    Hello!! Thank you for your interest!! Honada PG Takasu Winding Course for Assetto Crosa My First Making Track!! ホンダのテストコース 鷹栖プルーピンググラウンドを作成しました。  楽しく「がんさん」ごっこを 楽しでいただけたら嬉しいです。 NSX 走行動画 S2000走行動画 Honda's test course Takasu Pruping Ground was created.  I hope you enjoy playing "Gan-san"...
  20. V

    Camtool for Tsukuba Fruits Line (Freeroam) 1.0

    You need Camtool if you want to use this preset, get it here: Still a work in progress. Some transitions are a little choppy depending on if you're going up or downhill, so that's something that needs...

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