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  1. Pasta2000

    ACL Trans-Am Mercury Cougar - Citrus 250 1969 #16 (4K) 1.0

    The year is 1969. The first season of the revived Japan Stock Car series ended, and the one driver to have dominated the series, Seiichi Suzuki, is looking for a new challenge. He wanted to try out the original stock cars, out across the pacific. So, his respected racing driver friend Tiny Lund...
  2. M

    Bathurst International 2023 Track Skin 1.1

    For Assetto Corsa. Reboot Team version of Bathurst. This event occurred from November 10-12, and featured the following racing categories : - TCR - Trans Am - Touring Car Masters - Open Wheel - Porsche Sprint Challenge - V8 Touring Cars - Production Cars As this is a track skin, it has to...
  3. Pasta2000

    TCL Ford Mustang Historical Skinpack 1.1

    Happy new year! Now, I am aware that in my upload before this one, I said it'd be the last upload of the year. However, I am a chaotic creator and couldn't wait one more day with uploading this set. Here are 30 historical liveries for the TCL Mustang, which in theory should be compatible with...
  4. F

    VRC TA2 Mare - #24 Brad McAllister 2023-11-07

    Be aware - This livery is not 100% accurate. I've made this based off 2 images that I could find. I know the numbers are not the same and a few other things. Enjoy it! This is car #24 driven by Brad McAllister in the 2023 TA2 season in America. With the 2023 TA2 series in America closing at...
  5. deCarera

    Roush Racing Ford Mustang Cobra Trans-Am 1.01

    The All Sport Roush Racing #11 livery for 1997 , driven by Tommy Kendall, winner of 1997 SCCA Trans-AM series as requested by #RacingFans0129.
  6. DannyDotCom

    Evernham Motorsports | VRC ARC TA2 Dagger / Dodge Challenger Trans-Am 1.0

    So here I am once again making a livery to stuffs that I won't drive again just to satiate my lust for old NASCAR paint schemes. Presenting a livery pack of Evernham Motorsports for the Dodge Challenger Trans-Am, with three paint schemes inside include : #9 Kasey Kahne #19 Jeremy Mayfield...
  7. Pasta2000

    Alfa Romeo GTA - Daytona 24h 1968 (2 Liveries/4K) 1.1

    Hello, I am addicted to 60s touring cars as of late, so here's a pretty pair of Alfa's from the Trans-Am class of the Daytona 24h 1968. #24 finished 20th overall, #25 did not finish the race. I would like to post real images but Oops, file size is too large? Here's 24 though. MTC.
  8. PassiveObsessive

    Pontiac Trans Am Sounds 1.0

    Some sounds intended ideally for a Pontiac V8, such as a Trans Am. This can be used for any car you wish if you edit the files. This could also be used in GTL or RFactor if you know how to convert it. Sounds made from recordings:
  9. Sylana

    Triple8 Red Bull Ampol #88 and #97 VRC ARC TA2 Chevrette 1.1

    Based on Red Bull Ampol Camaro ZL1 at Supercars 2023. Made for VRC ARC TA2 Chevrette, driven by Broc Feeney and Shane van Gisbergen Installation: There are two folders, compressed and uncompressed. Please pick only one of those and then just drag it into the AC root folder. Thanks to: @Richard...
  10. GTR Revival: Straight4 Studios Needs Your Help

    GTR Revival: Straight4 Studios Needs Your Help

    In the middle of developing its new game, GTR Revival, Straight4 Studios is looking for help as it determines the game's key focus. The team is seemingly looking at recreating one epic moment in motorsport history, but can't decide between four options. Now's your chance to shape a simulator...
  11. Alguecool

    Skinpack - TA Legends 1.0

    Hello, me again. I did a few skins for some of the cars in the Trans-Am legends pack from the AC legends crew (Bazza, Drdoomslab and Legion I presume). Some poor cars only came with 2 skins, so now there is a bit more possibilities Each skin has his own driver, team and number...
  12. Kruzogenes

    Sunoco Team Penske Camaro GT4R 1.0

    A livery inspired by the Penske/Mark Donehue Camaros which raced in TransAM in the late 60s, its a bit of a mix of different versions of the actual TransAM car updated for the modern Camaro GT4R. Far from perfect, but it seemed criminal that nobody had brought this classic design to ACC yet.
  13. GreenMachine13

    ACL #42 Challenger and #777 Dart (Marty Robbins, Fictive) 1.0

    By request of Grayman22, here are two paint schemes that any vintage NASCAR fan will instantly recognize. Yes, the Big Iron has hit the track. Marty Robbins ran 36 NASCAR events through the years, scoring a best of 5th in 1974 at Michigan. But what if he decided to also run in the Trans-Am...
  14. GreenMachine13

    ACL Trans-Am Skins Mega-Pack (1969-1972) 1.0

    Here it is: The Trans-Am Skin Mega-Pack! Inside you'll find 115 skins for the ACL Trans-Am Mod, covering the 1969-1972 Trans-Am seasons. 94 of these skins are my originals, while the rest are from the ACL T/A mod itself (these were made by SBH, Ned, and Highbank). I have repackaged them here...
  15. GreenMachine13

    ACL #1 and #2 Roy Woods Racing '70 Javelin 2-Pack (1972 TA) 1.0

    These both are number and logo adjustments of skins that come with the ACL TA mod. George Follmer raced the #1 for Roy Woods in 1972, taking the drivers championship by a wide margin, winning 4 of 7 events. Roy Woods drove the #2 car, and he won at Bryar, as both he and Follmer drove the #2...
  16. GreenMachine13

    ACL #63 Bill Collins '70 Javelin (1972 TA) 1.0

    Here's the #63 Javelin Bill Collins ran in 6 of the 7 O2L Trans-Am events that season. He finished well in most races, including a 2nd place at Sanair. I love this paint scheme, but wow was it tricky to make work here. Took me much longer than I'd like, but it turned out alright. Enjoy!
  17. GreenMachine13

    ACL #6 Mark Donohue '70 Javelin (1971 TA) 1.0

    This is a number and logo adjustment of the livery that comes with the ACL TA mod. Here is the Penske Racing Javelin that Mark Donohue drove to the 1971 Trans-Am championship. Donohue won 7 races. Enjoy!
  18. GreenMachine13

    ACL #55 Ted Roberts Fyr-Fyter '69 Javelin (1970 TA) 1.0

    The #55's appearance changed for 1970 to reflect new sponsorship from Fyr-Fyter. It seems like Roberts couldn't catch a break, as a sour engine was his most common race result. He did manage a 7th place finish at Bridgehampton. Enjoy!
  19. GreenMachine13

    ACL #6 and #9 Penske '69 Javelin 2-Pack (1970 TA) 1.0

    Here are Penske Racing's Sunoco Javelins from the 1970 Trans-Am season. Mark Donohue and Peter Revson drove these machines throughout 1970, with Donohue winning 3 races and Revson notching solid results. Still, it was not enough to defeat the consistent might of the Bud Moore Fords. Enjoy!
  20. GreenMachine13

    ACL #55 Ted Roberts '69 Javelin (1969 TA) 1.0

    Here is Ted Roberts' #55 Javelin as it appeared in the 1969 Trans-Am season. He had an unfortunate number of DNFs that season, but scored best finishes of 6th at Donnybrooke and Bridgehampton. Enjoy!

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