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  1. Adrien Vowles

    Cool Racing - ELMS 2024 V 1.2

    Cool Racing - ELMS 2024 This is the “reveal skin”, so expect it to be updated at the start of the ELMS season. You can get the car here : URD Loire 07 2021 You will need ACSPRH V1 if u want the helmet to work; Since the season hasn't started, these are not the 2024 helmets. I will add the...
  2. Adrien Vowles

    Nielsen Racing - ALMS 2024 1.0

    Nielsen Racing - ALMS 2024 This is the Nielsen Racing LMP2's of the 2024 season of ALMS. It was supposed to be the ELMS skins too but from what i heard and saw, they're changing their livery for ELMS... (am already workin on it) You can get the car here : URD Loire 07 2021 You will need...
  3. skierdude24

    2024 Richard Mille AF Corse LMP2 #88 IMSA | URD Loire 07 1.0

    Filling out more of the 2024 LMP2 field, this time with the #88 Richard Mille AF Corse Oreca. Just barely made it before the 12 hours of Sebring, haha. Big thanks to: zerobandwidth for the IMSA number plates. @MaxStdtDesigns for the assorted IMSA logos from his pack. Mike Drotleff for rim...
  4. morizottom

    Montreal IMSA 2024 skin 1.0

    Hey Guys ! As a huge IMSA fan, i was thinking about a place IMSA should Race, and I think this track would be perfect I decided to create an IMSA skin for canada_2021 with all updates included (tracklink in description) Hope you 'll like It Thanks and have fun
  5. skierdude24

    2024 Tower Motorsports LMP2 #8 | URD Loire 07 1.2.1

    The 2024 edition of the #8 Tower Motorsports Oreca, as run at the 2024 Daytona 24. Finishing 5th in class and 13th overall. Was unable to place the Daytona 24 logo due to the WEC light cutouts, but everything else matches up with the Daytona race. Again I'd like to thank: zerobandwidth...
  6. perorocino

    AO RACING ELMS/ALMS 2024 SPIKE LMP2 Dragon #99 LOIRE 07 (possible entries) 1.0

    I don't think they will run with spike in ELMS since they Run with TF sport and the car will be black and green and the ALMS entry is sponsored by Orleen so i don't think they will run this skin nevertheless Here they are ELMS and ALMS versions of the AO Racing Spike Separated from the Real Imsa...
  7. perorocino

    AO RACING Rolex Daytona 24H IMSA 2024 SPIKE LMP2 Dragon #99 LOIRE 07 2.0 FINAL

    RAWR My friends after 2 weeks its made =) AO RACING SPIKE IMSA #99 for the URD LOIRE 07 2021 Its not perfect but my daughter was killing me to see car in game so here it is =) ELMS and ALMS versions HERE If you have any ideias need a skin or just want to chat add me on DISCORD ...
  8. perorocino

    Anyone want to help and collab on this? AC Loire 07 Spike Ao Racing

    Im having some problems and time is short to work, so anyone want to colab on this skin? Here is my progres so far
  9. skierdude24

    2024 MDK by High Class Racing LMP2 #20 IMSA 1.2

    Preseason: Daytona 24: Kicking off the 2024 IMSA LMP2 grid with the MDK by High Class Racing #20 Motul entry. I tried my best to recreate the livery with the few reference renders released be fore the season. The 3d models are slightly off so I had to take some liberties for what worked...
  10. S

    URD Loire 07 Racing Team Nederland Concept 1.0

    This skin is made for the URD Loire 07 2021
  11. KimJohnHuhn

    2023 IMSA Rolex 24H | Proton Competition LMP2 #55 | URD LOIRE 07 1.0

    Proton Competitions Oreca 07 from the 2023 Daytona 24H Race, driven by Gianmaria Bruni, James Allen, Fred Poordad and Francesco Pizzi. Not 100% accurate, as there are from about 90% of the sponsor on the car no Logos available, so i had to make them myself from only a few high quality pictures...
  12. Itzdatmancam

    2019 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona - #81 Dragonspeed Racing 0.1

    Bringing another oreca 07 Livery, This time its the Dragonspeed Racing Oreca that raced in the 2019 24 Hours of Daytona. While this car started 12th, it ended with a DNF just before the final red flag. This car was driven by James Allen, Ben Hanley, Nicolas Lapierre, and Henrik Hedman...
  13. skierdude24

    2023 Tower Motorsports LMP2 #8 | URD Loire 07 2.0

    Hello again! I'm back with the #8 Tower Motorsports Daytona 24hr livery. Thanks to joeki2000 for the recommendation! Also comes with the Petit Le Mans Acumatica Livery! Again I'd like to thank: zerobandwidth for the IMSA number plates. sagatron918 for the IMSA Technical windshield...
  14. skierdude24

    2023 High Class Racing LMP2 #20 IMSA | URD Loire 07 1.2

    Hey guys! I'm branching out with my first non-Indycar livery. After seeing this car at Road America earlier this year and seeing this skin hadn't been done yet, I jumped on it. I did my bet to recreate how it raced at Road America. Hope you guys enjoy! Thanks to the following users...
  15. literallyaria

    [Fictional] URD Loire 7 - Euro Rand 2 4k 0.2

    Because I am in need for some grid fillers, i decided to create a sister car for my previous skin
  16. literallyaria

    [Fictional] URD Loire 7 - Euro Rand 4k 0.5

    A little bit inspired by @Mathonner 's liveries
  17. Mathonner

    URD Loire 07 (Oreca 07) fictional skinpack by Mathias 1.0

    Hello all, I present to you another of my skinpacks, and this one is for the Oreca 07 made by URD. It contains 10 completely originals skins. All of them have completely fictional specifics drivers. They can be good for grid fillers, other than that, Enjoy !
  18. Itzdatmancam

    2023 Rolex 24 at Daytona #51 Rick Ware Racing 0.1

    Commissioned by rome on patreon Livery created for the URD Loire 07 Thought about doing this livery but never got to it until it was commissioned RWR's 2nd appearance at the Rolex 24 Driven by Eric Lux, Devlin DeFrancesco, Austin Cindric, and Pietro Fittipaldi Started and Finished 6th in LMP2...
  19. Akrapovic

    TDS Racing - WEC - Le Mans 2023 1.1

    This is TDS - LE MANS - WEC 2023 skins for LMP2 Class. The Skin come from the presentation of the car on the web. When there are the 24h 2023 Banner + some change, i will fix the skin. Car Loire07_21 from URD Thankyou very much for MEDIIZA who as made this fantastic Screenshots Inside you will...
  20. MEDIIZA Designs

    2022 PR1 Mathiasen Motorsports LMP2 #52 IMSA I 4k V.1

    Another 2022 IMSA skin. More to follow... Had to fix some stuff on this one bevor release. Have fun! On Track Unfortunatly there will be no Light up numberplate for this one, because its not possible to do so with that number position on the car model. Hope you guys like the skin and have...

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