1. FurryestXYTDJ

    ♦️Mazda LM55 VGT 56 & 57 Liveries♦️ 1.0.0

    - Here is the 57 Car - And the 56 Car - Both come with Custom Driver Skins and Pit-crew & Team Skins -
  2. FurryestXYTDJ

    ♦️Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo: Racing Skin (499P Based)♦️ 1.0

    A skin for the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo Mod... that i don't know if its Paid or not... some friend just sended it to me cause im a tiffosi i meaaaan its a literal port from GT7, it would be a Copyright Violation to take money for this.... i think... I don't know... dont take my word as the...
  3. Ferrari VGT9 officially unveiled

    Ferrari VGT9 officially unveiled

    After a bit of teasing this week, the new Ferrari VGT9, specifically imagined for Gran Turismo, was officially uncovered at the Gran Turismo World Series finals at Monaco. The car is inspired by the 499P race car that will take part in the famous 24h of Le Mans, but without being restricted by...
  4. Gran Turismo 7 | Ferrari Vision GT Car Coming

    Gran Turismo 7 | Ferrari Vision GT Car Coming

    Just a day after Yamauchi San's usual monthly update teaser on Twitter, Gran Turismo released a trailer video on their youtube channel to announce the upcoming reveal of a Ferrari Vision GT car, planned to be revealed this sunday, the 27th of November, during the GTWS World Finals livestream...
  5. Gran Turismo 7 | Porsche Reveals New VGT Car

    Gran Turismo 7 | Porsche Reveals New VGT Car

    On their youtube channel community page, Porsche released images of a new version of their Vision Gran Turismo car. While the styling of the previous one remains, the new declination loses its roof and closes the cockpit to leave only an opening for the driver. A simple trick that suddenly...

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