Gran Turismo 7 | Porsche Reveals New VGT Car

On their youtube channel community page, Porsche released images of a new version of their Vision Gran Turismo car.

While the styling of the previous one remains, the new declination loses its roof and closes the cockpit to leave only an opening for the driver. A simple trick that suddenly makes the car very reminiscent of the classic 550 Spyder race car. The car will most likely keep similar specs as well, with an all wheel drive and all electric powertrain of 820kW (950kW with overboost).

The announcement also reveals the date of the next GT7 update, as the car is said to be included in the game on September 29th. Following the usual update schedule, we should see a teaser picture posted by Kazunori Yamauchi on Twitter before the end of the week with 2 additional car silhouettes.

What additional features and content the update will bring is unknown at this point, but hints indicate high chances of a new track being included again.
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When I think of the next Forza and its hundreds of cars, it promises hundreds of articles.

Joking aside, who owns a porch here? if so, considering the ridiculous size of the trunk, do you really go on holiday with it? lol
Good looking car and I hope Forza Motorsport Reboot will also have more concept cars too.

Edit: There are no Nintendo Switch circuit-based racing games that can reach the realism of Simcades (F1 22, Gran Turismo 7 & Forza Motorsport Reboot) and Sim Racing (iRacing, rFactor 2 Assetto Corsa Competizione & Automobilista 2) in terms of handling, unfortunately.
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Is it just me that hates these fake cars? Too much for the "real" driving simulator, I think...
Sim or not these are all games at the end of the day, nothing wrong with having a bit of fun and making something original (look at the Formula Pro in rF2 for instance)
Is it just me that hates these fake cars? Too much for the "real" driving simulator, I think...

Nope, it's not just you, I also think they're all a bit daft, infact just as daft as the Lego cars in Forza Horizons. (seeing one removes me from the sim and dump me in a kiddy game)
Another thing I find questionable is the hot rod/custom car 'creators' in the game, While I fully understand RUF, I don't understand a (seemingly one off) individual product created by a fabricator like those that flood the USA pages, why not give us some real meat from here... there are plenty of manufacturers after all
Nobody wants fictional VGT cars
Ahh! we can't speak for everyone, and if the devs think that changing the laws of physics in their 'sim' will generate more sales then... I'm only a punter I guess what I think doesn't matter, but if whatever gods there are don't give me a proper* race sim soon I'll be too fragile to play.

*GTR2 Plus, are you listening Ian, you'd better come through, my sanity depends on it.

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