1. Mr.Mugel

    Falken Tyres #4, VLN 2016 1.1

    This skin was created from scratch in 4K resolution to depict the end of 2016 season VLN car of the Falken Tyres team, driven by P. Dumbreck, M. Ragginger and A. Imperatore. I know there is a skin for a VLN Falken car available, but I wanted to do the current one with all the details and...
  2. Luan Sousa

    911 GT3 R '13 - Team Falken Tires V 1.1

    =======================ATTENTION==================== If you have an older version of this pack, DELETE all the files! ===================================================== This pack includes 4 liveries of the 2013 season Team Falken Tires. Changelog V1.1 - Rework in the shapes of #4, #17 and...
  3. KIKAN|Studios

    Frikadelli Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R #30 VLN 2016 0.9.5

    Still WIP. ;)
  4. KIKAN|Studios

    Gigaspeed Team Getspeed Porsche GT4 CS KW StilGut #940 Cup3 VLN 1.1

    We are still working on the matt/Chrom effect on the Car but Assetto is in therms of two effects on the Car a bit difficult. Made in Cooperation with Getspeed Performance. You will find the KW Commerce GT4 here: goo.gl/yJ18No
  5. Khalian

    Cayman GT4 getspeed 941_vln 2016-10-30

  6. KIKAN|Studios

    Gigaspeed Team Getspeed Porsche GT4 CS KW Commerce #941 Cup3 VLN 1.1

    Made in Cooperation with Getspeed and KW Commerce. You will find the StilGut GT4 here: goo.gl/hJ1WAM
  7. T

    Cars (WIP) 2017 Lexus RC-F GT3

    Haven't forgotten about this car, and I've heard that the car has passed GT3 homologation for the 2017 season. :D There are a few differences between the 2015 and 2017 Lexus cars, but now that it's undergoing BoP testing and all that jazz for next year, should be a good time to jump-start the...
  8. formulaHEINE

    DHL AMG GT3 skinpack 1.2

    This fictional skinpack for Assetto Corsa features a DHL skin in four different versions for the Mercedes AMG GT3 race car. The adaptions of the skin are made for the following racing series/events: ADAC GT Masters, ADAC Zürich 24h-Rennen, VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring and Blancpain...
  9. AccAkut

    Alzen Porsche 996 Biturbo "Turbinchen" 4.0

    old build thread on the official forum (CLICK) This is a one-off car build by Jürgen Alzen Motorsport for the VLN championship on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. It ran during glorious times full of custom build cars, alongside old DTM and spec-series machinery, before showroom GT3 class cars took...
  10. formulaHEINE

    DHL Racing VLN 2019 BMW M235i [HD + 4K + 2K] 2.0

    This DHL Racing skin replicates an fictional entry for the VLN 2019 season for the BMW M235i Cup car. It includes the custom high-res car textures,new Dunlop tyres textures, matching driver & crew textures. You can use the Dunlop tyres on your own work, but please add a creator reference...

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