1. perorocino

    New Man Porsche 963 #7 24H Le mans 2024 (Protech P96 V8) FICTIONAL 1.0

    Car: Protech P96 V8 Emblems Add-on: @BIG YOSHIKI Tyres: @Marco17_ok Gloves: @Hoksu Suit, driver helmet and crew was taken from my other new man skin HERE
  2. perorocino

    Iron Dames #85 LMGT3 24H Le mans 2024 "Women Driven by Dreams" Lanzo_evo2 1.1

    On:Track Car: GT-M Lanzo V10 Evo2 ACSPRH v1 Required
  3. perorocino

    AO Racing by TF Sport 2024 Le Mans Lmp2 Spike the Dragon #14 1.2

    Updates done : Changed side mirror color to orange Changed back of the car to black Added Pro Am plate Changed Top driver pod to pink and logo to white Added Oreca Logo to the Front Changed P2 logo size and location Changed german flag to usa flag added tf sport logo IMSA Version ELMS&ALMS Version
  4. perorocino

    Team Oreca SRT 499P WEC #52 #53 (fictional) VRC Prototype H - Ferrenzo P49 2024-05-31

    Decided to fuse my favorite livery with my favorite hypercar. Results: The number 53 as a little Tribute to the 1998 le mans win with the Viper Oreca in the top of the window. Gloves by @Hoksu Pit crew , Driver helmets and driver suits included.
  5. perorocino

    Honda Wayne Taylor Andretti # 10 #40 WEC Fictional 1

    They are not perfect neither the suits or the helmets i just wanted Honda on my WEC line up and decided to share. Have Fun. Car LMH - Acura ARX-06 2023 - ACF Gloves @Hoksu Tyres @MaxStdtDesigns
  6. C3drik_

    Spa SKIN For Isotta Fraschini (Elite Studio Mod) 1.0

    Hi everyone, This time the livery is the one that Isotta Fraschini used in Qatar. it doesn't change much from the imola livery, but it's still different, so it seemed right to post it. Car download --> https://eliteracingstudio.com/subpages/CARS/Isotta%20Fraschini%20Tipo%206%20LMH/index.html
  7. Jim1986

    2024 WEC #12 Hertz Team Jota_Spa 1.0

    Huge thanks to @TheCameraGuy for letting me use his 2023 Jota skin as the base of this one. It saved me hours, yet it was still some work because i needed to redo all colloured parts because of the already baked in AO. Hope you like it! Link to the no.38 Jota Porsche...
  8. perorocino

    Nissan Marelli Impul Z LMH (urd_scg007_lmh) #23 1.1

    Private Entry for the urd_scg007_lmh Nissan Project. The Shiro_2022 skin can be found here by @enkay74 Tyres by @MaxStdtDesigns Gloves by @Hoksu
  9. Ssayris

    Updated WEC 992 Turbo S Safety Car Livery 1.0

    Updated WEC safety car livery for tg_porsche_911_turbo_s_2021_wec_sf. This is my first ever skin so I hope you like it. Will update skin with 24h variant after Le Mans. Enjoy!
  10. chilenaoexiste

    Domqera International Circuit 1.0.2

    If you liked this track, consider buying me a beer! ;) Welcome to the Domqera International Circuit for AC! A 5.402KM Grade 1 desert circuit with 3 car layouts and one kart track, built for top level racing. The track is a fictional circuit designed and built from scratch by me over the...
  11. Rapier22.CM

    [CUSTOM ADAPTATION] LP ISO LMH - Vector Sport - WEC 2024 1.0

    ON THIS EDITION OF ASSETTO CORSA ISEKAI When Isotta Fraschini began their Le Mans Hypercar program they partnered with LMP2 team, Vector Sport, for their debut season. Sadly their relationships went south and ended prematurely before the Italian brand partnered with Duquine Engineering instead...
  12. perorocino

    LP ISO LMH (Isotta Fraschini Tipo 6 LMH-C) Light Updates 1.0

    SINCE THE 1.0 Version OF THE CAR CAME OUT, THIS MOD IS OUT OF DATE. The issues i updated in the mod are now in the newest version of the car. Lights Off - Only the blue leds on the front and Hybrids light are on. Lights On- Working headlights,number position, car number, Hybrid leds. Copy the...
  13. aantonioo

    VRC Ferrenzo P49 | Isotta Fraschini Tipo 6-C 1.0

    VRC Ferrenzo P49 | Isotta Fraschini Tipo 6-C This is a fantasy adaption of the 2024 Isotta Fraschini Livery to the Ferrari 499P chassis. It comes with a custom lights config to resemble the real car as closely as possible. Thanks to the guys from the VRC Discord Server for the help! Due to CSP...
  14. C3drik_

    Test SKIN For Isotta Fraschini (Elite Studio Mod) 1.1

    Hi everyone, This is the livery that Isotta Fraschini used for the test at the beginning of the season. I hope you like it, and any suggestions on how to improve are welcome. have fun! :)
  15. perorocino

    VRC Prototype H - Ferrenzo P49 MARELLI IMPUL #23 - WEC 24 (Fictional) 1.0

    Crew, Helmet Suite, and PitBox Included. Gloves by @Hoksu PitGarage used in the photos here Car: VRC Prototype H - Ferrenzo P49 - Ferrari 499P
  16. jfeelders

    Spa 6h 2024 weatherplan v2

    Pure weatherplan based on real conditions during the 2024 WEC 6h of Spa-Francorchamps. Accurate weathertypes, air/track temperatures, windspeed/direction and humidity. Weatherdata retrieved from FIA WEC official weather stats, Wundergroud and own experience as spent the day on site all round...
  17. DannyDotCom

    HP Vista AF Corse - NART Concept Livery Pack | Ferrari 499P LMH/VRC Ferrenzo P49 1.0

    I'm pretty sure we all have seen the blue Scuderia Ferrari have revealed for the Miami GP and the reaction is as expected, so here I am trying to correct the course, by painting the actual BLUE onto a different Ferrari. :roflmao: Introducing the livery pack of HP Vista AF Corse endurance team...
  18. perorocino

    VRC Prototype H - Ferrenzo P49 Miami Style WEC (fictional) 1.0

    Tyres - Akrapovic Helmet - CamegaGuy Included Interior logos
  19. Soeren Kolodziej

    WEC_Track Map SimHub 1.1

    WEC Trackmap v1.x: -WEC-style -comes with Flagstates (Yellow and Green) -should work with many games
  20. Soeren Kolodziej

    WEC_SectorBox SimHub 1.1

    WEC Sectorbox: -Simple and effective SectorBox. -colorchanging splittimes (purple, green...)

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