1. lemonheadiv

    Il Monster - Tre Gazzelle West 1.0

    A minimalistic version of the Lancia 037 of Team Tre Gazzelle. It was the car driven by Carlo Capone when he won the 1984 European Rally Championship.
  2. West McLaren 720S GT3 Evo || ACC Custom Livery

    West McLaren 720S GT3 Evo || ACC Custom Livery

    After the Aston Martin and Porsche variants: the iconic F1 West liveries of the late 90s and early 00s have finally made their way to the McLaren 720s GT3 (e...
  3. FelixR1991

    West McLaren F1 720S GT3 Evo 1.0

    READ MORE IN THE FULL ARTICLE Follow me on Instagram | Youtube | Twitter You can find all my custom liveries here! Read more about ordering a commission here.
  4. nihilus99

    West McLaren Mercedes 2023 1.0

    West McLaren Mercedes if it still in 2023. Old good colours. For retro F1 Fans. 2 cars, pit crew, helmets not included. IMPORTANT - only default nose version. Enjoy
  5. TomLehockySVK

    Chevrolet Corvette GTP - Variety Livery Pack 1.1

    High Downforce + Low Downforce Liveries included in the pack inspired by: - WEST - Castrol - GULF - Martini - Dunkin'Donuts - Mobil 1 - Marlboro - DeWALT -- If you like these liveries, please leave a review. ---- How to install: Unzip the RAR file into the root AMS2 folder, normally located as...
  6. WeateM5

    Lexus RCF GT3 | West livery 1.0

    A concept west skin inspired by the Mclaren F1 livery from back in the day, for the Lexus RCF GT3. Sorry it might not be perfect!
  7. FelixR1991

    West Aston Martin AMR V8 GT3 1.0

    READ MORE IN THE FULL ARTICLE You can find all my other custom liveries here!
  8. Alerk73

    McLaren Mercedes 1.0

    Installa con ERP Archiver
  9. M

    2004 West McLaren Mercedes [MyTeam][Modular Mods] 1.2

    2004 West McLaren Mercedes Skin for a planed 2004 Season / Team mod with 2022 cars. includes: - Car Skin - Driver clothes - MyTeam Badge Installation: 1. You need to install Maian's Modular Mods 2022 - BASE FILES Follow the instructions on the Mod page! 2. Copy the .erp Files...
  10. Infantile Pillock

    Virtua Simulazioni Mclaren MP4/13 Non-Tobacco Liveries 1.0

    Both variations from the French and British/German GP of the 'censored' West liveries that the MP4/13 ran in during the 1998 season. Includes both car 7 of David Coulthard and car 8 of Mika Häkkinen aswell as their helmets. Credit of course go to the original creators of the skins from the...
  11. EShglz

    West Mclaren skin for Mercedes W07 (ACFL F1 2016 mod) V2.0

    A west Mclaren skin for Mercedes W07,the car is from ACFL F1 2016 mod.
  12. MushyGaming

    West McLaren Mercedes 1.0

    Thought I'd try my hand at making the old livery McLaren used a while back. Didn't turn out too bad! Using the updated files that show the Mercedes emblem. If you don't have those files - in the text document remove the 'LogoMod_' from the Graphics and Spinner lines. Let me know what you think...
  13. shadow118

    McLaren 650S GT3 West 1.0

    McLaren 650S GT3 West, inspired from McLaren F1 GTR West livery.
  14. shadow118

    McLaren F1 GTR West 1.0

    McLaren F1 GTR West. I had a request to make this livery for the 650S GT3 and after I completed it I figured I might as well make it for the F1 GTR too. I didn't check if anyone's done this one before, this is my version of it
  15. KrizalidBR

    West McLaren Mercedes (Mercedes chassis) McLaren MCL36 fantasy

    Hello everyone! This is my first ever edit for F1 2014. Tried to recreate McLaren's amazing liveries from 1997 to 2005 on Mercedes's chassis. This is just a edit. I haven't made everything from zero. I've edited it from this...
  16. hansel22

    The Ultimate Collection - West McLaren Mercedes 1.0

    Fictional adaptation of West McLaren Mercedes from 98-99 seasons. Includes files for Ultimate 2017 and 2018 Drivers: Jenson Button Mika Hakkinen Lando Norris
  17. pablotill

    MCLAREN MERCEDES MP4/14 (1999) 2018 2018-11-10 V1

    Based on this car Here it comes a beautiful MP4/14 WDC. I think its one of my best cars. Troubles: - Mirroring effect (only 1 sticker) - A few sponsors I can't put - Pint in a few zones. - I did only the number 4. If you need and specific number, tell me, because i cant do 99 numbers.
  18. pablotill

    West McLaren Mercedes (F1 2018) + Suit 2018-10-26

    This mod doesn't work online This is the Mclaren F1 but looks like 20 years before (try to be similar). Also, the suit, is the same of McLaren in 1998. Some ideas will wellcome. I will update if its necessary. HOW TO INSTALL? STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3
  19. T

    Mercedes 190 EVO2 DTM West/McLaren F1 01 skin 2018-10-05

    This is "like" a F1 McLaren from 2001. All the sponsorship are from that year car. I hope you like it.
  20. Aaron Smythe

    West NSR 500cc - Alex Barros & Loris Capirossi 1.0

    West NSR 500cc - Alex Barros & Loris Capirossi .Bike , Suit and Visor . Another request that was popular . This mod has Bike Stickers as the 'West' Replica nsr 500. The suits of both riders changed to West replica Visor race tear off Titanium Pipes for both INSTALL - Extract From Motogp 17/...

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