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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    World Rally RX Looking For All Electric Move in 2020?

    The FIA World Rallycross Championship looks set to move to a fully electric series in 2020, bringing an end to the flame breathing monsters of recent seasons. Having just begun to establish itself once again as the pinnacle of off road competition, the FIA have reportedly made a brave move to...

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To join the OverTake Racing Club races I want them to be: (multiple choice)

  • Free to access

    Votes: 227 88.3%
  • Better structured events

    Votes: 46 17.9%
  • Better structured racing club forum

    Votes: 35 13.6%
  • More use of default game content

    Votes: 37 14.4%
  • More use of fixed setups

    Votes: 69 26.8%
  • No 3rd party registration pages

    Votes: 88 34.2%
  • Less casual events

    Votes: 23 8.9%
  • More casual events

    Votes: 84 32.7%
  • Other, specify in thread

    Votes: 14 5.4%