1. A

    #31 Team WRT BMW M4 GT3 WEC Livery 1.1

    Hello everyone. This livery is a tribute for #31 Team WRT's victory at 6 Hours of Imola 2024. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. ManifoldWasHere

    BMW Motorsport/BMW WRT Valentino Rossi - My Team - Collab with @Feike007- 2 mods 1.0

    Want an F1 mod made for you? Check out my Ko-Fi! https://ko-fi.com/manifoldwashere/commissions WRT M BMW Formula One Team - Valentino Rossi | Collab With @Feike007 Mod Includes: My Team Livery Driver Numbers 1- 99 Racegear - Designed by @Feike007 Teamwear and Picrew - Designed by...
  3. xTOF_BE

    Audi WRT replica Valentino Rossi 46 1.9.8

    Replica of the #46 car WITHOUT driver names and tags so you can use your own name(s) and tags on it. Just drag the files into the corresponding folders.
  4. perorocino

    BMW hybrid SIXT WRT IMSA #79 #99 (fictional) 1.0

    Before Anything you need to install this mod by José Mª and his mates to work properly : 2023 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship | PACK This Mod adds Two skins Sixt WRT #79 and #99 both with working leds Blue and Green. Also fixed the leds in the IMSA MOD of the #24 and #25 this was...
  5. Geraint Thomas

    Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe 2023 1.0

    Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe 2023 This is a custom championship created around a collection of cars, skins and tracks, created by the extremely talented people here. This mod includes the purchasing of a paid car from designers United Racing Design. Please support them. If there are any...
  6. Tom79Simracing

    GTWC_2022_#31_#32_#33_#46_WRT RSS GTM Aero V10 Evo 2 1.0

    2022 FANATEC GT WORLD CHALLENGE EUROPE SPRINT CUP WRT #31 #32 #33 #46 RSS Aero V10 Evo2 The number #30 is not in the package but is available here https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/gtwc_2022_-30_wrt-aero-v10-evo2.65851/
  7. Tom79Simracing

    GTWC_2022_#30_WRT RSS GTM Aero V10 Evo 2 1.0

  8. perorocino

    WRT BMW Hybrid IMSA GTP (Fictional) 1.0

    Go easy on me mates, my first skin for AC. As the moment i saw it this WRT liverie i loved it so here is my GTP version of the liverie. Included driver suit, helmet, Ac crew and pit crew suits. Any ideias problems bug Pm please. CAR: lmdh_bmw_m_hybrid_2022 ACF
  9. perorocino

    WRT Sixt BMW M4 GT3 2.0

    Not a perfect Replica, but decided to share Update v2, changed hood logo, crowstrike and wrt logo in front grile, crowstrike logo back updated, some logos in the side just for design value. WRT SIXT #30 a few changes to accomodate number plates for ACC.
  10. Breanuts

    4K 2023 BMW Team RLL M Hybrid V8 V.1.3.4 (WRT skins)

    I'm having writer's block, so I'll keep this brief. I made skins for cars #24 and #25 and while I was digging around for reference pictures, Team WRT had their first test with one at Aragon in June, so I thought, "Why not" and I adapted the skin to fit the test car. It's quite a challenging...
  11. Itzdatmancam

    2023 BMW WRT WEC Test 0.1

    Yesterday, WRT had their first outing with the BMW M Hybrid with rene rast behind the wheel in order to prep for the 2024 WEC season. This will mark its return to top class since 1999 with the v12 lmr. Decided to make this since its a new mod and who doesn't like a carbon livery? Tyres by...
  12. Akrapovic

    WRT Full Pack - GTWC 2023 1.1

    There are a Big Pack for you , my community. GTWR - WRT Full Endurance Team The Skin Are made from the first race in Monza 2023 Car urd_bayro_gt3_v2 from URD All Skins Are made in 4K With all vector painting. For the best quality, and best resolution. Inside you will find skins for cars...
  13. MEDIIZA Designs

    2023 Paragraph 5 Track Day WRT #32 I 4k V.1

    Always thought of doing a Track Day skin, so here we go! Saw this one at Hockenheim myself and really started liking a full carbon M4, so have fun guys! On Track Again Big thanks to my mate @sadthiccboi21 for the great Antenna work and @Chem-Flummi for the Sprint covers! As always, I...
  14. MEDIIZA Designs

    2023 12h Bathurst WRT #32 I 4k V.1

    First WRT skin includes Qualifying and Race version of the 12h Bathurst #32 Car! Have fun guys! On Track Big thanks to my mate @sadthiccboi21 for the great Antenna work and @Chem-Flummi for the Sprint covers! As always, I really hope you guys love this mod and have fun driving with it...
  15. T

    WRT with BMW at Bathurst 12h 2023 3.0

    Hi. After the 12h of Dubai, the real first race of WRT with the BMW M4 GT3 at Bathurst 2023 in Intercontinental GT Challenge. Original design unknown.
  16. Akrapovic

    WRT - WEC - Le Mans 2023 1.1

    Hello all these are the two skin for 2023 WRT team WEC I love that skin, but i hate designer XD. Inside you will find for both Cars : - Skins - Crew Skins - Helmet, Kubica 41 - Galel 31 - Driver Suit , Kubica Galel 41 - PitBoxes Skin - PBR Skin Enjoy and Endurance Forever
  17. finnbot

    2023 B12H WRT #46 | URD Bayro 1

    WRT 2023 Bathurst 12 Hour Entry This Skinpack includes 3 Versions Standard Dirty Quali Some Photos Enjoy : ) Credits: Skins: @finnbot Sprint Config: @Chem-Flummi Tires/ Banner: @MEDIIZA Designs im also gonna add the kyalami version to this pack when its finished : )
  18. Cauri Design

    WRT BMW M4 GT3 #7 24h Dubai Winner 1.0

    Not much to say here The livery is the twin of the #46 BMW M4 gt3 released few days ago. Most of the work was already there, so it was a pity don't make it. Here it is! Download it and tell me what do you think in the comment. A review is very apreciated :)
  19. Cauri Design

    WRT BMW M4 GT3 #46 24h Dubai 1.0

    I'm very proud to show you my latest replica. If few years ago, someone told me that one day i would get messages on my phone direcly from the...
  20. Cauri Design

    Valentino Rossi BMW M4 - WRT Racing Team 1.1

    Few days ago the WRT Racing Team revealed the car that Valentino Rossi will drive in the next year races... As i saw the various post on socials, i lost my sleep for a couple of days...:p It's done only by looking at the few photos released, so the skin will be updated once more pictures comes...

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