12-02-2015 - RaceRoom has been updated

Sonat Ozturk

Sector3 Studios
- Removed forced camera in pits.

- Fixed AI overtaking during rolling start.

- Fixed an issue with Italian FFB descriptions getting cut.

- Optimized graphical performance.

- Fixed an issue where the final standings screen would show the same number for two cars.

- Fixed an issue where force feedback and rumble was still sending data when quitting or getting disqualified.

- Fixed an issue with end results screen.

- Fixed an issue where the amount of fuel in cars differed between game modes.

- Fixed an issue where the last race results overlay showed all entries as “28”.

- Fixed an issue where the default steering lock would change to the wrong default locks.

- Fixed an issue where player would end up in garage menu with DRIVE option with no function, when getting disqualified during qualifying session.

- We now save after each session (practice, qualify, race) instead of after an event (race) in championships.

- Fixed an issue with AI pitting on last lap.

- Fixed an issue with AI being shown as “+1 lap” in results if player wins the race.

- Fixed the squashed red “Quit” button in old menu dialogue box.

- Fixed an issue where the scrollbar was not uniform across all the Controller settings pages.

- Fixed an issue with wheel range and steering lock randomly getting reset.

- Fixed an issue where user was unable to load into a track with AI if the user didn’t own the AI car.

- Fixed lap counter in pause menu not always matching with the real lap counter.

- Fixed an issue where some users were unable to join competitions.

- Fixed an issue where users could get “Invalid game or game settings” error message while going from an experience menu back to the old green orb menus.


- Fixed a memory leak on dedicated server.

- Fixed an issue with rolling start for Multiplayer Qualify and Race.

- Changed so the default race end time is 60 in case it’s not set on server end to avoid players getting kicked out.

- Added additional logging functionalities to catch the issue where player clicks on the livery repeatedly but nothing happens. Please make sure you have ping to the server before entering.

- Fixed an issue in race results when two players cross the finish line very close to each other.

AI & Physics & Sound

- Revised Aquila Physics.

- Revised Daytona Prototype Physics.

- Adjusted BMW M3 E30 Gr.A sounds.


- Mid Ohio - Various art fixes.

- Slovakiaring – Various bug fixes and updates.

- Hungaroring – Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

- Suzuka – Various bug fixes and improvements.


- Optimized images overall. We now use Webp instead of PNG in game themes to improve menu loading.

- Added test drive to purchase item prompt in RR experience.

- Changed the support links to direct to our new forums forum.sector3studios.com

- Added additional login options in various prompts if user is not logged in.

- Fixed an issue where VIP profile backgrounds would take over the Experience style in non RR experience portal pages.

- We now show which packs an item is available in individual item pages rather than in checkout only.

- MP Browser – Changed so that we only show – on servers with no ping for the first time to avoid flickering by repeating.

- Fixed DTM 2014 default leaderboard page showing DTM 2013 car class by default.

- Fixed an issue where users could not load into certain tracks such as purchased via European Track Pack, before the pack was updated with more tracks.
sounds great but, can you fix this please….Since purchasing the Hillclimb pack and the update , none of my purchased content is available to me, ADAC 2013 has gone (I paid for that), I hope I haven't lost all my set ups! not that i won't enjoy doing them again. any news on this bug...

Edit : Fixed...awesome!
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I really love ADAC GT MASTERS now...and sure the rest of the pack. Those AI's got an update in behavior and drivinglines...GOOD JOB !! Bourght ADAC GT 2014 cause of that.
This is a bit of a video from a one hour race on Mazda Laguna Raceway with AGTM 2013 grid:
Really? Has there been that big of an improvement in the AI? I always felt as though I was the poster child for pit maneuvers racing against them (e.g. me always being spun out by them). Can't wait to see if there is a difference when I get home.
I really love ADAC GT MASTERS now...and sure the rest of the pack. Those AI's got an update in behavior and drivinglines...GOOD JOB !! Bourght ADAC GT 2014 cause of that.
This is a bit of a video from a one hour race on Mazda Laguna Raceway with AGTM 2013 grid:
Funny. I was just continuing a championship in adac 14 and I noticed an improvement as well. I thought it was just me.
I actually cant play RRe anymore the horrid force centring actually, stops me from driving these cars probably.
Im sorry S3, ive actually found my self in forced sways left to right trying to correct the over centring..

Please look into this..
Dan, it's much better using 900DOR in the car set ups my default is 900/25....there seems to be force multiplication when the DOR decreases...I'm not sure why or whether it should be like that...Anyways

Pleased we can now save championships, but my pit controls change view as well...race ruiner!

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