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Oulton Park 2015 for the BTCC
This is a one make only series based on the hot hatch 2013 Renault Clio RS 200. It will be a 6 round event through out the year. The first Round will be starting this Friday 15th January 2016, and be starting at 10PM UK timezone. The car will be standard apart from changing your tyre Compound and suspension to race suspension.

There will be a 10 Lap Qualifying session plus on race 1 its a 25 lap with a parade lap, and for race 2 its 20 laps and a parade lap to get everyone in the correct place.

Sign up is now open need race number, nationality, team name, and gamertag. Cheers sign up will end 15 minutes before scheduled time.
HI, I know i'm a bit late, but did this ever go ahead, i'm sick of the drivers in open lobbys and miss racing with RD after a time racing in the Race07 series and the clean driving so i'm looking for another club to race in.

If its not too late me and my bro would like to join.

Cheers, Rob
Its ok its not started yet wont starting till march now trying to get number for the grid up. If your still up for the series im still taking sign ups. Just to let you know tht its for fm6 so i will be needing your team name, gamertag, nationality, number.
Starting on the 15th March there will be a clio cup series at 3pm. This is a practice session and round 1 with 2 races held at Brands Hatch GP Circuit. The practice session and tuning will last for 20 Minutes, followed by a 10 Lap Qualifying session, where each driver must leave a maximum 5 second head start. And for the 2 races there will be a parade lap to get all drivers in the correct place. Once all is set on grid there will be a five seond count down to start the races.
I thought it would be helpfulto my self to get the first series off and finished before this Friday i off work till then. So i thought we could have 2 rounds per day.

I hope that ok with you guys.

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Sign up

Driver 1 real name:
Driver 2 Real Name:
Team Name:

Just to remind you that we are using the 2013 Renault Clio RS 200, these cars will be stock. So all that need to do is have your number on front, rear, and both sides ofyour car as well as your team. If you have team colours for your cars then thats ok to be raced with.

Round Track Race 1 Race 2 Time date Weather
1 Le Mans Bugatti 25 Laps 21 Laps 3PM 16/03/2016 Dry
2 Brands Hatch GP 23 Laps 19 Laps 3PM 17/03/2016 Wet
3 Monza 27 Laps 23 Laps 3PM T.B.C
4 Nurburgring GP F 26 Laps 22 Laps 3PM T.B.C
5 Circuit de spa Francorchamps 25 Laps 22 Laps 3PM T.B.C
6 Rio De Janeiro 20 Laps 16 Laps 3PM T.B.C

Tuning and sign up are still open 1 hour before start of round 1 thanks.

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