24"/27" 1080p Monitor Recommendations?

Hi - I'm currently just using the built in 15.6" 1080p IPS screen on my XMG P505 gaming laptop to play racing sims. The laptop has a 2.6Ghz i7 quad core CPU and Nvidia 970M GPU with 3GB VRAM and can output to a refresh rate of up to 144HZ through the mDP, but doesn't support GSync nor VR (due to Optimus).

I'm considering getting an external monitor for greater immersion, though have very limited space, so am looking for a good 24" monitor or possibly a 27" monitor, though am not sure that I will have room for the latter.

What would be good options to consider for such a monitor? I have a budget of about £300-£400.

The one that has caught by eye the most is this one:

Ben XL2430T (£269.99)
It seems to get very good reviews, see:




Or should I really be looking at a 27" monitor, if I can? Am not sure my laptop will be able to run it at more than 1080p at high enough FPS, though, and it would be really squeezed in the space that I have available.

Also - even though my current computer doesn't support G-sync, my next one almost certainly will, though I doubt I will will getting a new computer for another 2 years. Would it still be worth spending the extra for a G-sync monitor now, though? The current 24" G-sync Benq monitor (BenQ XL2420G ) doesn't seem to get quite as good reviews as the XL2430T, though, and is more expensive:


What do people think of these Benq monitors and are there any other models I should consider? BTW I prefer matte screens to glossy.

The main racing sim I'm wanting to use this with is RaceRoom Experience, but possibly also Assetto Corsa. I also want to use it for other games and for work. Thanks.
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One potential issue to the Benq XL2420G is this:

"(It) omits the DisplayPort input from Classic mode. With an HDMI connection, you get a color-accurate and bright display with a 60Hz refresh rate" - so you don't get any benefit of more than 60HZ if not using G-Sync (which my current laptop doesn't support)...
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if you have the money go for the ROG swift.. I picked up the pg279q and im in love. Not only is the screen fantastic but the stand is the best ive seen. But he base is pretty big so if space is an issue i dont know.

Thanks, though I think now that I'm going to be limited to a 24" screen - both for space issues, but also I'm not going to be able to take advantage of the 2560x1440 resolution, as don't think I'm going to be able to get decent FPS with the GPU I have and the quality settings I want to use. Also, it's a big step up in costs.

So, the Benq XL2430T is top of my list currently.
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Hi.I do not want to write a new topic.I'm looking to change my old 22" monitor and i find this http://www.samsung.com/uk/consumer/it/monitor/curved-monitor/LS27D590CS/EN
What do you thing ? I have also RR 3033 racing rig https://www.raceroomstore.com/shop_en/game-seat-rr3033.html with vesa 100x100 monitor bracket.I know there is a lot of 144Hz monitors but for now i use 60Hz and i feel fine with this :D and i don't have enough cash to change my 7870 thiati and buy a new graphic card :).I forgot I have only a 250/300 Euro for this :D.
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For a good compromise take a look at either of these, both can be had for below £300.
http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/dell_u2515h.htm or http://www.trustedreviews.com/philips-258b6qjeb-review
Neither of these have FreeSync or G-Sync but due to the pixel density you may be able to run at 1440p with some eye candy turned down and hardly notice it.
Both are 25" so might help with the space issue, I have the Dell and with my system running @ stock speeds (AMD Fx8370E, AMD 290 Trix) I get a good 60fps in F1 2015 and much the same in P/cars with most settings maxed out at 1440p.
Just some other options for you, as long as your not set on having the 144Hz.
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THX for tips.I don't have any problem with space in my "new" room :).Yesterday i watched this Curved monitor in one of electronic market, and looks good.Very good colours , etc. I ask some guy to let go some game.Everything look very smoothly , and nice.Now i must talk with my wife :) but for now on i'm decided to buy this monitor.
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For me, if I'm buying a new monitor whatever size, first thing I look for is 120/144Hz, then if my budget allows look to include G sync/Free sync
Once you go 120/144Hz you wont go back to 60Hz :thumbsup:
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