A little help please.

I recently bought game stockcar from game-stockcar.com.br, I installed the game but it kept crashing and giving me error messages, I read through this forum for the tips, help and advice but the game just would not work. I sent 3 emails to reiza and a week later still have had no response.
Then heard from a friend he bought it through steam and he had no problems, so I went ahead and bought the game a second time and I was pleased it worked perfectly.
So I contacted bluesnap and asked for a refund on my original purchase only 2 days after I had bought it and they have refused to refund me, I have no idea why they would refuse refund as I know I am not the only that has been having problems and am fully justified asking for a refund.
So can anyone on here give me any help or advice on what I can do, I love the game but feel like Reiza or bluesnap are just not interested in trying to help me out, or am I being unreasonable here?

Any help would be appreciated.
You are not being unreasonable, but be a bit patient. Reiza is the most hands on and helpful developer I have seen. I would be quite surprised if they cannot help you in some way. I am not sure why you are having issues with the game from their website though, that sounds strange. I have a feeling @Renato Simioni can help you out or point you in the right direction.
When exactly did you purchase a game from them? What you could have done instead is exchange your game product code for a steam code to transfer to the Valve platform via Reiza's website. Maybe you can still do that. Have you tried sending @Renato Simioni or somebody else from Reiza a conversation message here on the forums?

If you can proof your game wasn't working due to bluesnap you can always ask for a refund as you have a non-working product, but I honestly doubt they are the reason it didn't work.

I have had nothing but bad experiences with bluesnap over the last years (not game related) and I am glad Reiza are no longer working with them.

Best of luck Neil
Thanks guys, I did try to get a steam code using the link on the site but it said it could not find my transaction, I did enter the correct details but it wasn't playing ball.
I know its all a bit strange but I am not going to scream and shout, if I end up having paid twice then so be it, I like the game enough to accept whatever happens but I will be very dissapointed if things stay as they are, I will give it another week before pushing it a little more.

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