Forza Motorsport 6 (Turn 10 Studios)

Martyn Corcoran

Oulton Park 2015 for the BTCC
Welcome everyone to the first ever championship on Forza Motorsport 6 from AMSOIL RACING at TORA and race department.
We're passionate about touring cars, it's one of the longest running series here! As such we're committed to producing quality racing in quality cars. They don't come much closer than the touring cars from the BTCC and WTCC.
You'll have the chance to build your team or race independently in one of the best sim racing championships on consoles around some of the best circuits in the world.

Thanks for reading and hope you join up and race along each other on track to for VICTORY.
the window banner will content of the AMSOIL RACING url, your racing number and the WTCC logo.

Numbers on the side of the car much be located on the C-Pillar. Please ensure the correct font and day-glo colour is used.

Where applicable the AMSOIL RACING Logo should appear on the License Plate area.
The TORA and race department url, should appear above this where possible but optional on the front.
Two AMSOIL RACING Logo boxes are optional but must be located on both side of the bumper.

The AMSOIL RACING logo should appear in the license plate area, and the TORA and race department url should appear on the lower part of the bumper.
All cars can be custom decals, which means you can create your on team and tean paterns to you choise of car.
Round 1. Brands Hatch - 6/5/2016
Round 2. Le Mans Bugatti - 7/5/2016
Round 3. Long Beach - 8/5/2016
Round 4. Circuit de Catalunya - 9/5/16
Round 5. Silverstone National - 30/5/16
Round 6. Circuit de spa Francorchamps 1/6/2016

All events will start at 8pm uk time.
To sign up .

Driver 1 real name:
Driver 1 Gamertag:
Driver 1 TORA/Race Department Number:
Driver 2 Real Name:
Driver 2 Gamertag:
Driver 2 TORA/Race Department Number:
Driver 3 Real Name:
Driver 3 Gamertag:
Driver 3 Tora/RaceDepartment Number:
Teeam Name: ( needed even if privateer so dont use privateer.)
Car Choice :
Tuning and Testing session tonignt at 8pm for 30 minutes to a hour, after that there will be a pre race to see if your cars are right for you. This will be held at Sonoma Circuit for 24 Laps. There will be no qualifing this time.

To join me please reply as soon as possible.


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